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  1. I have the kitchenaid pasta attachment for about 20 years now. Sometimes I run pie crust through it because I'm lazy and hate to roll things out. Thick doughs like for hand pies (sweet and savory) work ok too if you keep it on the thicker side for the first flat roll. It just has to be a not too sticky dough.
  2. DH said that gas is between 2.89 and 2.91 around us. 61-year-old woman reported missing under suspicious circumstances found dead; Chesapeake Police investigating as homicide (wtkr.com) Missing Chesapeake woman found dead; case being investigated as a homicide | WAVY.com My subdivision is quiet and over by the YMCA and bowling alley. They cut out some of the wooded lot between the YMCA and gas station in the last few months to put in apartments. (which we are all super unhappy about.) There is stall a small wooded lot behind the YMCA and adjacent to our subdi
  3. DH has a sit/stand desk both at work and at home. He has bad hip problems and swears by them. We got the home one from Ikea. Its electric and has a button that makes the entire table top go up or down. I bought new bath linens online last year. I got the brand I liked in a color I wanted and replaced all the items in the master bath. I checked Amazon first, but ended up going with Walmart since they carried what I was looking for. DD17 is nothing but chaos and drama. I will survive this and she will survive this. One more year until she graduates. Its the
  4. I know a guy in Equador who emigrated from Canada. He is an older guy in his 60s. He and his wife got a shot and most of the local ex-pat population where he is also did.
  5. It could be anything. You live not that far from me so I will share some of my local insight with my neighbors: We talk to one or two, but everyone can see us coming and going. So if we leave or rarely leave or start using wheelchairs or canes --everyone knows it. They do not have to actually talk to us to know what is going on because they can see it and we can see the same things about them. Its possible he stopped helping with trash cans because they had something going on, they didn't know about your issue, or the pandemic. Your husband passed and that would be known so
  6. Plague. TP Shortage. Murder Hornets. Political Hijinks. Racial Tensions. Untested Vaccines. Bombings in the Middle East. Gas Shortages. I'm taking bets on 2022. I got 300% return on anything related to the tv show Zoo where the animals went crazy and took over then they sterilized all the humans with a vaccine that was supposed to fix the animals.
  7. So...I have relatives. Redneck relatives who still live where my grandfather grew up. Not all radiators are 'used' and I have no knowledge about lead one way or another. I do know that my relatives are in good health after many decades of ....doing things they probably should not.
  8. 2 pics comparing yesterday with February in my town. These gas stations are on opposite sides of town, but they usually run about the same and they are what I passed by at the time. The angle isn't great, but it says $2.95
  9. No clue about the lead, but I know for a fact that is how they did it for about 50 years until my great-great grandfather passed. He was in his 90s at the time. Apparently papaw's family liked the hooch and the income.
  10. We had to pick up DD17 for an appointment at 4 this afternoon. On the way there and back we saw 5 separate gas stations with bags over handles and none that had gas.
  11. We are in southern Virginia. Long lines everywhere and about half of them are completely out of gas. The local FB pages contains 'where has gas' posts constantly like the previous toilet paper/lysol issue. It is currently about .30 higher than last month.
  12. hooch is liquor. You ferment things to make liquor. She is fermenting yeast. My grandfather had 10 brothers and 2 sisters. Back during prohibition, they made moonshine in a car radiator in the woods and sold it. Good to know things.....car radiators are excellent ways to make homemade alcohol in quantity.
  13. LOL. The boxes must lay flat, never upright, 2 boxes deep in my pantry with the expiration date showing reading right side up arranged by 'bad nearest and on top.' Also, au gratin, scalloped, and cheesy potatoes are mixed interchangeably. You get to have whatever is on top--NO DIGGING! Sometimes I take them out of the boxes and repackage the packets & potatoes into bulk containers. If people (cough*husband*cough) don't see what brand it is, they don't care and like everything equally. Aldi's is normally .79 each everyday and they like it better when I've repackaged it.
  14. I'm seriously OCD and keeping our grocery budget in check is my 'job.' The item you linked was 4lb or 64 oz. That is 16 boxes of 4oz potatoes (16*4=64). It would actually be roughly $16 here if I bought it not on sale--that is unlikely to happen but I will use those numbers. Kroger scalloped potato 4.7oz $1 BJs box of Idaho scallop potato 6pk 1.48lbs $7.99 (i usually buy these on sale for $6) Walmart .94 for the GV 5oz type Name brands at all places are $1.25 kroger/walmart/food Lion. So....the 4lb bucket is 64oz and is thus
  15. I was about to hop on that when I saw it was 4 lbs not 4 gallons. The bucket will be under a foot square. If you bought 16 boxes of normal scallop potatoes it would be about that much for $16.
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