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  1. Baby Food: Drain 1 can anything (commercial or home canned) and process with a stick blender. Heat and season or not as to baby's taste. Alternatively, scoop up any part of your dinner and stick blender it to consistency. Peaches blended and then mixed with a bit of applesauce are a current favorite. Pineapple blended with a bit of applesauce is awesome beside porridge. Carrots and lemon pepper Peas are great by themselves White Chili (used an Insta pot it pressure and slow cooks) 1 lb great northern or navy beans 1 lg onion diced 3 Bay leaf 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 T chicken bullion Minced garlic to taste (I used a heaping Tablespoon) 2 cans tinned chicken 2 c Monterrey jack cheese 2 c sour cream bacon bits or tvp *1/4 c Seasoning of choice I used a huge sprinkle of tropical sazon. Original recipe seasoning was (1 t cayenne, 2 t cumin, 2 t oregano, 2 t cilantro) Rinse and sort beans. Add to pressure cooker with 7 cups water, diced onion, bay leaves, and a sprinkle of sazon. Pressure cook 25m. After natural release, add remainder and slow cook on low for 4 hours. Serve with cornbread. Italian Beef 16 oz beef cut in 4 oz strips lemon pepper flour 1/2 c dehydrated bell pepper rehydrated 1 can mushrooms 1/4 c dehydrated onion rehydrated 1 can tomato paste 1 can diced tomato 1/4c tomato pesto 1/8 c basil pesto 1/4 c cooking wine 1 t celery seed 1t basil 2 T Worcestershire sauce Rub beef strips with lemon pepper and dredge in flour. Brown in oil to sear. Place in bottom of cassarole. Combine remainder and spoon over beef. Bake 350F 60m. Serve over rice or pasta. *To rehydrate dump items in a bowl of water while you do remainder and drain just before use. They can all be rehydrated together. It is a heavy flavor and makes a very tender beef. I used some I had frozen almost 2 years ago in the dish and it came out amazing.
  2. I always remember a line from the movie Bird on a Wire. "There's good money in tomatoes."
  3. I've done that, but it needs way more than a capful. I usually add about half a bottle or more of conditioner and let a few things soak.
  4. I made a lot of roasted and baked things last week because we love fall. It was mostly fancier dishes with fresh meat and vegetables. To get some balance I went full on use it up redneck over the weekend. I have a large decorative bowl full of unused restaurant condiments. I'm trying to convince everyone to use it up. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Pull 3 ciabatta rolls out of freezer. Butter, garlic powder, toaster. Pull out 3 breaded chicken patties. Open 1 leftover tub of Domino's Pizza buffalo sauce and dump half over chicken. microwave 90s. Flip, dump remaining sauce over. Microwave 90s + until done. Place a slice of Munster cheese on top of each chicken patty. Wash lettuce, slice tomato, and set out some ranch. Allow everyone to assemble their own sandwich. Banana Bread (husband and kid favorite) 2 small bananas that look way past ripe and are almost oozing when you start to peel 1 c sugar 1/4 c butter 1/2 c milk (made from powder) 1/2 c pecans 1 1/2 c flour 1 T baking powder 1/2 t salt 1 egg 1/2 t vanilla Cream sugar with butter and banana. Add remainder and mix. Bake in greased loaf pan 350F 60m. Turn out of pan and cool. Dulce De Leche Rice Krispie Treats Caramel part (dulce de leche) 2 cans sweetened condensed milk Remove wrapers from cans and place unopened cans in crockpot full of water. Submerge 1-2 inches. Bake low 12 hours or high 8 hours. Overnight is fine. Allow to cool before opening or make sure you open with a knife away from you, it will be boiling hot. Try not to 'taste' it. You will not be able to stop and will gain 20lb. I told my daughter that the caramel had failed and I'd just sacrifice myself and eat it so that it wasn't a waste. She didn't believe me. This is seriously the best way to make dulce de leche. Rice Krispie Part (you will need to make 2 layers so double it for this recipe.) 