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  1. We chose to buy ours at Harbor Freight because it's made of metal, the hose is included, the tip is included and the appliance has a psi gauge so you can see the amount of pressure. You just hold the tip into the top of your cannister lid, hold the appliance against the edge of your counter, and pump that way. Check out Heidi at Rain Country on youtube...she uses about the same type.
  2. We bought ours at Harbor Freight.
  3. Xylitol (sp?) makes a wonderful mouth wash. We use it for that but also brush with it at lease once a day.
  4. Been pressure canning...literally all day. So far I've got 11 quarts of chili on the counter "pinging" and 3 quarts of pinto bean in tomato sauce. Now I have 8 pints of the pinto's in the last canner for today. But...we'll enjoy them this winter. Had some left overs so I just put them in canning jars, let them cool and put them in the frig. We ate about a pint for supper and there's a quart and a pint in the frig. We'll eat those first. Hubby didn't have to work today so he worked on the bathroom project's light switches. Tired of fumbling around flipping switches that didn't have face plates on them! I wouldn't, so he always had to come in with his flashlight and grab the toggle and flip it for me! Now it's "right" by me! :-) I've still got a lot of canning to do but not tomorrow! I just can't do it two days in a row. Rained pretty good in our area most of the day yesterday so my Comfrey, Wooly Lambs Ear, Cat Nip and Mullein got a good watering. Temp went to 32 last night so not sure that did them any good!
  5. Last week of October I started a Mullein tincture and then last week started an Elderberry tincture. Next will be Echinacea, Peppermint, Catnip and who knows what else! Tinctures are so easy to make and very strong. Just takes a bit of "aging". I'll probably need to buy some more brown bottles with dropper lids though. I've used several of the ones I had, and don't want to run low on them.
  6. Made a day trip Thursday in Miss B to the city and visited Half Price Books...they ordered in from another outlet the first book Harbinger. Said it should arrive in about 2 weeks and they'll call me to come pick it up. Also visited Cargo Largo and found a few things for hubby's collection of tools! LOL Today hubby mudded the screws in the new bathroom underlay's and then sanded what was already dry from last week. Then comes the new vinyl. Took out the screened room we bought late last summer to use with Miss B when camping. Set it up and then took it down...to make sure we know what we're doing when "hopefully" we get to do our Thanksgiving In The Woods. It's a 13x9 so plenty of room for our chairs, small table for our drinks and books etc., and a small table to eat on (with our little table chairs we've had for years). That way we can leave the bed made inside. We did take a fall foliage trip and spent a night camped outside a friends house and then mosied on home. Our travel trailer is great for extended stays but for small stays or going into tight places, Miss B is a must. The weather has been gorgeous for quite some time. I did have to machine dry clothes for a day or two, but now am back to hanging the laundry on my lines. Hubby also bought the materials to build me clotheslines at the homestead. I showed him where I wanted them so he'll run them for me, probably about 4 lines that are 20 ft. long or so. That way I can hang more than just one load at a time or have room for sheets and pillow cases.
  7. I love mine...quick to take care of small jobs! Even found the old one so now I have a back up.
  8. Got most of that done around here too...except I can't find the space bag that contains my sweat shirts! They're somewhere...I just don't know where right now!
  9. We sleep with the ceiling fan going nearly all year...so we both get "dusted" if there's any fairy dust going around!
  10. Started a tincture of Mullein Leaf several days ago and it's aging very well. That stuff is so good for thinning mucus from allergies or ??? When I think it's aged enough I'll strain it and add some honey to it. Also brought another quart of Elderberry juice from the homestead. Sure glad I jarred up a case of it! I still have plenty of dried ones that I can make more when I get ready. Since I got all the turkey's jarred up, I'm zoned out of pressure canning for awhile! I did pull out my favorite small pressure cooker (works as good as an electric one) and we had mixed bean soup for lunch. Hopefully we won't have any dueling flatulina fairies tonight! If so we'll have to aim in different directions and absolutely NO DUTCH OVEN'S!
