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  1. Tamale Casserole (kid favorite) pour 2 cans chili in a casserole dish. I used the no beans type but homemade or beans is fine. Open and unwrap 2 cans tamales and lay them on top of chili. Reserve liquid. Top with misc cheese mostly Mexican and Munster. Pour reserved tamale liquid over top Bake 350F 30-45m Mexican Corn (mmmm I'm having a bowl of this leftover for breakfast so good!) 1 can cream corn 1 cup frozen corn 4 slices bacon diced dehydrated onion 1/8c dehydrated bell pepper 1/8c dehydrated jalapenos pinch 2 splashes heavy cream to consistency Large sprinkle tropical sazon seasoning (its like a lime-y mexican) Dump all in pot and cook over med heat till bubbling then turn down to low and simmer for about 45m. I forgot last saturday. We had hash and pinwheels. Hash 2 cans corned beef hash 6 eggs Press hash into cast iorn skillet and make wells. Crack an egg into each well and bake 350F 45m Pinwheels Take 1 can crescent dough and unroll without making triangles. divide in half. spread leftover spinach artichoke dip on one half and leftover Mississippi sin dip on the other half. Roll up and cut each log into 8 pinwheels. Place cut side up on baking sheet and bake 350F 20m. Spinach artichoke dip Take leftover creamed spinach and mix with canned marinated artichoke and cream cheese in amounts desirable to how much creamed spinach you have. Serve with chips then use for whatever after leftover. I can cook fancy and I can cook redneck. It never ceases to amaze me that the redneck always gets better reviews.
  2. I was sick over the weekend so we ended up with a lot of takeout by choice. I'm back to the pantry rotation this week. Last night we had Basil Bread and Curried Tomato Soup. It was a huge hit and everyone loved it. Basil Bread scant cup water 1 1/2 T olive oil 1 T sugar 1t salt 1 T milk powder 2 1/4 c flour 1 3/4 t yeast giant handful basil from garden washed and shredded. It makes about a 1lb loaf, but run it through 1.5lb loaf French cycle on bread machine. It gets extra spongy rise. Curried Tomato Soup 2 cans tomato soup 2 cups liquid Milk (from shelf stable) 1 t garlic powder 1 T curry powder small handful dehydrated onions large handful of chopped pear tomatoes from garden (small like cherry tomato but yellow and pear shaped) Dump all in pot and heat thought on Med low for about half an hour. Pour in bowls and artistically top with a sprinkle of Mexican cheese, small handful fried onions canned, a few canned bacon bits, and a few slices of reserved pear tomato cut into rounds. The curry gives it a sweet mild taste and everyone thought it was the best tomato soup I've ever made.
  3. DH's job is basically measuring stuff. We have so many tape measures. He loves his laser measure and usually uses that on everything; I'd second the recommendation. One time, DH pulled out his micrometer (measures to .001mm or .000039in), pointed it at my head and told me he was measuring my patience.
  4. I have a friend in Australia who I speak to regularly. He is a paramedic. They are totally locked down over there. It is a bit crazy. He isn't even allowed to go to the next county as far as travel.
  5. Tortillas 1 1/2 c flour 1/2 t salt 1 1/2 T lard or solid fat 1/2 c hot water Mix the first 3 then add water to form a ball. More flour if too sticky, more water if too dry. Divide into 7 balls and LET IT REST at least half an hour on the counter in a container or covered (DO NOT SKIP.) Roll out flat using a sprinkle more flour if needed. Fry each side about 30-45s each without using any oil or fat. If you are having bread issues, pancakes are bread and so are fritters. Fritters make great buns. You can also make muffin bread or savory quick bread and slice for sandwiches if you cannot conquer yeast.