5c rice krispies (6 containers school serving rice krispie that has been in pantry way longer than it should) 7oz jar marshmallow creme/fluff 4 T butter Melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallow and stir until melted. Stir in a bit of the caramel. Dump into rice krispies and mix. Lightly press into greased 9x13 casserole dish. Spread top with remainder of can of dulce and a bit of the next can. Make a 2nd batch of rice krispies using the same method. Do not just make a big batch and divide. It doesn't turn out well. Lightly press 2nd batch on top of 1st with the caramel on top. Use any remaining caramel to either lightly ice top or drizzle decoratively. Chill 2h+ to set. It is fall and the baby likes all things pumpkin and squash. The Pumpkin Spice must flow! Pumpkin Yogurt Mix about half a container of yogurt (I used the oikos triple protein vanilla) with slightly more canned pumpkin and about a a fourth cup of applesauce. Mix thoroughly. Tastes almost like a pumpkin cheesecake. Baby approved! She got it on her nose and tried to lick her nose. Pumpkin Spice Cereal Mix up a bowl of mixed grain baby cereal (gerber.) Add in some canned pumpkin and a shake of pumpkin pie spice. Stir thoroughly. Yum! baby loves. Pumpkin Pancakes Make up your favorite pancake recipe. Use about half a can of pumpkin for every 2c flour in it. (I used a half a can got 15 pancakes) Sprinkle in a bit of pumpkin pie spice. Stir well and fry like normal. Serve to everyone, cut up little sticks or squares for baby. It was approved by ages 8months to 86 years.
  5. DH is going nutso about supply chain issues. On the one hand...yea? On the other hand....I'm still stocked from the last few scares. I mean STOCKED. So I did what any good wife would do. I compromised and we went did a big shopping trip last Friday. We hit up 3 stores with baby in tow and I really overdid it. I'm thankful that DD13 was home from school by the time we got back and she and DH unloaded the van. I got enough cheese to have a fondue river and ten tons of junk food that DH just had to have. As for me, I was already stocked so I just got a few steaks, some bacon, and lots and lots of breakfast sandwiches for the freezer. I mean lots. I'm sure the cashier thought I probably never cook. I got some odd looks. They are DH's weakness. He gets up at 4:15 and leaves before 5am, so he likes to just nuke a frozen sandwich. I've tried making homemade, but its really just cheaper to buy them. I get a few different types and the Tennessee Pride chicken ones are almost impossible to find for the last year and it is getting worse. I was unable to find any chicken biscuits of any type on this trip. I dumped them out of the original boxes into a freezer bin because the boxes take up triple the room the frozen biscuits do. We are overflowing on cardboard atm, so I got DH to make me some shelves with drawers to store baby stuff downstairs. I was having trouble finding certain things and I really don't need anything permanent or big. He used shipping tape, duct tape, and wood glue on old diaper and chip boxes along with some creative cutting. He did a really good job too. I want to reconfigure them a few times so I made him not attach them together. I had them stacked low and in the baby jail at first, but they were too much of a temptation to climb on so I moved them outside and stacked tall. I think they are going to work out pretty well.
  6. I read somewhere awhile back that a movement isn't started by a leader, but rather by a first follower. Where there is one, more follow. I think it was called First Follower Theory. It was really interesting. Basically, having a follower makes the leader no longer a single crazy idiot, but someone with influence and it snowballs from there.