  11. Was a wintery mix all day yesterday, but hubby did okay delivering flowers...until their van wouldn't start when he made a potty stop. So one of the owners had to come jump start him. He finished his routes and then left the van running for them so they'd be able to use it for afternoon delivery...if they dared! I just took care of some things around here. Today was about the same. Hubby did the screwing down of the underlayment and then started putting the "putty"? over the screw tops. So anxious to get the flooring down. That will be the last of the really hard stuff. Then in will go the toilet and vanity. He also (may have mentioned this) put the last of the LED shop lights in the extended pantry. Boy does that make a difference when I step in and switch on the lights! We have the windows bubble wrapped, plywood cut to fit and covered, moving blanket stapled over and then fleece blanket over that...NO light except the overheads! We have the heat/air vents partially closed off so we are able to control the temp in there. The door to that room is off the kitchen so when the door is shut nobody is able to see a thing. Grandson is making a lot of progress. Learning transfers from wheelchair to toilet, from toilet to wheel chair, from wheelchair to bed and from bed to wheelchair. But he's a trooper and is making great progress. I'm taking Vit D3 and Zinc faithfully since I'm not getting out much and also there's no sunshine to speak of, even if I did. Especially since it's slick. I haven't taken a spill for a long time and this last one wasn't even in slick weather! I'll stay at home thank you...unless I have a perfect reason to get out and have hubby's arm! None of us bounce as good as we used to!
  12. LittleSister...that's exactly why we checked around town and found a dentist of "old school" and in a small, private practice. Took out hubby's wisdom tooth that was cracked for under 200$! The "new guys" wanted to do all the prep work and then send him to a surgeon...you know the drill. Anyway, we're so glad we did. His wife is also a dentist and practices with him. They are both very understanding and don't try to push us to have things done. They just make us a list (for me there isn't one) for hubby and we call when we have the funds. We're waiting now for an opening to have his 2nd quadrant taken care of.
  13. Have a friend who is wanting his daughter and grandchild to move in with him from NYC. They told him that "when" they load up they have 24 hours to get out of town or they'll quarantine them in the first town they stop in. He rented a U-haul van and they rented one the same type and size, and they met just outside of NY...then unloaded theirs into his. Then he returned and rented a storage unit to put their stuff in. Now I guess she's wanting to work as long as her job will allow her to. Personally...I'd be out so fast it would make their heads swirl!
  14. Had to chuckle. We call Abby-girl our "Nanny Dog". When it's time for momma to prepare for the night, she follows everywhere I go as if to say "come on...it's time to go to bed". Then when I get up about 7 to have some quiet time, she seems to read the digital clock for 8 am and wakes hubby up...as if to say "time to rise and shine pops...gotta go to work"! Doggie's are the bestest!
  15. Both of us slept in this morning...8am! LOL Anyway I fixed a "Sunday" breakfast...biscuits (I just made some drop type) in my toaster oven, sausage gravy, hashbrowns, one egg each, 1/3 cup of granola with yogurt on top, a tablespoon of Elderberry juice in our Orange/Mango juice and then...I had my second cup of coffee. Went with hubby to the homestead so he could get the underlayment cut (which he did) because he has to cut outside and starting the wee hours, we're supposed to get some ice/snow. It won't accumulate I don't think because the temp won't be below 34...there may be some slick spots so he'll have to be careful delivery flowers. While he was working outside I put some of the foods that I have canned into the pantry and took the foods that I had vacuum sealed, upstairs and got them put away in a temporary spot. He worked upstairs yesterday for quite awhile (it was raining) making room. The "used to be" living room has a closet, so he cleared the area we had blocked when we leaned the twin bed and mattress up against the wall etc. The he put a lot of the stuff in that closet. Made much more room for us to re-arrange things. Moving forward to being able to get the shelving units up there and the totes onto them. I've got totes for all of our excess blankets, sheets, towels, Nitrile gloves, summer clothes, and other things we've put back for "just in case" times. We'll have to put the clear bubble wrap back up because it has slipped, and then we'll put a moving blanket over the windows (two side by side) and then a fleece. We did that downstairs and it really cuts the cost of heating or cooling! It's dark but we've not living there yet and we have plenty of lights and lamps. A few trips up and down the steps gave me plenty of exercise! We've got a wonderful wrap around front porch in front with two comfy chairs and a swing that we can sit on and in the back we have our patio table (on ground cover so no grass) and comfy chairs with an umbrella that we can sit at...and if we want sun we just don't need to put up the umbrella. This afternoon he went back with a container of hot chocolate and finished putting the underlayment down and I cleaned out the frig and put the dish mats on the shelves. Fixed supper and now I'm done! The dishes have been rinsed off and I'll put them in the sink with hot soapy water along with our breakfast dishes. I have a goal for tomorrow morning to clear off the top of my old dishwasher. I've used the top for sitting things on (little counter space) and it's accumulated quite a collection. Also fixed my coffee machine for morning coffee...nice to have it nice and hot when I sit down to watch some of my "God stuff"...music and Bible being read to me while I sit and relax.
  16. Do they not realize that not getting any fresh air, no sunshine and little exercise is not good for anyone!? Just my opinion.
