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  1. Eggs have been going up here too . We can EASILY go through a dozen a day! Can't wait to bring my biddies home! That will help!
  2. Times like this we have to go full Dory; "Just keep prepping, just keep prepping" I KNOW right?! LOL Hoping next year. Nigerian dwarfs <3
  3. I can't think about what's going on right now with the the stock market, our preps are so low (been really hard financially the last few years) but at least it's finally got my dh on board with the idea that we NEED to prep (would have been nice if that had happened SOONER :s). Praying things can limp along a little longer . ANYWAY, trying to focus on the GOOD! We're moving in a month, back to the country! Much lower rent, big garden area, can have chickens, hopefully soon goats, and nice neighbours. I've got chickens coming (4 orpingtons, including a roo, 5 rhode island red banties, and a
  4. Picked up some solar LED garden lights! They live on my kitchen windowsill during the day, then they become great little off-grid night lights!
  5. Picked up a couple more drying racks, need one or two more then I'll be able to do a whole week's laundry AND bedding in one day. Also picked up a couple rubbermaid bins for washing laundry in. I love it, buying a brand new washer and dryer for a total of $50 LOL. Right now I'm in the process of turning 9 1/2 pounds of butter (I had 10 pounds but I dropped some on the floor ) into ghee to put down in the pantry, hoping to get 2 quarts out of it! ETA- I also grabbed a package of heirloom bush bean seeds at TSC while looking for 1/2 gal jars! Can't wait to get those planted!
  6. I'm vacillating between pasta and lentil soup with cheddar biscuits
  7. Tonight we're havin' cowboy beans and fry bread! I think I'll make some iced tea to have with it!
  8. WOO!!!! The extra trays I ordered for my dehydrator finally got here!! And I'm picking up the parts for my non-electric vacuum sealer this weekend!
  9. Made a dozen eggs worth of powdered eggs a la SurvivalMom. I also stripped a beautiful yet rusty little dutch oven I found a couple years ago at an antiques shop and I've got it in the oven re seasoning.
  10. I am going to try that! I dehydrated a boiled chicken breast and that is exactly what we found, way too hard and chewy to be palatable! I am going to have to try this! I so much prefer to store things dehydrated if I can, we tend to be rather nomadic so lighter and less space is gooood LOL.
  11. Stocked up on some canned goods and baking goods that were on sale, picked up some non-electric replacements for my kitchen scale and timer, and ordered a brake bleeder kit to replace my FoodSaver for vac sealing jars. Had a reminder of why I want to store food non-electrically , someone turned off one of fridge freezers! I don;t know when it happened but everything was warm when we found it this afternoon . Thankfully I didn't have a whole lot in there so all I lost was some whipping cream and shmaltz, could have been worse! BUT, that was the freezer I was dragging my heels about cleaning o
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