  7. I have a pen fetish, not going to lie. They definitely sell refill cartridges for all types of pen. You can also buy refill cartridges that are basically a tube of ink that the end is like a toothpaste top and it bursts when it is put into the fountain pen. They even make refillable calligraphy pens. You can also still buy bottles of ink if you want to dip an old style one. Amazon.com : 30 PCS Jinhao Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Refill 6 Colors Set´╝ł Black, Blue, Apple Green, Purple, Red and Orange) International Standard Size 2.6mm bore diameter : Office Products Statistically, men are more likely to block print, women are more likely to use cursive, and you are more likely to use a mix as you get older. Graphology (study of handwriting) used to fascinate me. I'm extremely OCD (not a good thing) so I always have a lot of handwritten notes and lists as well as multiple paper planners. I can do Zaner Bloser, D'Nealian, and Spencerian. I find that quick notes to myself are mostly fast D'Nealian (or a Peterson derivative) cursive with a few mixed in print letters and that notes to proper places like the school are mostly proper D'Nealian cursive. When I write to my kids or husband or generic people I specifically use a very proper Zaner Blouser print because it is easily recognizable for everyone. They all tell me that it looks like a grade 2 teacher wrote them notes. I use the same style in my appointment/to do planner and the master calendar so everyone can see it quickly and clearly. DH writes in a print so small and blocky that I cannot read it at all. I have to rewrite it as he tells me what it says. I have never seen him write cursive other than his signature. I know he can read it but I'm actually uncertain if he can write it. DD24 has good handwriting mostly D'Nealian. DD18 is an amazing artist but her handwriting looks like a 5 year old was given mountain dew--she was never taught cursive in school and only knows what I taught her. When she feels like it, she can do amazing calligraphy. That is crazy to me. My brother is the same--his handwriting is trash but he can do amazing calligraphy to the point where he is the one that used to write names on the awards certificates for the school (back in the day they were written in not printed.) Same DD18 has a lot of trouble reading cursive. DD13 was taught cursive in school and can read it but not write it. Her handwriting is large and not uniform. DD1's idea of handwriting is to eat the pen. ^^ I blame DH. They did not get this from me.
  8. It will not let me post the link for some reason. I bought it off Amazon. It was only $200 when I bought it May 2020, but it is up to $240 now. They accidentally sent me 50lbs of king arthur bread flour, but when I contacted the seller he told me to keep the flour and sent me the milk I was supposed to get. It was worth the price to me because it was whole powdered milk, not the nonfat stuff you usually find.
  9. We have an Ikea Kallax 5x5 (the above cubes) and used it for DD18's clothes. She had trouble getting dresser drawers open and closed and the cube bins worked a lot better. She left it here when she moved out and now I'm storing yarn in the bottom cubes and using the top ones for books, etc. The Ikea one even fits my 12x12 scrapbooks which makes the inside size awesome. They come in all different sizes like 1x1, 1x3, 1x4, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5. I really love ours. KALLAX Shelf unit, white, 715/8x715/8" - IKEA
  10. Most of the dust comes from sharpening and banging against the case. Mechanical pencils yield almost no dust if used correctly and they come in many sizes. You can also get solid graphite pencils which are usually wrapped or just solid and do not have to be sharpened. They also make liquid graphite (been around since 1955) and wax based since about 2K years ago. The hilarious thing is that I hate pencils and much prefer pens while DH is an engineer and has every pencil known to man. ^^
  11. I had an argument with my husband this weekend about space travel. I was making fun of the US for the millions spent on a gravity proof pen while the Russians just used a pencil. DH adamantly defended the pen saying it was protocol, all documents had to be signed in black or blue ink and nothing could be erased. I said that spending that much on protocol NOT function was our problem. I told him that I'd rather have a redneck with me than a rocket scientist in an emergency and that we would never colonize space until we started focusing on cost effectiveness. The current privatized space tourism for the rich should actually give us a lot of data about what works and what is cost effective. It may actually go further towards us expanding past this planet. It was actually a heated argument that focused on space but was really about....protocol vs function and cost effectiveness. 