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  1. So....bidet stuff. Most Asian countries use a 'bum gun' in the bathroom which is basically a kitchen faucet type sprayer hose on the wall next to the toilet. Filipinos use a Tabo which is basically a bucket with a dipper next to the toilet where you can pour water down to clean the area needed. It can also be used to distribute water to clean floors, etc. You don't have to get super fancy to avoid TP. We did go fancy, but it was actually a birthday present for DH after he was so jealous of Japanese plumbing after working there so many times.
  2. I had a panic attack this morning and a meltdown; it was not pretty. When I finally managed to move past it, we made a grocery run to Walmart and BJs. I managed to stock up on most of what was missing in my stock, and things for celebrations coming up in the next two weeks: anniversary, DD turns 12, and Easter. I had no frosting and very little powdered sugar so I got plenty of both. I could have made powdered sugar in the food processor but that takes forever and tends to overheat the blades a bit. So now I have 12 pounds from BJs in the pantry. We also managed to find a box of 400ct latex gloves, some protein shakes, 25 lb of jasmine rice, more dried beans, 2 1200 ct boxes of BABY WIPES (*Hallelujah Chorus going through my head* I use them for cleaning), 2 dozen half gallon mason jars, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. We were unable to find TP anywhere. I'm glad we have plenty from my pre-covid19 usual couponing stock up, but eventually even we shall run out. I may have to start letting the kids use the bidet in our master bath.
  3. https://thesavvycouple.com/stimulus-checks/ $1200 individuals making less than 75K AGI $2400 couples filing jointly making less than $150K AGI $500 per each individual child. So married filing jointly with 2 kids ~ $3400 We had to pay taxes on the last stimulus check that went out with Obama, so I'm imagining that we will need to claim this on next year's taxes as income like that one was. So sometimes I do taxes for others (informally, mostly family and close friends) and I can say that I'm a SAHM and I always file jointly--taxes almost always work out better that way. Just because you don't have to 'pay' taxes doesn't mean you cannot file taxes. File owing zero. Retirement does not exempt you from paying taxes as retirement income IS considered income. Children who have income must still file taxes if it is over a certain amount and the same with students. Depending on income, certain types of disability can get you more back than you owe or pay in and sheltered workers are usually considered disabled.
  4. OMG! Plague/Pandemic! I love that game XD
  5. We got the raised bed gardens planted yesterday. They are small but manageable and we are happy with it. I showed my DD16 how to replant green onions after you eat them and her eyes lit up. Its the most excited I've seen her in forever, so she is now in charge of green onions on the deck planter. We had to remove the neighbor's chicken from the yard 4 separate times. Seriously going to have chicken for dinner soon. I made a meal plan for another week and am focusing on using freezer and fresh because I need room in the freezer and who knows what will happen to the grid with everyone home. I need to pick up more quart mason jars. I'm swimming in half gallon atm, but I'm low on quarts.
  6. I haven't done a Walmart pick up in the last few weeks, but I usually do about one per month. I order it online, I park and they bring it out to me and load my car. I usually love it. I'd have to say it was no more germy than me going to get the items in question. Most of the stores that do payment out front have a card swiper that looks like tablet or an attachment on a tablet usb port. You just swipe your card and it debits like normal. A lot of the smaller places I normally shop use that anyway.
  7. Provided I had power, I would keep my Kitchen Aid stand mixer (over 20 years old now) with attachments and my 'good' stainless steel mixing spoons and toss everything else. Those things are my power horses.
  8. The hilarious thing is that we don't believe in 'the zombie apocalypse.' We make fun of all those sales LOL. DD16 is hearing impaired with an executive functioning disorder (special ed) and just blanked when he asked her why she should prep. We talked about it when she got home and she knew all the reasons: economic crisis--personal and larger, sickness/injury personal and pandemic, weather problems, etc. She just forgot everything when he started yelling and the only thing she could think was 'zombies' ROFLMAO. It was devastating at the time, but she managed to move past it and is taking every opportunity to rub it in his face now. He is just as unprepared as ever. Luckily he lives way down south by his mom and she gardens and cans a lot so they should be ok even though she is getting very old. My ex & his mom, DH's mom and sister, and DD23 are all going to be severely impacted by this because they have no idea how to plan. My mom is hoarder and my uncle a prepper, so they and my grandmother will be fine. My brother is iffy, but he manages a restaurant so he has stock from that he said he would use if it came to it. DD16 and DD11 are here with me and they seem understand prepping and usually help with that. My biggest hope is that no one shows up on my doorstep expecting me to support them. My family keeps asking me why I have so much flour when I cant eat most carbs. DOH. Because yall like bread, pancakes, and muffins twits. Apparently I haven't made homemade pasta in awhile (can't eat it myself anymore) and the younger one's eyes got big when I showed her the kitchen aid attachment for it.