  17. Got out to Dollar Tree yesterday (it was in the low 80's!) and re-stocked some pasta's, mouthwash, hubby shower bars and several of the blue dish mats. I'm going to line my refrigerator shelves with the mats. Much easier to clean if something spills. I have always used Press and Seal, but I'm going to the mats...when...I clean out the frig Tonight it's supposed to get to freeze temp, so sure glad we got our shopping done yesterday. Hubby took a basket of towels etc., with him to the homestead to toss in the dryer to dry while we was working. He put up the last LED shop light and the panty is lit like crazy! He can't cut wood in the wet/cold (today was rain) and doesn't have room yet in his garage...sigh. Had a leak AGAIN under the kitchen sink here so he had to use a different sealant for the basket. We let it sit over night so he checked it this morning before he went to work and everything was dry...PTL! Back to eating on regular dishware! Grandson is doing well. They've fitted him for a special wheelchair that he can add whatever he feels will make his life in a wheelchair more comfortable, and they're having him do some strenuous upper body strengthening exercises. I'm so glad he's a fighter and not sitting around feeling sorry for himself! Wednesday, we went to the courthouse to vote, and I took a pretty good spill. Wearing those stupid mask's, dreary cloudy day, and over 70, those tire bumpers should be painted YELLOW! Skinned up one knee pretty good and both palms, but nothing broken or badly hurt...except my temper! Told hubby yesterday (it was nice and warm) I was NOT wearing those stupid mask's until I get in the building! They're too big for me and I have to twist the ear elastic to make them tight enough to not block my vision...at best! Came home and immediately took some Aleve and rubbed the bruised are with some Arnica gel, but only used Comfrey salve on the broken skin areas. Felt okay to go vote yesterday. The reason we wanted to go in person is because "somehow" several thousand ballots ended up in a town about 300 miles away. Seems the post office routed them wrong!? Yeah, tell me. Any way they sent the sheriffs to go get them and bring them back, and then they had go through each of the ballots and make phone calls, to validate the voter with the ballots. What a mess...in a town as small as ours! Today I hobbled around a bit, but feeling pretty good mobility today. Just cautious going up and down steps. Hubby's somewhat enjoying delivering flowers...but only because of the money. They only pay ten bucks an hour so it's a pain in the yah yah a lot of the time for just 2 hours or a bit more of work. Get up early, fix breakfast, clean body up, dress for work and then get there...about 10 blocks away. Oh well...it is what it is. There's not too many jobs out there for men his age...except for his carpentry and honey-do's for friends.
  18. Got 7 pints of Turkey jarred up and ready for the morning to check seals, wash jars and rings, label and take to the homestead. Hubby brought over another Turkey this evening. The one I did today I just pressure cooked in my big pressure canner. I'll do the same for the rest of them. So much quicker...from freezer to done...90 minutes. Learned that from Bev at Half Acre Homestead. So much easier! All the extra tidbits I put in pint jar for our girl to have as snacks. Hubby worked until nearly 2 today, had deliveries as far away as 30 miles! I guess the shop gets extra for delivering out of town etc. Then went to homestead, emptied a container of gas into the truck then went to WM and filled a couple of jugs. Trying to "stay ready" at every moment we can. Haven't heard anything about grandson, but I guess daughter and grand daughter are there. Denver is not a really good place to be right now with all the mess that's going on in the streets. Praying they stay safe while they're there. Weather here was pretty chilly today and will be so tomorrow. Hubby drug out some of his long sleeve dress shirts to work in. They're made in the same way his short sleeve ones are, and are nylon. Really easy to wash and dry. No need to iron etc. He's got a pretty good supply of them. When it gets really cold he has plenty of flannels as well as sweat shirts and sweaters. Hubby took our girl for a long walk when he was finished with gassing things up, so she's had her minty and is hunkered down in her fleece/lambs wool (?) pad that we keep on her mattress during the winter. Easy to wash and dry or just give a shake in between washings. Hubby will go in 12/6 for the other side of the dental work. That will be it for awhile...financially we have to take things as the dollars come in. I'm not due to go back for another cleaning until March 2021.
  19. Both of us have been with them for years. We got in when the 1000 minute card cost of 100$ and that's what we've been on. They voice message us when we get either low on minutes (which is seldom) or when the expiration date is approaching. We're VERY careful to not let it expire! We accumulate a lot of minutes because we always reach expiration long before minutes are used, and they give us a roll over bonus of several minutes. Just works for us.
  20. We just prepare ourselves to hunker down from Nov. 3rd to January...for the inaugeration then deal with life accordingly. I've been reading Jonathan Cahn's book "The Harbinger II" and if our country doesn't repent and turn ... I'm looking for the rapture...and mercies for those who have to deal with what's left of our country.