  6. I'm trying to rotate the pantry. We are down a teen and up a baby and the other adult and teen are on diets. I'm still super tired from the accident so this should be fun. Pasta Bake (husband RAVED over it) In a casserole dish Mix the following without measuring: Leftover penne pasta in a vegetable and marinara sauce from several days ago (i think artichoke, mushrooms, zucchini were in it) Cottage cheese sour cream a can of pasta sauce Top with mozzarella cheese and bake 350F 45m. Mississippi Sin Dip (redneck edition) (kid and husband loved) Mix random amounts of cream cheese, sour cream with some garlic powder, paprika, and a packet of ranch seasoning. Add in a bag of shredded cheese, some Worcestershire sauce, and 1 can of diced spam. Microwave 3m. Stir. Microwave 3m. Place in leftover bread bowl from Panara and serve with sun chips. *Makes a ton. good as a dip or a sandwich filling.
  7. I order pick up from Kroger and get meat frequently. I haven't had any issues with it. I order it and set a time and then DH goes and they load his truck.
  8. Canned chicken is a lifesaver for us. If you find Masa in the Hispanic food section, that is cornmeal. I find my family gets tired of the same thing over and over so I try to vary it a bit. Leftover cooked items mixed with an egg and some type of breading (breadcrumbs, crushed chips, stuffing, flour, rice, oatmeal, crushed pork rinds, almond flour, etc.) and some seasoning makes a great croquette/fritter/patty. We had chicken croquettes last week and DH loved them. I made a remoulade sauce to go with it. DH was sure it was the fanciest thing I'd ever made and it was basically a can of chicken and some mayo. Fancy names make things more palatable. Cooked Meat patties (croquettes) 1 can cooked chicken (*12 oz) or any cooked meat 1 egg seasoning of choice 1/4 c breading of choice +extra for outside Mix all and roll in breading. Fry in butter or oil in skillet about 3-4m per side. Creole: paprika, garlic, crushed dill pickle potato chips Hawaiian: chopped spam, pineapple, brown sugar, cooked rice Vegetable Nuggets (spinach nuggets) 3 cans vegetable 2c breading 1c parmesan 4 eggs 1 stick butter 1/4c minced onion pepper and spice of choice Combine all and make nugget sized balls. Flatten and bake 350F for 20m until firm. Serve warm with sauce like marinara or ranch. I usually use spinach, stuffing mix, and nutmeg but any vegetable will do. This goes over very well for potlucks and large gatherings. The kids gobble them down. The recipe is easy to scale back if needed but I tend to make it when I need a lot. Bean Patties (I usually call it falafel but that is usually chickpeas) 2 cans drained beans or *3c cooked beans 1/2 c cooking liquid or water 1 1/2 c oats or other breading (oats are best) 1 clove garlic if beans are not already seasoned salt and pepper Mash beans and mix everything together. Shape into burger sized patties and bake on greased pan 350F 15m. Flip and cook another 15m. Notes: Seasoned beans work well. Chickpea is the usual suspect, but I've used leftover red beans and rice, black beans, navy beans, pretty much any. Seasoned beans are great. Sometimes I cook them 30m without flipping and they aren't as crispy but they are still very good.
  9. Hardtack is best soaked before eaten. 5m for a chewy option or 2 hours for a mushier option. Coffee, soup/broth, alcohol are the usual suspects. Some people use them as a base for cream cheese/ricotta/jam type meals if they have the ingredients. Drama and chaos keep coming to my house. DD18 will be staying with her dad in AR after all for her senior year. At this point, I think everyone deserves peace and I hope this will achieve that. I don't even have the energy to be upset anymore. I took stock of the house and we are going to spend the next year doing a cleanout rotation for most things. There is a time to harvest and there is a time to enjoy/rely on the winter fruits of that harvest. We've decided that it is important to recognize that seasons change and everything has a time.
