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  1. We are still eating a lot of various leftovers so I haven't been cooking much. Last week: Thai Peanut chicken with broccoli, coconut rice Cajun Sausage, carrots, potatoes, & green beans in the crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala, matar paneer (peas & farmer's cheese in a curry type sauce) Sausages with Cabbage & Caraway, mashed sweet potato, fried apples & raisins. I did manage to make a 3 layer Italian Crème cake and it turned out well. DD10 had fun learning to separate and beat eggs when we made it. I usually like more pecans and coconut in the frosting, but DH doesn't, so I left them in the cake and did a more plain cream cheese butter frosting. After I baked it, I realized that someone did something with my cake saver so I had a pain frosting it on a plate and trying to cover it with foil. I think next time, I'm just going to put my big stock pot down over the top of it if the issue comes up again.
  2. Mr. E has very strong views on things which definitely influence his actions. Boats are not manned in dock, the sailors are de-shipped and housed elsewhere. The boats in for repairs rather than maintenance are in poor condition to go out. There are many repairs which can be done at sea, but it requires specific personnel both enlisted and civilian to be on the boat. It also requires sailors with specific skills to maintain basic operation when it is sent back out. They are usually severely expedited and sent out ASAP in times of war (shipyard has been in continuous operation since revolutionary war, so it has seen every war and terrorist act and has a few plans for ones we have only imagined.) Mr. E believes that the orders to send out people in this manner would have to be done in person and no email 'hack' would result in this because the commander would call the general or refuse to do it; we have in the past and there is precedent. Sending out sailors randomly with no civilian 'repairmen' would be sending them out to be sitting ducks in Mr. E's opinion and that is his paranoia. He is very cognizant that what he does is basically manufacture and maintain weapons of mass destruction and he will not be a party to using those against our own troops because he is patriotic. He desperately wants to help our military, but he needs assurances that we are helping, not killing our troops. He has very strong views on things and it makes him very stubborn and may eventually lead to his rising or downfall. He is high enough on the food chain with enough experience and reputation that they will contact him when something breaks badly enough for him to troubleshoot. He spearheaded a lot of the tech reforms used on repair and he knows many of the systems better than anyone else. He was a 'historian' for old-school repairs and used to give presentations on it. His phone rings a lot when he is not at work and it is working. If they contact him and tell him we are at war and back to the 'normal crazy' instead of the 'sending ours out to die crazy' he will go back and help. If Mr. E believes we need a nuclear fallout shelter and have at least 4 hours by foot (we have kids on us, so we are slower--we also have bikes available) or 30m by vehicle depending on conditions, we are bugging out overwater. We have a fully self-contained shelter for water bug out. If we are just looking at an air raid or such, we stay home. I trust Mr. E's judgement on if we need to bug out or not, and otherwise just stay home and do the basic cooking and such. I work on crocheting a baby blanket and mending any clothing that needs done. I let the girls practice target bottles with nerf guns in the back yard. The neighbor girls are having a blast and giving my 2 something to concentrate on since I put them in charge of supervising the small ones. We hear a knock at the door and it is our DD22 who managed to hitch down from PA because she knew we would be more prepared down here. I welcome her in and do some mental math changing our current food supply to 10 months.
  3. We always said, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. We are going about the usual business at the house old-school style. We are into the stored food and conservatively, we have a year. I'm using well water and clothes lines to handwash everything. I have explained to the kids that it is best to wear pants 2-3 times if they are still viable. Grandad neighbor wanted to 'go check on something' so we are watching his girls and dog for a few days at our house. If we are actively fighting anywhere in a thousand mile radius, we have constant flyovers by aircraft of every type and are used to tuning out the noise. Half the boats that ran off in the middle of repairs have suffered major structural problems and cannot repair at sea. One of them is without power because all its nuclear personnel were put on the wrong ship and they had to turn off the reactor. The impacted vessels have the option of coming back for fixes or risking more damage that could lead to things like large weapons coming unmounted and falling off, taking on water, or several structural instability (think titanic, that sucker is going down.) Of the 3 subs that left the yard, 1 imploded killing everyone on board because it was out of circularity. There is nowhere else on the east coast deep enough for the larger boats to dock for repairs, so they are stuck coming here or sailing 5K-20K miles (depends on if it fits in the panama canal) to San Diego. The smaller ships have more options. If our government or at least military is intact, there is definitely work waiting on Mr. E. He says he is waiting to go back to work until they 'act like they usually do in war times or terrorist threat, not like they are 'Jericho tv series Blackwater rounding people up and dropping dirty bombs on themselves'. He is a working, disabled vet and he has 6 months of accumulated paid sick leave (been there forever and a day) so.... 'Oh my back and hip. I can't move,' he cries. We decide to stay here until it gets untenable then use the overwater bug out plan if it remains tenable at the time. I try to keep Mr. E and his large, non-diplomatic mouth, away from the less crazy neighbors. (we are the crazy neighbors, but i'd rather be crazy than dumb.) Our biggest problem at the moment is still stress and keeping everyone from over-reacting and causing more problems. Our family directive is keep your head down and maintain everyday tasks. Food. Shelter. Clothing. Panic will change nothing.