20 years ago I was prepping so that I'd never have to do without and was worried about having the 3Bs (beans, bandages, bullets) because my biggest concern was doomsday. My ideas and needs have changed over the years with many different iterations of prepping. These days I think my biggest worry is economic and I know that going without is a minor inconvenience. I want my focus to be on using what I have and being comfortable with the time I have. The argument we had reflected my current mindset and focus on downsizing and completely rotating my stock down to zero. I want to prep, but I want fewer things to clean so I'm trying to rotate the entire household down to zero over the next 5 years. At that point, the teen will have graduated and the baby will be ready to start school. We can reevaluate where and what we want to do at that point. There are a few things I will need to keep buying (cheese, lettuce, etc.) but I have enough frozen and canned to last quite some time. I rearranged the pantry and can actually get rid of one of the shelving units since we have already been eating from there. Looking at what is left, I made a list of things I need to focus on eating: Things I have too much of: Flour Sugar Honey Powdered Milk Sweetened Condensed Milk and evaporated milk Canned Pie filling Canned Fruit Canned Meat Jelly Tea bags Misc Spices that I use rarely (I have every spice known to man including a half gallon of cinnamon and a lot of quarts of random) Things I wish I had more of: Pickles and pickled vegetables Teriyaki sauce Flavored vinegars Its no wonder that this list is where it is. I cannot eat carbs like I used to so I stopped making a lot of things. I'm going to focus on making meals with the above items and using the bits and bobs that seem to sit in my pantry. I made chicken cakes last night. I used the meat patty recipe, but tried adding a bit of flour and some grated gouda to get it more pancake like so the baby could eat it. I also fried it on a nonstick griddle. BLECH. next time just the breading and fried in more fat on the stove. Live and learn. I think I can save the extras by cubing it into chicken parm casserole with LOTS of marinara. I mixed leftover mashed potatoes with an egg, some flour and a bit of milk. I fried it as pancakes and cut into small cubes for the baby. HIT! I made a big pot of baked beans for dinner and everyone else served the baked beans over the potato pancakes. This morning I used a stick blender to puree leftover peaches and dumped it on baby's morning oatmeal. HIT! Since she is starting table foods, the stick blender is going to live on the counter for the next few months. I love that thing. This is the 4th kid and I wish I'd had it for the other 3. Cleaning a food processor to puree 4 peach slices is a huge hassle, but it takes 10 seconds to clean the stick in the sink. I also use it to make up half a gallon of powdered milk in a mason jar. I love those large 2qt jars I found! DD13 made a no bake chocolate cheesecake (milk used was made from powdered) then she made up whipped topping from instant powdered milk (I have multiple types of powdered milk) and layered it on top. She made everything by herself. The only thing I had to do was stop her from using regular sugar and give instruction on the difference in regular sugar and powdered sugar. I will say that I purchased Land O Lakes whole milk powder and it was definitely worth it. The consistency, fat content (richness) and taste is great. It is currently 25% more than I paid for it a year ago. It will not let me paste the link but it is on amazon currently for $240 for 55lb as Dry Whole Milk New Hawaiian roll recipe used up some canned pineapple juice and was husband approved 1/2c pineapple juice (room temp) 6 T brown sugar 1/2 c milk 4 T butter 2 eggs 1 tsp salt 4 c flour 2 1/4 tsp yeast Heat the butter and oil to a warm but not hot temp. *Microwaved in glass about 1m and stir to melt butter into milk. Add all to beadmaker in order listed. Dough cycle. Alternately---mix, knead and allow to rise. Once that is done in either method and dough has doubled in size, make 16 balls and place in greased dish and cover with dishtowel. Allow to rise in oven. (my house is cold. I turn on the oven to 180F, turn it off, then stick dough in to rise.) You can make an egg wash with 1 egg and 1T or water or not depending on how you want the rolls to color. I wanted buns, so I let them rise on a cookie sheet not touching with no wash. Once dough has doubled in size (30m--60m) bake 350F for 25m. Make sure to take bread out of oven while it preheats and put it back in once it has come to temp. It was an enormous raving hit with everyone. I used them as hamburger buns and dinner rolls. The milk was from shelf stable. I'm adding the original cooked meat patty here from another thread so everything is together: Cooked Meat patties (croquettes) 1 can cooked chicken (*12 oz) or any cooked meat 1 egg seasoning of choice 1/4 c breading of choice +extra for outside Mix all and roll in breading. Fry in butter or oil in skillet about 3-4m per side. Creole: paprika, garlic, crushed dill pickle potato chips Hawaiian: chopped spam, pineapple, brown sugar, cooked rice Vegetable Nuggets (spinach nuggets) 3 cans vegetable 2c breading 1c parmesan 4 eggs 1 stick butter 1/4c minced onion pepper and spice of choice Combine all and make nugget sized balls. Flatten and bake 350F for 20m until firm. Serve warm with sauce like marinara or ranch. I usually use spinach, stuffing mix, and nutmeg but any vegetable will do. This goes over very well for potlucks and large gatherings. The kids gobble them down. The recipe is easy to scale back if needed but I tend to make it when I need a lot. Bean Patties (I usually call it falafel but that is usually chickpeas) 2 cans drained beans or *3c cooked beans 1/2 c cooking liquid or water 1 1/2 c oats or other breading (oats are best) 1 clove garlic if beans are not already seasoned salt and pepper Mash beans and mix everything together. Shape into burger sized patties and bake on greased pan 350F 15m. Flip and cook another 15m. Notes: Seasoned beans work well. Chickpea is the usual suspect, but I've used leftover red beans and rice, black beans, navy beans, pretty much any. Seasoned beans are great. Sometimes I cook them 30m without flipping and they aren't as crispy but they are still very good.