  9. My DD16 had a small meltdown when visiting her dad last summer. They don't keep much food in the house and she did not know how to cook the exotic fresh ingredients they had. His mom called to check on them midmorning one day and DD16 said she wasn't sure about lunch. So my ex shows up for dinner and yells at her for telling his mom there was no food. Then he asked her why they needed more food on hand and she was so upset all she could think to say was 'zombie apocalypse'. So he screamed at her and made fun of her for an hour until she was completely in tears. Oooof that was some therapy sessions when she got back. Fast forward to last week when she Skyped him: 'Its the zombie apocalypse. I told you that you should have shelf or freezer staples.'
  10. It rained all day, so I cooked a lot today and I canned 5 jars of apple butter and froze some celery and onions for later. I cleaned out the fridge and used all the leftovers as lunch and dinner ingredients. I made a list of what will go bad in the next week and put it by my desk so I can make menu plans for next week using those. DH had to go to his mother's apartment and throw a heavy mattress out for her. He filled up his tank on the way home. One of these days, we really will manage to not leave the house.
  11. I am seriously hoping that today was truly the last day I leave the house for awhile, so I ran to the pharmacy and got my Rx filled and did a few other necessary errands and filled the van with gas. The last frost was this week, so I went by the garden shop and picked up some plants for the garden. DH wants to make 2 raised beds so we got a bit of lumber and some dirt for that as well as a large bucket of primer to work on some kid bedrooms. I mixed up a big bucket of oxiclean solution and had the kids scrub down the outside of the kitchen cabinets. Next week, we will work on the insides. It is very warm today, so all the windows are open and we are airing out the house. I took a good hard look at what I'm low on and made a small order in to Rainy Day/Walton Feed.
  12. I don't mind the staying home, it is usually my favorite thing. I did homeschool for a year a long time ago, but we are in a great school district now and my DD16 definitely does better in a classroom setting with special ed support. I'm fine on all my food, medical, and cleaning preps, but I hope it settles down in time for me to stock for this baby we're having in September. My youngest is currently 11, so I'm basically starting over. I may put in a garden this year if we can get the supplies and DH is telecommuting. Life has been a roller coaster since I moved up here and we just haven't bothered with anything but a few containers on the deck. DH had to go to work today, but he had a text from his boss about doing some things this morning that indicate he should be on telework within the next week or so. 80% of his job is autocad on the computer so that should be fairly easy to do here. I will need to implement quiet hours with the kids so he can work in peace. I am really blessed that he is such a great provider with a strong work ethic. I gave DH some Rx from my stash and he is feeling a little better. They were welding without any ventilation on the boat along with several other major health issues and my husband busted them on it. It gave several of his team bronchial infections. I'm not sure if I have what he had or I have my own sinus infection, but here is coughing and MUCUS everywhere. OOF. draining down the back of my throat and there is a very limited amount of things I can take because of the GI surgery and the baby. Benadryl to the rescue. My hands are feeling a bit better now that the weather is warming, and I have rather a lot of yarn on hand so I'm going to crochet a baby blanket for winter and a fillet wall hanging for the nursery. I'm thinking maybe a woodland animal theme. Squirrel!
  13. DH flew home to this crazy quarantine yesterday after being sent to work up a boat in CA for a month. He is exhausted and the air quality was terrible so he has a bad cough along with a few other guys who were there. They all have bronchial infections--no corona thank goodness. He is going to take some sick days next week to recover from the trip and then see if he can possibly telecommute for a bit. We went out and got a few comfort items and some extra ammo today just in case of people being crazy. I had a slight scare at the OB last week, but the ultrasound shows that everything is right on target with the baby. I've lost 5 pounds, but all of my pants are too small. The older children are thrilled and worried about being out of school, but I have some ideas in the back of my head. The kids and I spent the afternoon reorganizing some things to be less visible. I had to have a 'gray man' talk with them today. We practiced saying "we don't have much. I'm worried" --just like all their friends keep saying. My middle child was amused that someone showing his 'hoarding' in an online video had less than we have on say...a random Tuesday in winter. This led to an excellent math lesson and some algebra on calculating usage and need per person in a given time period. E=Mc^2 goes over her head, but by gosh she can tell you how many cans of green beans you will need for a given number of people for 7 months.
  14. Virginia closed schools for the next 2 weeks.
  15. If you are looking to add carbs, potatoes, rice, and pearl barley all go well in most soups.
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