  4. We like very bright bulbs, so we always go with a higher wattage and more blue tint when using LED because it seems brighter to me. I have trouble seeing thread and needles in the more yellow light. The ballasts in the garage went out and DH changed them to LED ballasts last weekend. He used a fairly high wattage, but it is about 10X brighter now.
  5. We got the NIPT results back and the baby is genetically healthy and a girl. I have been so crazed with anxiety about it because of my age, but everything is awesome! Mr. Euph is sad because this makes 4 girls and he wanted a boy, but he will live and he is still excited about the baby. He has, however, mandated that 'one of them is going to have to learn to cut grass.'
  6. [Side note--I usually know Mr. E very well, but half my brain was screaming DONT EAT IT ITS POSION while the other half was thinking he would definitely eat either spicy or free food and he makes me make ghost pepper infused pickles to take to work to share with the guys. So I asked him. Then I got a 30 m lecture on how he'd been doing this for a quarter century through every terrorist threat published and not and the nature of protocol and reality. He was more animated than I've seen him in a while. ] Mr. E did not get a chance to sample the desired spicy food because the second they started rounding up sailors all willy-nilly he jumped in a truck with his NAVSEA buddy and came home to 'caress his guns.' We are convinced it is our government doing something because 'such things are Korea, not here.' We stay home. I saw what FEMA did first hand during Katrina and I wouldn't go anywhere near anything they were involved in. I am the type of person who would either split my last meal with my furbabies or cut up the neighbor for them. I become exceptionally worried about violence from another source because we are the headquarters for PETA and there is a crazy number of what Mr. E calls 'aggressive hippie liberal vegans' who have no respect for anything and tend to do extreme things when animal issues come up. Our best bet is to stay home. Mr. E tells me that a group of hoodlums came to the neighborhood entrance, but were forcibly turned away by Corner-neighbor and his buddy VetGrandad (retired vet raising his grandkids b/c son & daughter in-law are both active duty.) They were both wearing full riot gear with heat and looked a bit 'official' (think of a modern Bert from the movie Tremors. For Halloween he had on full assault gear with a gas mask and a garden sprayer. It was hilarious and scared the bejesus out the kids.) I tell Mr. E that I am glad we live in paranoid nutjob central and that we fit right in. We are used to storms, but this one scares us. We have no power, but I still have gas and fire so I manage to finish my preserving. We are stocked for about a year and I have well water so there is no need to worry about food at this point, though we will continue to act needy and pick it up as available. We continue to stay quietly in our house and I tell the kids they cannot play with the neighbors for the time being. We organize our supplies and move them to more obscure/secure areas while leaving a few goods out. I set up a still under the kitchen sink because alcohol is always a good thing to have for trade. Mr. E and I discuss that we will SIP for the time being, but we discuss our established overland and overwater backup bug out plans.
