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  1. Adult diapers are reasonably affordable and work well. I used them with my aunt and grandfather for bowel issues and one of my teens who wet past the usual age. They were lifesavers. Equate Assurance seem to stay in place well and are only about .50 each.
  2. This weekend, we did a bit of shopping. Kroger had beef roast 3.29 lb so we got 2 more and some chicken. The freezer is starting to get full. We ran into Michael's which was next door and I spent the last of my birthday gift card on planner stuff to keep track of the kid's school stuff better. Got a few more baby things and a lot of diapers in assorted sizes so we will be ready. D-52 so any day now. Apparently laundry baskets are hard to find now. I did manage to get 2 at Target, but they are much lower quality than I usually buy. DH painted the changing table/dresser for the nursery and it is drying in the garage. I managed to rearrange the kid's office for school next month and started decluttering their giant pile of 'stuff' they left from last year. I even managed to make room for the sewing machine and art supplies (why the ever loving heck do we have enough art supplies to supply a small country?) I made Kabobs and he grilled 14 for the 2 of us so I have plenty of leftovers to use throughout the week. I usually use metal skewers, but I had some wooden ones that came from somewhere (please don't ask for how long because a decade might be the answer) and I'm trying to 'use up' misc things. I soaked them first and they did well.
  3. Those are good ideas. Things we do mostly involve planned leftovers either as reheatable meals or as prepped 'ingredients' for other meals. 1. When grilling, grill a lot and just heat the leftovers with something. We had chicken kabobs with chicken, onion, bell pepper, and zucchini on the grill on Monday. Tuesday I took the leftover kabobs apart, tossed the chicken, bell pepper, and onion in a pot with a jar of sauce (tikka masala this time) and heated it though for about 15 minutes--served with rice microwaved for 20m (10 stir 10 for any amount of rice. double water to rice add more water after stir if needed.) Very little heat. The zucchini was heated through with milk, onion, diced tomato, and a bit of curry powder for about 10m--again not much heat. Tuesday's leftovers turn into microwave lunches. 2. Salads: garden salad, fruit salad, chicken salad (using canned or leftover chicken.) Chicken, egg, or tuna salad: Mix (chicken, egg, tuna) with mayo, mustard, diced pickles, salt, pepper, and celery seed to taste. Serve cold. Sometimes I add pickled veggies other than pickled cucumber. Pasta salad is easy with leftover veggies (squash!) or meat from a grilled kabob mixed with a box of cooked rotini, cubes of cheese, olives or pickled veg (mushrooms, carrots, celery, okra, etc), and Italian salad dressing. Sometimes I add peperoni. 3. Put the crockpot on the deck table and plug it in outside. 4. Sandwiches. Bread or tortillas if you can have them with whatever filling. I can't have the bread so I use tomato slices as the 'bread'. Lettuce, giant bell pepper halves, or cucumbers sliced longways also work well as the bread. Sometimes I just roll up meat and cheese together too, I usually do it plain but you can add cream cheese. Serve with chips and carrots or fruit salad. 5. The microwave is your friend. If you must have something hot for 1 or two people, ask yourself can I microwave this? 6. Once a week is charcuterie night. We have a meat and cheese board with whatever salami, lunchmeat, or cold cooked meat we have available along with slices or cubes of whatever cheese we have. Its served with various pickles, fruit, fancy mustard, and whatever bread/crackers I have that week. Often I serve it with cookies or leftover sweets from earlier in the week.
  4. Bennett's Creek does have excellent collards and usually a good selection of produce. I usually prefer farmer's market vegetables when our budget allows --they just taste better in season. Yes about 10-15m. We are behind the bowling alley. Let me know if you need any help. I have limited lifting because I'm enormous at 8 months preggo, but I still get a lot done. Yesterday, I basically sat on my rear all day. I worked on my planner and played games on the computer and did a whole lot of nothing. I needed that. We did go pick up DH's truck from the shop in the late afternoon. He managed to get it towed and fixed for way less than I was worried about. Today I shall finish cleaning the teen spaces in the house: kid's bedrooms, bathroom, and their office.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuberculosis_vaccines Its only useful in infants and small children for the common one. DH tells horror stories about having to get the test when headed to the Middle East back in the 90s army. Apparently the test hurts like a (sailor talk) and stayed with him enough to complain 3 decades later.
  6. Because of my GI surgery a few years back, I have to take a lot of vitamins because I have severe malabsorption. Several doctors explained to me that the body cannot process high doses of anything and mostly we make very expensive pee. I eat 500mg calcium gummies spread 3x throughout the day--making sure they are roughly 4 hours apart. It is better absorbed this way and I get a total of 1500mg calcium a day. My calcium level has been consistently high since I started doing that and it was low before the GI surgery in 2016. I do the same thing with my other vitamins--smaller daily does spread out with the calcium and the iron late at night by itself. Littlesister, we are very close. I live on the Western Branch side of Pughsville by 664. DH likes the Bennett's Creek Farmer's market store. We are that direction a lot b/c my OB is close to Kroger.