  10. I am recovering slowly but surely. I have a huge bump and bruise on my inside left shin that is extremely sore. I had lots of bruises from the accident, but this one seems to be taking longer to heal. Tuesday my mother called and said her husband got Covid at work and gave it to her after she went home to MS. They had both been vaccinated. That evening, my ex in AR called to tell me his wife has Covid. She had been vaccinated. Wednesday, husband shows up home early and says a) they are moving half his department elsewhere at work but he is probably safe where he is and b) his mom called to come get her from hospital. DH's uncle had a seizure and fell out of wheelchair bonking his head. Ambulance called and MIL drove up there. While at hospital, she had low blood pressure and had to be treated. We had to go get them and drive their car to their apartment. I'm not supposed to be driving right now, but I drove her car while DH took them in the van. It took an hour to wait for them to be released and we waited in the van with the AC on b/c it was 95F out. After we got back home, we found the house AC had gone out entirely. Thursday I waited all day for the AC repair guy to show up. He ran late and didn't come until after 4. It was 95F again and the baby and I were miserable. AC repair bill to go along with the medical bills. Friday my ex texted to tell me that my DD13 has covid. She had not been vaccinated. They are supposed to come home next weekend, but because of this they are pushing it back a week and won't be home till at least the weekend after. School starts on the 7th and I will only have 1 week to get them ready. Add in all the medical and political mess going on and DH thinks we are going to war with China. The crazy DOES NOT END. All I want is a day of peace.
  11. If you don't use the caulk method, you can throw it in the wash though you will get more life out of it if you line dry it. If you used different fabrics, they may shrink at different rates and make it puckered. Wash everything before you cut it up so it is where you want it to be. If you did use the caulk method (or any method) it can be hand washed in the bathtub and hung over a fence/balcony to dry. Easiest tip for crochet/knit: Whichever you learned first, the second one you will learn the opposite dominant hand method. If you learned right handed knitting, you will want to learn left handed crochet. It is because they are basically opposite hand motions for the dominant hand so it is MUCH easier to learn the 2nd one if you change the hand position. I learned right handed crochet and I could not master knit until someone told me to do it left handed. Problem solved overnight.
  12. The braided ones take longer than the crocheted ones. Crochet is actually pretty easy and you really only need to chain and sc (single crochet) to make it. Its 99.9% one stitch all the way around. I could teach you in about 3 minutes to crochet it. Also you need no thread to make a crochet one. The sewing is a blanket stitch for the braided one. Basically you coil it and just blanket stitch through the new part as you go around. Either way: Longer strips are better. Cut your material in such a way that it spirals a bit and gives you long strips. Also, you will be stepping on this rug, use fabrics that you want to put your feet on. Denim is awesome and pantyhose make the softest thing you can imagine. There are all sorts of things you can do to make the rug non slip. The DIY cheap way is to turn it over and run some squiggles of hot glue or caulk where you want it. Allow to dry thoroughly. It is hand wash only after you do that though.
  13. My mother is still here and will fly home on Sunday. I tire easily but am recovering well. I can lift the baby to change or feed her now. My house is the cleanest it has ever been. My mom has way more energy than I do. Thank goodness for family.
  14. One of my kids is hearing impaired--moderately on one side, severely on the other. I find the loud alarm clocks with vibration work well. There is a part that goes under your pillow and shakes you to wake you up. Sort of like the one below: Amazon.com: Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleeper, Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock with USB Charger for Hearing-impaired Deaf, 7.5’’ Large Display with Dimmer, Snooze, 12/24H & Battery Backup: Electronics
  15. My husband took me to a f/u appointment yesterday and everything is healing well. They took out the staples. Dr. said I could hold my baby seated now and pick her up by 2 weeks from now. My mom is going to stay until then and fly home. I am so grateful she is here doing all the housework and childcare. She is no spring chicken either in her 60s. I looked at the medical records where I went back to the ER. They put down everything BUT what I complained of when I went in.... low blood pressure in the 40s...and never did anything to even deal with that. I hate doctors. This has been a major SHTF scenario for us and I am glad that we were prepared for some of it and glad that we can see what to do differently in a similar event. DH seriously thought I was dead/dying at the ER and he was so lost about the day-to-day needs that all he could do was worry about how to get things done. I need to lay everything out more clearly in a format he can understand in case I am not around to do it.
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