  7. We are using mostly well water and some drinking water from the garage. I am starting to ration my 'precious' supply of bottled diet green tea that is my favorite vice. I tell DH that it is at the top of my 'cigarette list' (things we really want, don't need and aren't all that good for us.) DH says he called my grandmother in Jackson, MS at the end of the day on Friday. She is not prepared, freaking out and creating panic, but my brother and cousin are helping her. My brother is running meds out to my mom in the sticks and hopes to bring back either fresh game or some from mom's store on the way home. It is currently turkey season and he always has a license for whatever season it is. I stay home and mostly off the radio. Mr. E will update me on what I need to know and I don't need to make myself crazy by constantly worrying about what is going on. Since everyone is home and we have much to freak out about and not enough to do, I tell everyone that they will help me spring clean because cleaning always calms me in times of chaos. We use the well water to clean and do laundry in the tub. I set up my large, 6ft tall drying rack from Lehmans in the sunroom since it looks like rain (best purchase ever! 15 years old and still awesome). My kids chose one of my antique reprint cookbooks 'The Dixie Cookbook' from the late 1800s as a nonfiction homeschool choice. They are hoping to get out of many things and think that this is a good way to do it since I'm obsessed with antique cookbooks...and how much can they actually learn from a cookbook? BWHAHAHAH. Little do they know that you have to figure out your own math for every recipe, and each one is glimpse into the history of how people lived, entertained, and obtained food. Vocabulary is rife with spelling and name changes over time and I can easily make since lessons from the abundant wild game references or medicinal recipes in the back. The little monsters....eer darlings.... have given me something to focus on other than the chaos and I spend the evening planning some lessons for next week. Mr. E is extremely grumpy from computer withdrawal at home, so we set up a old D&D roleplaying game with the kids to distract him. I go to bed worrying because I was supposed to get some NIPT labwork results on Monday about my pregnancy. Early Friday before the SHTF, I got an email saying that the results were in, but no clue as to what they were. I hope that my doctor's office is available either via phone or the office is open so I can get them next week.
  8. Mr. Euph went to work and came home saying that he is considered essential personnel can get gas at work and he needed to go in extra hours because they are expediting the fleet launch schedule and he has to finish drafting repairs for a Carrier, 2 L-Decks, and they have told him to do circularity on 3 subs because the usual guy cannot come in and he spearheaded the reforms for the current method. The commissary is open and debiting payroll accounts, but with extremely limited, rationed per person items. He says that he was in contact with my mom from work and that she is in crazy paranoid heaven. They have all hunkered down out in the sticks with their gardens and stores and are taking potshots at passerby. I am concerned about her medications running out, but there is nothing I can do. We are at the top of the list for power outage repair because the house across the street from us is a large brick colonial that is used as a residential house for MR and mentally handicapped people. They are usually quit, but once a month, someone has a crying jag and sits out in the street having a fit for half an hour. That seems to be happening several times a day right now because the 5 residents do not understand what is going on, and the lady in charge who lives there is having a tough time keeping everyone calm. I am patient about the power because we are well stocked to deal with it and I know that it will be back as soon as it is possible. The kids are talking about our trips to Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg (45m up the road) and how we can do things just like they did! So history and math are covered for the day. I realize that I need to sit down and make out a homeschooling list if they are going to be home much longer. I haven't homeschooled since DD15 was in 1st grade, but I think back to what we did and try to make lessons based on where they are now. I briefly think about needing to ration ink and paper, but then I look around at my craft room and laugh myself silly for a bit. I decide to tell the girls to agree on 1 non-fiction book from our stash and I will make lessons from it for each of them starting next week. I let DD10 and the neighbor girl who is in the same grade play together in out backyard where I can see them. Her mom died about 2 years ago and she lives with her enlisted step-dad and his mom as her dad is enlisted in Japan, so we feel sorry for her situation and let her come over a lot. I make sure DD10 knows not to say anything revealing about our situation before I let the child come over. I do not answer the door for the random adult, but I do answer the kids. I give them a basic list so we don't look out of place: milk, eggs, bread, cat food. We live in a small subdivision and have block parties for every major holiday. There is a block party for this, but we do not go because I cannot deal with that many people. DH stops by it with the kids and a steak so we look 'normal.' He reports that there was one drone, but then we had a flyover from OCEANA and they shot it. We have serious drone laws here and they also have 'speed limit enforced by aircraft' signs up all over the state--which they actually do with flyovers and mailed tickets--its a great way to test radars and create revenue at the same time. They do not joke with airspace violations. About a third of the neighborhood is active duty and are called in for the duration. Half of those left work as civilian employees and most are still going in. DH decides to carpool with 3 guys that work at his shipyard even though it changes his normal 5a-3p with RDO schedule to 8a-5p with no RDO. Of those left, half are retired, mostly retired military, and they form a neighborhood watch--mostly the men with a few women. Mr. Euph and I finish the day stating that our biggest worries are the lack of information, the water situation in Carolina, and concern about what MIL is doing. The consensus is that she has to come home alone or stay down in Carolina with his sister and we are certain she KNOWS this, but she sometimes what she pleases anyway.
