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  1. I think they will still take them to "protect" you from the possibility of food poison.
  2. this might help http://www.pomonapectin.com/HTML/faqs.html
  3. Ambergris: I think they put it in his file, but I will double check to make sure. Mt_Rider: LOL little guy still talks about the puppies and how he is going to get 1. Lovinit: Slowing down a bit but just found out another project will start in a few weeks,at least I still have a job. Papa sends back a Hi to all of you and still wants to go back next time.
  4. It has been a while for me to have any down time, I have been on special projects since Oct and running 60 hour weeks with a 1.5 hour commute. Just to let you know papa is doing ok. The headaches were caused by the vender of the medication. They put him back on his original vender for that pill and everything cleared up. Hard part was getting them to listen to our complaints. It took a PA to set the medication as a no substitution.
  5. Had a 2 yo bull Angus cross we were going to sell, he charged and tried pinning DH against a pipe gate. He is now in the freezer. Between a friend and his wife, DD and her BF, DH and me we were able to field process him like a really big deer and hang him from the front loader on the tractor. We all now have full freezers.
  6. We have an old hand crank meat grinder but want to know what all of you would recommend for an electric meat grinder and why you would recommend it?
  7. i think this might be the thread.. http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25687&hl=%2Bmadagascar+%2Bvanilla+%2Bbeans#entry193646
  8. LOL I had week in the barrel for each of the kids. They rotated thru Cooking, cleaning, budget/meal planning every month. I home schooled and the grocery store was math class. I think it was the best thing that help them learn how to take care of themselves. DS does all the cooking as he is so much better at it than his wife.
  9. Sweet oil works for ears it helps soften ear wax so it drains out also helps with infections. Don't pay extra for sweet oil at the store it is just olive oil.
  10. Well pull up a chair and have some warm tea, as it is a mite nippy here at this time. We often refer to this site as our online home so welcome home.
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