  12. This week has been mostly assorted leftovers. Tuesday I made Curried Tomato Soup and Quesadillas again. I changed up the soup by adding a can of coconut milk as some of the liquid. Everything else was canned this time around. Quesadillas Mix cheese, can of chicken, can of mushrooms, bit of leftover grilled onion, and some honey mustard. Heat until cheese just starts to melt. Fill 6 10" tortillas with mixture. Sprinkle bacon bits on each. Fry 3m per side. Cut each into 3s and serve with sour cream or honey mustard. I have no measurements since I literally just dumped the ends of jars in a bowl. Yesterday, we had leftover soup and quesadillas. I dumped the soup into a pot and added a dash of heavy cream and about 1/4 c monetary jack cheese and milk to make it enough. Serving, I grated some aged gouda over it since we had some that needed to be used. I had exactly half the quesadillas left so perfect since I'm feeding 3 now. I put the triangles on a cookie sheet at 400F for 20m (no preheat). I had some leftover scallions from the previous day, so dumped them over everything to be fancy. I served it with a few slices of cheese. The kid ate all hers and half of my quesadillas. Husband had to toss some of his and my cheese back in the fridge. Leftovers stretch. The white triangles in a circle around the soup are just where i tore up my slice of smoked gouda and dropped it in the bowl.
  13. There is a difference in a port and a deep water port. Certain ships need deeper water than others and you can't really do that artificially without completely disrupting the ecosystem for thousands of miles and billions of dollars. The cranes and tugboats aren't really an issue. We have them all over here since we are the 6th busiest port in the US. The supertankers, post-panamax boats, and larger cargo ships all need deep water ports (over 40Ft for draft.) This isn't common and you can only build them in areas where the amount of dredge doesn't disrupt everything. Any bridges also need to be large enough to open or tall enough for them to go under. We have the M&M bridge and we also have underwater tunnels so the boats can go over the roads. Our port is roughly 50Ft and is considered pretty deep. The problem is less about port space and more about how they are implementing quarantine policy and routines. California only allows union members to work on certain ports and there is a labor shortage since they won't hire more people. I really don't think this is a port space issue at all.
  14. Tamale Casserole (kid favorite) pour 2 cans chili in a casserole dish. I used the no beans type but homemade or beans is fine. Open and unwrap 2 cans tamales and lay them on top of chili. Reserve liquid. Top with misc cheese mostly Mexican and Munster. Pour reserved tamale liquid over top Bake 350F 30-45m Mexican Corn (mmmm I'm having a bowl of this leftover for breakfast so good!) 1 can cream corn 1 cup frozen corn 4 slices bacon diced dehydrated onion 1/8c dehydrated bell pepper 1/8c dehydrated jalapenos pinch 2 splashes heavy cream to consistency Large sprinkle tropical sazon seasoning (its like a lime-y mexican) Dump all in pot and cook over med heat till bubbling then turn down to low and simmer for about 45m. I forgot last saturday. We had hash and pinwheels. Hash 2 cans corned beef hash 6 eggs Press hash into cast iorn skillet and make wells. Crack an egg into each well and bake 350F 45m Pinwheels Take 1 can crescent dough and unroll without making triangles. divide in half. spread leftover spinach artichoke dip on one half and leftover Mississippi sin dip on the other half. Roll up and cut each log into 8 pinwheels. Place cut side up on baking sheet and bake 350F 20m. Spinach artichoke dip Take leftover creamed spinach and mix with canned marinated artichoke and cream cheese in amounts desirable to how much creamed spinach you have. Serve with chips then use for whatever after leftover. I can cook fancy and I can cook redneck. It never ceases to amaze me that the redneck always gets better reviews.
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