  9. This sounds exactly like something Mr. Euph would do ^^ He is a bit clueless on the food side of things. I usually order non instant powdered milk in 100lb increments and we shall not speak of how much yeast I have on hand. He had the cash and brought it all home even though most of it was excess on what we already had, so now we are down his $$. I do not tell him where my $$ stash is so that I can dole it out as needed. I'm technically in the Suburbs (think desperate housewives spacing of houses,) but it is a city of 232K (17th largest in US in 2013 --we are spread out over 350 miles, not an 'urban' city and the Hampton Roads area we are a part of has over a million people--mostly military)...so...I have power? But we are at the Southeastern most tip of VA, so we are less than 20m from North Carolina so I'm super worried about the water and decide we will be using well water only. We always have a large military presence (21 separate large military facilities) and Mr. Euph works on a base or boat most of the time. This situation means that it is mandatory for him to be at work so he has to go in. He even had to go in when it was in the mandatory evac zone for the last few hurricanes. We look at the gas situation and talk about whether he needs to bike to work or volunteer for the 'overnight multiple day duty' that they are calling for at his work. (These are common things they do in emergency situations and he has done it multiple times before. It pays well. There are cots and rooms and mostly they 'watch the boats' for trouble and play games during the overnighting.) We spend most of the evening with him ranting about not being about to 'carry' on base or in his vehicle on base until I gently smack him and tell him to let me know the situation at the commissary at work and gas availability the next evening and start my own rant about being home alone in the craziness. We go over gun safety (refresher, they know) with the children (DD10, DD15) and reinforce not answering the door, etc. We decide he will drive to work tomorrow, get more information, and we will make a decision about his transportation and sleeping arrangements tomorrow night. We discuss that we will NOT take in his crazy family if they show up. I worry about my mom and other family down in a small MS town who I have not heard from. We heat up leftovers on the gas stove (or microwave if we have power,) and have more fridge items for breakfast. Since the kids are home, we spend the day learning to can (pesky math is everywhere) and waiting on Mr. Euph to get home.
  10. That looks really good. WE2. I need to dig out my old chili rellano casserole recipe. It uses pasta and a cream sauce. I got it from a family member's Mexican boyfriend and he said it was a staple in Monterrey households. I might be able to adapt it to spiralized vegetables or rice. We had a cold run through the house and I'm still avoiding downstairs, so I made only a few meals and we ate a lot of leftovers. Teriyaki Chicken with bacon wrapped asparagus (I baked the chicken breasts and the asparagus together in the same sauce, it turned out very well.)and stuffing (I forgot to put the pecans in it and DD15 was devastated and complained a lot) A giant batch of chili with corn muffins (husband's favorite) Corned Beef with cabbage, potatoes, & carrots in a mustard glaze. (My grandmother was from Ireland, it was mandatory for the 17th.) I need to use up the last of the leftovers tonight, so I'm either going to make hash and colcannon or else dice it all up with tomato sauce for a deconstructed cabbage roll cassarole.
  11. The stove is gas, the RV is on propane, and we have the fireplace and grill, so we are good to finish canning the cold items. We have city water inside the house, the well only goes to the outside taps, but I have it on manual so I can hand pump some from the line in the garage (think of those old style Amish pumps. Ours is PVC and T shaped.) I put out a few rain barrels just in case. I charge all the cell phones with the solar/wind up charger...well since the kids are home now, I have them crank it because I am old and my hands hurt. MIL decides to leave and go check on her daughter. Meanwhile, DH is living the crazy good life at work. They still have power on all the boats and thus he can charge things. (He is a naval architect and all the boats are nuclear.) He called and said stay home and wait for him to get some things together. We live in a suburb city near a fairly large city and several naval bases, so he says he can bring home whatever I need if I make him a list since VB probably still has power. (I'm 20 minutes from the beach and 3 hours from DC in low traffic.) I tell him to grab as much pet supplies as he can as well as sugar and flour. I dig out the candles and several cheap mirrors for later use and place them in strategic high places in the living and dining rooms. I pull all the sheer curtains shut. Daylight can come in, but no one can see in. The weather is crazy...cold one day, warm the next, so I crack the windows as needed to let in air. I continue to clean the house and organize things because that is what I do when I'm waiting out SHTF situations; its compulsive.