  7. Kroger in Harborview had decent, reasonably priced produce Littlesister. We went there last Thursday and I got a bunch of zucchini and bellpepper. They also had chicken breast reasonably priced and beef roast on sale for 1.99lb. I haven't seen that in forever. I got 3 roasts and froze them. We went on a hike last Friday at a local park. We picnicked by the lake and then walked 5.7 miles; it was a good day for it. DH got ate up by bugs and we saw almost no people. It was nice to get out into the fresh air. 57 more days until D-Day (delivery day) and I am starting to nest like crazy. I went through the inventory and we are well stocked on food and cleaning supplies though I'd like to add more meat to the freezer if we find good prices. I have most of the baby stuff I need, though we still need to find curtain rods and pictures for the room and a few more of the heavy cotton baby blankets. Most of mine are crochet and a few fleece. I'm not bothering with formula since I'm planning to nurse and I have a pump that still works along with a few 'natural' nipple bottles if worse comes to worse. I have a pack of NB diapers and 2 boxes of size 2, but I need to stock more NB and some size 1 along with more wipes. This month we will focus on the diaper stash I think. We discussed doing cloth and decided that we'd rather have disposable but would swap to cloth if needed. Somehow the ringer on my phone got turned off yesterday, so I never heard DH call me. His truck would not start after work. He got a ride home with a friend and took my van in this morning. If he cannot get it to start, then we will have to get it towed to the shop. We've already spent $2K fixing the thing this year alone. It never ends. Its stuck on the base with limited access so we are praying we can get it to start and not have to go through an 'approved' towing company or a whole bunch of base issues getting it off base. Luckily we have my ancient van and I rarely go anywhere so he can just drive mine until we figure out what to do.
  8. Our hospital has an extremely clear 1 person and the mother policy and the 1 person must have zero health issues or NO extra people at all. It is the same at all my local hospitals. We live in a crazy, idiotic state with a governor that needs to be recalled. I did try to nurse DD17 but she would never latch after being given bottles by the NICU nurse (who we had a lot of issues with.) I ended up pumping for 6 weeks until my milk finally ran out. I did nurse DD12. It has been over a decade though so I'm out of practice. I do have some good books and my milk is already coming in. Uterine rupture is an STRONG probability after my last child and emergency C for prolapsed cord, so I'm having a planned Caesarian. It will be major surgery and not a natural birth. If I'm going to die from natural birth, it will be here at my house and not in a strange place. I'd rather live, but I can make peace with that. The schools have announced that we are virtual only so the kids will all be home. On the one hand, they are girls and old enough to help with the baby (17 & 12.) On the other....good luck trying to concentrate on school work with a crying baby.
  9. My ex mil used to make a dish she called OTO. Okra, tomato and onions. It was finely chopped, almost but not quite a mashed consistency. Some people called it a dry gumbo. It was amazing.
  10. I usually make apple butter. It also works for peach butter or pear butter or puree chunkier for apple sauce, pear sauce, peach sauce. I never measure the spices but I've been doing it for decades so I know how it should 'look' for me. Sometimes I make half pints to give away or quarts because we eat so much. Sometimes I leave on a bit of peel and sometimes I make apple syrup with the peel by boiling it in water, straining, adding sugar and cooking it down to syrup consistency. Apple Butter 4 lb apples 4c sugar Spices to taste: Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Ginger Wash, peel, quarter apples. Combine with 2c water and simmer till soft. Puree. Measure 2 QT pulp and combine with remainder. Cook slow until desired consistency. Process pints 10m in water bath. yield 3 pints.