  21. Brother sent me a pic of my grandson in his "back brace" and sitting in a special type chair. I'm so thankful he's keeping me updated. The main thing they are trying to accomplish at this point is to do some type of surgery to keep his spin straight enough that he won't need a back brace just to sit up. Thank you all for your prayers! Weather turned off quite "fall/winterish" so hubby removed the window a/c and we buttoned up that window. Removed the window fan from the kitchen and buttoned up that window. Turned the oil heater on low in the back enclosed porch and turned the furnace on! Also changed the a/c to heat at the homestead. We'll need to do the same at the Roost. Pulled my tank tops out of my drawers and vacuum sealed them up to take to the homestead and brought my thermal's from the homestead to here. Had really thought we'd be moved by now...but...it is what it is. Gave Abby-girl her monthly meds and dremeled her nails. She doesn't like the Holt collar but it's a must for me to be able to handle her while hubby does the sanding. It's just so much less stress for us humans! If we do it every month it doesn't take too awfully long and she gets a marvelous treat afterwards! Still have a turkey in the cooler...it's taking a bit longer to defrost but it will get there and I'll be canning turkey meat when it does. Still have 2 more plus a large turkey meat breast. Did get out Saturday and bought 2 cases of pint jars from our Amish store, but no lids. So glad I've set back quite a few as well as quite a few Tattler's. With that many turkey's I'll need those extra jars. Buying new ones just saves me the pain in the yaya of trying to clean up dirty used jars (the ones that were given to me...I have A LOT of them!). We're also planning to move the old refrigerator that was upstairs at the homestead, down into the basement/cellar and fix it up to use as a root celler. The basement is plenty moist but having the frig down there will protect our food even better, especially when the summer comes next year. Hubby will drill a hole for pvc pipe and cover each end with screen to keep any creepy crawlers out. It will be nice to be able to keep potatoes etc., for months instead of a week or two. Plans, plans and more plans. Praying each of you stay healthy and warm as winter approaches. Last I heard they said it will be cold winter for most of our country.
  22. My hair is fine but relatively thick considering thyroid issues. I quit coloring and perming many years ago and went "natural" and letting it grow. It was mid way down my back a few months ago and I got the bright idea of cutting about 6 inches off and layering it. NEVER again! I still end up clipping it up or putting it in a pony tail. I don't do braids...just don't like them with my hair type. Absolutely straight (hubby says he's never seen anyone with hair so straight!) and won't hold a curl at all, especially since it went silver! When my first husband passed (we had been married for 42 years) I grieved so deeply (I guess) that I developed Alopacea and had bald places where hunks of my hair fell out. I started using Pine Tar shampoo and it eventually healed. Using hair conditioners only make my hair worse about holding curl, so I just don't even try. I'm letting it grow back out and then I'll use conditioner on it and just let it grow to where I'm uncomfortable with it, and can pull it around and trim it myself, and then have hubby cut the straight cut at my back. Just works for me so I'll be doing it again! LOL
  23. Update on Grandson. So far the doctors have said the L2 is not repairable and indicated that he will probably be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life unless they can come up with something different. He was flown to Craig's Hospital in Denver yesterday and daughter and grand daughter went also, to learn to be his caregivers etc. They will only allow 2 care givers, and only one per day so they have to switch off. Thank you all for your prayers. Hubby is still delivering flowers in the mornings when they have enough to deliver! But God is good...he was off one day and one of his regular customers called and needed him to do some asap work. He makes more per hour doing that than he does delivering flowers. The lady didn't buy the stove, so I'll make other arrangements to either get it sold or...take it to the Roost to be used by the renters...with the understanding that it's not a part of the rent, just there and if it stops working we'll dispose of it and they'll have to furnish their own. My week has been pretty much the same...fix breakfast, wash dishes, wash a load of clothes and hang them out, fix lunch, wash dishes, housework, fix supper, wash dishes, watch some news with hubby, give Abby her "bone" (Minty) for her evening snack, check out social media, read and then to bed. Will bring home another turkey and let it defrost in the cooler, then into the oven to roast, and then jar up another batch. Abby loves her "quart jar" of bits etc. Hubby puts on Nitrile gloves when he's shredding the turkey for me and then picks the little pieces, skin, organ meats etc, and we save them for her to have a few pieces as a lunch snack. I think that will leave only one??? Weather turned off a bit chilly, so each evening I've had to close all the windows and turn off the fans. Last night it rained for about 15 minutes...figure? They're saying perhaps a light snow Sunday, but not expected to accumulate. Still would like for the weather to stay relatively decent so we can take our rest and relaxation camp trip to see the fall colors, to celebrate Hubby's 70th and to have our Thanksgiving In The Woods....after the election of course.
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