  12. Ambergris, you added to it while I was typing XD ^^ I would know immediately because I get up at 5am. Having lived in the deep south for most of my life, I would find it EXTREMELY suspicious that the urban areas are keeping power while the rural goes out. It is usually the exact opposite for everything from terrorist attacks to natural disasters due to the way power grids are laid out--especially in the southern and southeastern states. I too, would be convinced that my own government was doing it because of timing and location. If the cell towers are still working, I would call my husband at the base and see what is going on. If they are down or after I call my husband, I would turn on the emergency radio and see if any station is broadcasting on FM or AM. While that was going on, I'd clean and check my 'cold food' list to see what needed to be canned if it thawed. I would turn on the camper fridge and move anything important out to it. I would lock the doors, put on a gun holster and gun, then continue to clean and make a list of things that needed to be done while I waited for my husband and kids to come home. Even If I knew about the stores, I do not leave the house and I do not buy perishables even though I keep a lot (by anyone's standards) of $5 on hand. I know that I am currently stocked for about 8 months on dry goods alone, and canning the currently thawing frozen items will increase that by at least 4 months if I get it all done. We all have plenty of gas, so I don't care about the gas station. I might buy an extra propane tank for the camper if the husband comes home early. I don't worry much about fire because everything around here is soaking wet and rain is in the forecast for most of the week, and most of the year usually. I turn the well from pump to manual just in case. The well water would have to be distilled to be drinkable because of iron content, but it would be useful for everything else. When I run out of bottled water (I have enough for drinking purposes for about 3 months,) I do have the equipment/knowledge to distill the well water (or make alcohol if I got bored.... ^^) I would expect the kids home at 2:45 and 4:15 and the DH between 3-4, though I would expect him home much earlier if I was unable to contact him. Mostly I'd be walking around freaking out about having to wait and trying not to 'accidentally' shoot MIL as she got in my way.
  13. Rock painting is fun XD Agoraphobia is the fear that I'm going to be trapped somewhere either physically or by social standards and cannot escape. Mine is compounded by the possibility of doing or saying something embarrassing (stupid things that most other people would not find embarrassing.) Not leaving the house is advanced, severe agoraphobia. I rarely leave the house to go anywhere other than kid's school appointments or doctor appointments without my husband. Having him there is a buffer for me. The panic attacks are pretty much guaranteed if I leave the house --well past possible and even if my husband is with me. He helps me manage them until we get back home. Things that tend to 'set me off' are : not knowing exactly where I am going, not knowing the exact process expected from me, unfamiliar protocol for anything, any confrontation of any type, me thinking that I'm saying the wrong thing, talking to anyone about something being wrong (like a waiter and my food,) going anywhere I haven't been before, having to deal with more than 5 people. Confrontations in my home, online, over the phone, etc. all also cause panic attacks that make my heart race, my blood pressure soar, my entire body shake, and I begin to stutter and exhibit pronounced tics. It is a really crappy, lonely mental illness, but I get by. On the plus side, it really feeds into Preeping. My MIL is definitely an issue here at the house. Right now, I'm basically living upstairs and not leaving my room except for very fast trips to the kitchen to prepare food at dinner and even that is abbreviated at the moment. She didn't used to be as horrible to live with as she is now, but she has gotten worse over time. It does not help that I cannot take my anti-anxiety medication because I'm pregnant. So, that is a ton of extra stress. This problem is not 100% MIL's fault, but she was never supposed to live with us forever and it has just evolved into an untenable situation for me.
  14. I stayed with my first husband for 14 years because everyone around me said 'divorce' was a dirty word. Staying with someone who continually treats you badly is the insanity. It isn't enough to love someone to stay with them -- they have to love you enough back to treat you with respect. I'm agoraphobic and very non-confrontational, so leaving is my best option if DH refuses to deal with the problem. Fortunately, I'm very plan-orientated and have 3 sets of back up plans for every contingency. MIL said something to him this evening to stir the pot and he told me that he is going to move up the timeline as soon as we are over this cold. I just want things to go back to low stress; I need the peace.
  15. Hopefully he will speak to her and it will work out soon.
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