  11. MY DD17 was born about 8 weeks early and has congenital hearing loss. I had her at a hospital in MS with only strange nurses and the on call dr. from my group there. She was in the NICU 2.5 weeks afterwards. It was an incredibly traumatic experience and I still have nightmares about it. DD12 was born at the same hospital and I had to have an emergency C for a prolapsed cord. The nursing staff was wonderful that time, but I had issues with my doctor and it was not a positive experience. The OB for both was an impatient middle aged woman who just wanted to get on with things. I've also had 6 miscarriages so this is my 9th pregnancy. I am not a good candidate for a VBAC, so we are having a planned C with this baby because uterine rupture is a real concern. I'm 41 and have several other health issues that also impact this 'geriatric pregnancy.' I am frustrated, mad, and terrified as I get closer to the end. I love and trust my current OB. He is a patient older man who seems to know the ropes and keep up with changes. Why I'm frustrated and want to cut off ties with people while considering having my child in my bathtub and calling an ambulance to fix hemorrhaging even though I know I will most likely die of uterine rupture if I do that: All the local hospitals have a 1 visitor only policy who must past a screening and temperature check. If he has traveled or been near anyone who could have it, or has sinus issues that day...I will have to give birth alone...again. Yes giving birth alone is doable. NO, it is NOT a positive experience and it will haunt me for DECADES as I know from experience. There are no hospital tours except for a virtual clip of a nurse walking down a hallway. Even though it is a virtual clip, it is only available once a month for 45 minutes during Tuesday dinner. I am agoraphobic and new places scare me. I've been able to go in and look at where things were going to happen for every other major surgery I've ever had. They may have to tie me down for this one when my 'new place anxiety' kicks in. There are ZERO childbirth or breastfeeding classes. They do offer 1 virtual childbirth 'class' and 1 virtual breastfeeding 'class.' Its basically a youtube clip that I have to pay for and it cost the same as attending one in person did before. I can watch youtube videos for free and they are not helpful at addressing my specific concerns. My youngest is currently 12. A lot of things have changed in the last decade and my memory isn't as good as it used to be. I have no access to the current protocols other than google. If they tell me they even suspect covid, they can take away my infant for two weeks. I would not be able to see her, breastfeed, or anything else. We are leaving immediately AMA with baby if that happens. This is the same hospital where they wanted to put Littlesister's husband on a COVID ward when he had heart issues and no COVID symptoms. I was unable to breastfeed DD17 because of what was done after her birth. It was a very bad experience and pumping does NOT fix it. My husband announced that he was taking a week off for the baby because he wants to roll over as much vacation/sick leave as possible so he can goof off in later years. He has 8 or 10 weeks vacation and 6 months saved sick leave. I put my foot down and told him 2 weeks min or I'd make his life a living hell for years. Most of the current advice revolves around having a 'birth plan.' Birth plans are just plain stupid. They are some fantasy wish list of all the comfort things you want in a perfect world and do not reflect what really happens. They leave no room to prepare for actual emergencies or real situations and whoever came up with them is the preggo equivalent of 'bridezilla.' My 'birth plan' is to have this baby in the safest way possible for me and her. I'm as educated as I can be on my options and we will roll with them situation changes. People need to stop telling me that writing down a list of demands about being hot/cold, getting shots, etc will make everything better. DD17 (hearing impaired, special needs), and DD12 (gifted classes) start school about 2 weeks before the baby comes. I'm 99% certain they will be doing online school or going 2x per week and I will have to drive them if they do go. Either way, that is a lot of physical and mental work right when the baby comes. MIL had a hissy fit to DH about why we don't talk to her or tell her things. I think she expects to be a part of this child's life while treating me and my other kids like crap. That is not going to happen and DH is stuck in the middle of it. Everyone keeps telling me how I am designed to have babies and everything is fine and will be fine. That is a huge lie, and given my history, hilarious. The current lack of maternity education, support, and care is real. It is a bad experience and no amount of platitudes are going to make reality warp into something different. The fact that I can get through something doesn't make it 1) good 2) right 3) negligible. I'm really glad that people know doulas and like them. I think that is great. I cannot have one at my hospital because i can only have 1 person and I'd rather have my husband there, I cannot afford one, and I'm having a planned C because of health issues. Paying a stranger thousands to say nice things to me over the phone is NOT going to happen and would be the cause of more anxiety not less. I am 62 days out from D-Day. DD17 was born two weeks farther along than I am today, so I'm planning for 'any day from basically now till then.' This COVID mess has brought out the absolute worst in people. They are nasty, smug, self-righteous, and downright hateful about what everyone else is allowed and not allowed to do. I did not want to leave my house before it started and I certainly do not want to leave it and deal with them now that they are super insane. Having this baby in the middle of my living room is starting to sound like a sane option.
  12. I'm really glad to hear about a deaf exemption anywhere. My DD17 is hearing impaired and it is very hard on her. This summer, she and her sister are sewing a lot of clear masks to hand out to teachers if school resumes next year. Reading lips isn't optional for her.
  13. I have felt like this for months and last night I dreamed about neighbors turning in suspected Jews in Nazi Germany. Everyone wants to blame everyone else and mandate what everyone else can do. "SHE shouldn't have been at X because Y...but I can go...." If you are that worried, wear a mask, stay home, and mace your family with chemicals as they enter the door. That being said, I'm doing my best to leave the house as little a possible...mostly because I don't like people and partially because I'd rather delay getting it until I'm not pregnant. I feel like this isn't going away ever and we will all get it eventually.
  14. You can also use shelf stable canned vienna sausages in most of those recipes.
  15. Amazon also gives you cash back if you have an Amazon CC. Basically you get bonus $ every time you use it and when you go to make a purchase, it says 'apply amazon credit' or something like that with an amount on the payment screen. It is definitely worth it if you order a lot of stuff.
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