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  1. Quote: Quote: That depends on how far away you are. Folks in Oregon had ash from Mt. St. Helen's. True! So, what do you suggest? Should we keep it or eliminate it? I think you should combine the 2 and just make it volcanic eruptions,then lahar and ash fallout can be addressed together. If MSH or Rainier blew, alot of folks will be affected. If Yellowstone blows, it will be a nationwide concern.
  2. HELLLLOOOOOOOOO JULIE! This is a nice group.....I just joined a few days back and am delighted at how great everyone is here. Nice bunch. Join in.
  3. Or another thing to do with canned chicken, is mix it with a can of cream of chicken soup, heat and pour over noodles or rice. Or add to rice at beginning of cooking time, add onions and peas, maybe carrots, some cream......mmmm. I can beef stew ready to go also. And spaghetti sauce with meat. I have also canned quarts of onion, carrot and celery mixed and in chicken broth so I have instant soup fixins'. Or you could take you canned chicken ( or beef or whatever) and add it to some of your dehydrated veggies and some broth. Or crumble your meat and add to an omelette. Tons of things you can do with it....pretty much any casserole will work with canned meats. Shall I go on????
  4. OOPS> I forgot to add the recipes as requested on the original post. I take home canned boneless chicken in broth and pour it into a saucepan with the broth. Add more broth if necessary. Throw in some onion and carrots, a few stalks of chopped celery and cook on high for 10 minutes. Reduce heat and add dumplings ( made quick with Bisquik) to top and cover. Chicken in dumplings will be ready in 5 more minutes!
  5. Quote: Thanks Darlene. I was actually just looking for ideas. I was at Wally World the other day and they have canned chicken (says a whole chicken) in the size of a large tomato juice can.... for $8.97 each... yikes. My local grocery store, just a family owned business, has the same size can for $4.89. That is more reasonable, but just look at how much we are all saving by canning it ourselves, especially based on WW price. Buy raw chicken and pressure can it yourself for a much tastier and healthier version. Pressure canning chicken in broth is THE BEST! And since you can frequently buy chicken on sale from .69 cents to $1 a pound, you can get a LOT of jars of chicken for that same $7.48!
  6. SO, how does one go about finding out what the anti-hoarding laws are in your state? And how can there be anti-hoarding laws when the .gov and Fema and Homeland Security are all telling folks to have a minimum of 2 weeks supplies available? Curious minds want to know.
  7. Quote: This sounds like a great recipe lilrose, thanks! Do you ever add flavour or scent? I just lost my homemade lemon-ginger lip balm that Pixie's sister-in-law made. It was the best lip balm ever! ~Jo lemon ginger sounds delightful! Where do you get these things and what products are they for flavoring and scent?
  8. OH! A chocolate bath! What a concept! Perhaps you have discovered a new money making scheme....a hoity toity spa featuring the Chocolate Bath......its gotta be better than the MUD BATH I had at a spa here in Northern California!!!!!
  9. Quote: Try putting smaller candles like votives in a wide flat dish like a goldfish bowl. Put some sand in the bottom for extra weight. That's a great idea!
  10. Well, I am new here and obviously not part of the manuel thingy but I was wondering if volcanic ash shouldn't be on the natural disaster list. The consequences from a large scale volcanic eruption could be pretty severe in many places, ie downed power lines, contaminated water, collapsing roofs, bad air quality etc.
  11. OK here ya go folks..now first off, you can make this in either the microwave or in a double boiler. I prefer the double boiler method, using a small disposable loaf pan or a clean tuna can for the pan, something you can throw away or re-use for the same thing later. ok, you need a small amount of pure beeswax ( I scrape it off of a candle ) and some olive oil and a capsule of Vit E. And a small container. I use those little plastic jars with lids you can buy at the pharmacy for about 50 cents. An old RX bottle would be fine too. Scrape about 1 Tsp of wax into your double boiler container and melt. Watch it carefully, you don't want it to catch on fire. Using a stick ( I use a chopstick) stir in about 3 TBS of olive oil and keep stirring. ( it is about a 3:1 ratio of oil to beeswax) Remove from heat and keep stirring. If when it cools it is too soft, add a little more wax and remelt. Remove from heat again and stir till cool. ( obviously,If it is a little too hard add more oil.) When it is the right texture, pin prick the vit e capsule and stir that in. Now place in your container and VOILA! Great chapstick. This should be a semi-hard puddle of chapstick. When you run your finger over it a few times it should melt onto your finger and then you transfer that to your lips. It lasts all day and does a great job. ENJOY!
  12. 53-ML-11306-ML- Found more easily. Some good formula's in this thread.
  13. I have posted the chapstick recipe over in Natures Prescriptions, since I didn't know where else to put it.
  14. I will be HAPPY to give you my chapstick recipe....tomorrow? First I have to find it and then then I need to be awake! Lilrose....who stayed up too late with hubby watching a shoot em up bang bang movie.
  15. The one thing I have noticed ( and am feverishly hoping is a fact ) is that everyone in Asia that has caught bird flu, actually lived with the animals and didn't have great sanitary conditions. I am hoping that this fact will make it a harder transmission in N. America where we have stricter sanitary rules and practices.
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