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  1. You can store yeast in the freezer. Also, sourdough starter can sit in the fridge and you can just use a little at a time.
  2. So crochet & knit. The KEY is if you know how to do one...which ever other one you are learning---use the other hand as your dominant hand. seriously. this is where people have problems. If you are a right handed knitter, you will be a left handed crocheter and vice versa. I've taught a lot of people and the way you hold the yarn is exactly opposite in both so whichever you learned first...then you will be learning the other with your non-dominant hand.
  3. The little jars are very expensive, but you can sometimes buy the big containers in bulk. Some things that we really go through I buy in big containers and it ends up being a LOT cheaper. ex--poppy seed, garlic powder, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, etc. I also stock up on the small bottles when they go on sale after holidays.
  4. Leftovers don't have to be leftovers, they can be ingredients for a new meal. When in a bind, soup can be made from almost anything. If clothing is ripped in a place where a repair would be too obvious, I think could a decorative patch work on this spot? I have a lot of yarn. a. lot. I crochet my own kitchen washcloths. I have several bins of fabric and accoutrements. School costumes, night clothes, day skirts, some dresses, lots of baby clothes and hats. Sheets = fabric for kids skirts or dress up clothes--they love twirly skirts or night gowns. Old jeans & a heavy table cloth, more jeans, or some heavy fabric from wherever = cathedral window quilt. No batting required, and it is self backing. Plastic grocery bags = trash bags. For several broke years, I even used them as my main kitchen trash bags. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Before I toss it in the recycle bin, I ask myself if the container could hold something else. You can spray paint anything: ANYTHING. Fancy planner stickers or pages can be printed off and hand cut at home. Elmer's glue sticks will stick for at least a decade. Paper that was printed on one side and finished--cut in half, turn over and the blank side is now grocery list etc.
  5. I come from the deep south and I now live in an area where Cajun/creole seasoning is very hard to find, so I usually make my own. My go to recipe is: Cajun Seasoning 2.5 Tab paprika 2 Tab salt 2.5 Tab garlic powder 1 T black pepper 1.5 Tab onion powder 1 Tab cayenne 1 Tab oregano 1 Tab thyme *sometimes I add a bit of celery SEED (not salt) about 1Tab when I do (don't grind them, just add whole) We always use it before it goes bad, so I'm not sure how long it will stay good.
  6. That looks like a good site. Low carb, ethnic, and insta pot --that checks all the boxes I'm looking for, thanks!
  7. We had a small upstairs room I was using as my 'general store' but the kids took it over for electronics, desks, and study areas so I lost it. If you only need a sometimes bedroom, you could put shelving with doors (or hang fabric around it) to make it dual purpose. In my old house, I had an armoire I used as extra pantry space in an off room. I hate dealing with the size and number of people, but the Ikea in Norfolk runs good sales.
  8. Its the actual Instant Pot brand. I used fully thawed boneless chicken breasts from the fridge (*1.5lb) and followed the recipe in the booklet but....all did not go well. I have an old manual small pressure cooker for the stove top, but I usually only cook beans in it very rarely. Most of the Insta pot recipes I find online have a thousand steps with adding things at specific times. I guess I was hoping for something more like my crockpot where I could just put things in it and set it rather than fuss with it every 5 minutes for half an hour.
  9. I love my crockpot and I use it often. I kept seeing things for the Insta Pot (electric pressure cooker) everywhere and DH heard me say something and got me one. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm a bit scared of it LOL. I tried to make chicken in it, but it did not cook all the way through. Does anyone have any good recipes or tips for it? If it makes any difference, the one he got me is a 6QT Instant Pot.
  10. We changed my upstairs room into a kids 'office' so all my stuff had to come back downstairs. I added Ikea Ivar shelving to the sunroom and kitchen. We put in a large metal locker in the one in the kitchen to hold brooms and such. It is lockable with a padlock if I want to put anything important in there. We used deeper shelving along the sunroom wall. The kitchen has a very funny wall by the fireplace and my deep freezer sticks out also, So we put a length of deep shelving along the freezer size and then a length of shallow shelving right next to it along the weird wall. It worked out perfectly to look like one unit that was shaped for the area. We left shelves off the deep side bottom 3ft in the kitchen and put the cat water and such under it on the floor. It was inexpensive and DH said that he could not build it as cheaply. It is sturdy enough for what I need, and very adjustable and portable. I would definitely allocate money for the project again. We got ours at the local Ikea store and I think we paid about 20% less than what the online prices are. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/ivar-system-11703/?page=4
  11. I am pregnant again. We are back on this roller coaster, but family issues are calmer this year and it is just us and the kids now. I'm scared that if I actually make plans or do any prepping for it, then I will just lose it again. So I am just kinda hanging out in limbo doing healthy things and trying to distract myself from thinking about it.
  12. All medicines, vitamins, herbal remedies, foods, etc work through the digestive system and the kidneys and liver are a part of that. You just have to consider if what they are doing is worth what they are doing. Ibuprofen can be RX or OTC. 4 tabs of Ibuprofen as a therapeutic dose is because 4 tabs OTC = 1 Rx Ibuprofen. The Rx ones are enormous btw. My DH has a chronic condition with his back/hip and has had to have several spinal injections. He has to take Rx Ibuprofen daily for years. I've spoken to his physician and pharmacist extensively about it and it is the best thing for him since it does relieve some pain and causes less side effects than the harder stuff. He also tried the tens, tried natural, tried a bunch of stuff. So we stock Ibuprofen for him and the VA sends him a giant bottle of Rx every few months. I have several health issues and am not supposed to take NSAIDS because I had GI surgery several years ago. I also have migraines and Excedrin Migraine (and the off brand of it) is the ONLY thing Rx, OTC, Herbal, or New Age that works on them. So...I take the Excedrin rarely when I need it. Sometimes I use Voltaren gel for my knee and hands. it is a steroid, but it is topical rather than oral and that works better for me. I have to remember that even topical things are absorbed by the system and processed through the digestive system though. I have a lot of older folks and people with health issues in my family. I've had to deal with several medical regimens because I'm more organized than anyone else in my family and they always want me to come in and set up whatever system they are going for. I've had to set up several chronic condition schedules and I've done home hospice three times--once with a 34 year old. The takeaway I got is that different things work for different people and it is about quality of life. Some people have more chronic pain or issues and the quality of life is awful when they have nothing. You have to do the minimum to maintain a quality where life is worth living for them even if it causes other problems down the road. I have a list of what works on particular people and I try to stock what is useful in those situations where something is needed. Whatever your situation is...consider is this worth what it is actually doing? It might be.
  13. Off brand cheat sheet: Naproxen = NSAID swelling (Aleve) Ibuprofen = NSAID pain (Advil/Motrin) Asprin = NSAID pain and blood thinner (Bayer) acetaminophen = feaver/pain (Tylonal) NSAIDS can cause stomach ulcers in people with underlying conditions and are recommended to avoid during pregnancy, but tylonal is *usually safe for everyone. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be given in tandem 2 hours apart so you can rotate pills every two hours in severe situations. ie 2 tylonal 4 ibuprofen 6 tylonal 8 ibuprofen, etc.
  14. The equate headache is a great substitute for Excedrin Migraine also and it costs less than half as much. I usually keep a few cough*dozen*cough bottles around.
  15. The off brand (equate) of excedrin works very well. The ingredients are the same and I've used it very reliably for a very long time---(I have bad migraines.)
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