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  1. Dh said $2.30 at station on the corner near the house. We will be watching. When I first started driving, it was .75 and I remember it hitting $4.80 after 911.
  2. I like knowing how to cook things on cast iron over an open fire; I also like knowing how to cook things in a coffee pot, iron, or random heat source. But if they are available, I like my conveniences, and an electric griddle is up there because my family are bottomless pits. I've frozen pancakes and waffles for years -- the less deep waffles freeze better. The deeper ones get a little tough after freezing.
  3. Tortillas fast: Make the dough then use the flat pasta roller attachment for the kitchenaid. Fry on a large electric griddle like you would pancakes for too many people. It goes very fast that way and the rolling doesn't hurt your hands.
  4. My aunt Linda used to sing the beans beans song above and also: Beans Beans Good for your heart the more you eat the more you fart. the more you fart the better you feel so eat those beans every meal.
  5. This year, I've been trying to come up with menus based only on what we have at the house with no ' run out for lettuce' type trips. Breakfasts and lunches are usually leftovers or fend for yourself. I tend to make big batches of pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, etc. and put them in the kitchen freezer as grab and go for everyone. Saturday and Sunday I pull out every leftover in the fridge and everyone makes a plate for lunch. Anything left either gets tossed or used in Sunday/Monday dinner. The school food the kids get is often bland and they will not eat it as is. I try to find uses
  6. We had a plethora of apples, so got a batch of apple butter started yesterday and I'll cook it down and can it today. I'm really proud of myself because DH suggested we get take out pizza last night, but I made one instead and made chicken bites to go with it. I overcame the temptation to be lazy and easy and used what I had. Yea! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the crazy, so I'm distracting myself with inventory tetris. I'm actively dumping Zee Zee cereal bars and whole wheat poptarts into the trash as they come in. It hurts my soul to waste food, but they are so nasty e
  7. Acid helps with the overall shelf life and GMO tomatoes are much lower in acid than most heirloom. Modern tomatoes are actually much lower in acid than anything canned around the last century.
  8. I am weird. I prefer to stock water in the 16oz plastic bottles. They are small and manageable and I can pull out how much I need at a time and store them in different places. I do not like to keep water in non climate controlled places if it is in plastic. BJs carries a 40ct 16oz pack for $2.79. That is 5 gallons at about .56 cents a gallon for every case I buy if it is not on sale--which it often is and I more regularly pay about $1.99 for a case. We do have a well, but the iron content is so high I prefer to not drink it and use it for other applications.
  9. I lost one of my cats last February and I still cry over him. It is amazing how much they are family.
  10. Are you having problems with the bread being dense or the rolls with the dough or both? Are you using a bread maker or by hand? I'm assuming you mean the bread, so possible problems in order of likelihood: 1. Too much flour. Sift it with a sifter or fluff with a spoon before you measure. Be careful adding more flour when you kneed. 2. Over or under kneading the dough. Risen but dense over, flatter but dense is under. 3. Rising --is the yeast good? Are you letting it rise at a good temperature for the correct amount of time? It may be too cold in your ho
  11. That is beautiful! I wish my hands didn't hurt so much so I could do more fine needlework.
  12. The toilet chair doesn't have to roll in an out. We set up ours in the bathroom and it never moved. When he sat down, he just sat down on it rather than the toilet. It isn't very wide and fits in *most small bathrooms. It folds up and unfolds to get into the room for the initial set up.
  13. They make toilet chairs that sit over a toilet. Like this one: Amazon.com: OasisSpace Rolling Shower Chair 400 lb, Rolling Commode Transport Chair with Wheels and Padded Seat for Handicap, Elderly, Injured and Disabled: Health & Personal Care . If you have a sick or heavy person, they can really save the plumbing. We had to use these when my heavier uncle got sick years ago. I cleared up all the xmas stuff and got the kids started on virtual school again. The baby is growing like a weed; she is going through formula and diapers at a greater rate than expected. I'm still
  14. If you like detailed historical fiction similar to Auel, Alice Brochardt is amazing. Her silver wolf series is great -- Shapeshifters in ancient Rome so you get a bit of fantasy and a bit of history. She also has an Arthurian series about Guinevere that ties into the characters from the Silver Wolf series.
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