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  1. Dishcloth yarn is good, but it does not hold up as well over time as bedspread cotton which has a very different consistency. The acrylic red heart yarn makes me never want to make anything ever again. If you want cheap, but not super cheap, caron is the best. Seriously, buy some on sale and you will start to shudder that you ever used red heart. Make sure to get the shiny type. NO SNAGS. You know what I'm talking about. I really like Caron for baby blankets and shalls. Dishcloth cotton like Lily or Sugar and Cream have several strands of soft cotton twiste
  2. 'back then' they usually used #10 cotton yarn or #30 cotton yarn to be fancy. It is what the thin dollies, bookmarks, and old bedspreads are made out of. It comes in several colors now, but used to be mostly ecru or white and the bigger #10 is about the size of 4-5 cross stitch threads together. the #30 is about the size of 2 cross stitch threads together.
  3. My circles are not perfect, but I think it adds to the causal denim look of the piece. It was a bit tricky to work with and I went very slow. I only did a few pieces every day and I had one of the kids help me with the cutting. I actually used a small frisbee and a sharpie to mark the cutting for the pants circles. It was thick, but not too bad and I've had more issues with fleece than I did with the denim. That being said... I hate all those circles! They look amazing but are a PITA.
  4. Jeans can be donated or yard sale. I made a denim quilt once out of everyone's jeans. I cut them up into large squares and backed it with some nice flannel. Currently, I am making a Cathedral window quilt which is self backing. Basically you cut a bunch of circles and some fabric squares--it is self backing. I'm using an old ivory tablecloth and denim pants. Here is an internet version that is very similar:
  5. I had a long battle with stocking and it is still going on. This year I am focusing in on using what we have and being realistic about what we need. If I spend effort, $, and time organizing a thing that I don't and probably won't use, than that thing is a burden to me and I do not need it. I would be better served by letting it go and replacing it with something I do/will need.
  6. I've had blackberries for most of my life. They are bushes with thorny vines. Each vine is called a cane. When the vine comes in, that is year 1 FOR THAT vine/cane/branch only. year 2 that vine/cane fruits unless you have an everbearing variety which will bear fruit on years 1 and 2. You will then trim back that vine and you will have other vines. The bush will continue to bear canes for decades. You will probably have fruit every year because the vines come in at different times and will fruit based on that vine's year and not the bush's year. Do not pull out or compost the actua
  7. Legos are awesome for teaching fractions. I did that with my kids.
  8. euphrasyne


    Oh definitely tying up the route. Someone said something about other countries needing cargo containers in that link from Ice Age farmer. That seemed very odd to me.
  9. euphrasyne


    Also..I am an idiot. Why would they need empty cargo containers? They just use a large crane to move the current cargo containers to a new location. Those things are designed to go from ship, train, or back of a 18wheeler. They also just offload into stacks on the ground. We see them everywhere around here since we are the main import area of the US for shipping since we have the deepest bay. That ship truly is an average size for what it is and isn't tying up an undue amount of containers.
  10. euphrasyne


    They want empty cargo containers? They have a couple hundred thousand stocked in the yard by the Elizabeth River bridge here. Tell someone to come get 'em. That boat is huge, but DH says its kinda small in comparison to ones he has worked with and several other types of cargo ships are bigger. Potentially, you could go around Africa instead of across. it would add approximately 1-2 weeks to shipping time.
  11. Local hospital DePaul is closing because they dont have enough patient volume. I guess they aren't overwhelmed by covid. Bon Secours will close Norfolk’s DePaul hospital building in April - The Virginian-Pilot (pilotonline.com)
  12. euphrasyne


    I'm sure there are lots of reasons he ran around. Historically, that has always been a difficult area and people hire helmsmen with suez experience specifically for it. Boats of this size use a nav system where everything is by sonar/computer as well as a full visual of the area. My DH (designs, maintains, and fixes large ships for a living) says high winds alone wouldn't have done this there had to be negligence. Our next door neighbor who does similar for commercial ships feels the same way and they were discussing it last night. I feel bad for the crew and I'm super glad I am not one
  13. euphrasyne


    It is very common to move ships through spaces narrower than they are long. The helmsman was just really awful in this case. The canal is notoriously difficult and it is common to hire someone just to drive through it. Here are two carriers docking locally that are roughly the same size as the cargo container.
  14. euphrasyne


    That is actually a small one. DH works on ones and you drive past them thinking they are office complexes or hospitals, but they are ships taller than any building in the area.
  15. Thank you for the offer, Littlesister. That is very kind of you. We are good though, and you should donate it to those less fortunate. I managed to put back quite a bit for us and we are trying to rotate stock right now. Please let me know if you need anything. DH got a promotion, we got the second and third round of stimulus already, and we should be getting child tax credit $ starting in July. We fixed under the house and now the roof and we got a new van to replace my very old one. DH got his first covid shot from his work and should be getting his second in a few weeks.
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