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  1. My husband took me to a f/u appointment yesterday and everything is healing well. They took out the staples. Dr. said I could hold my baby seated now and pick her up by 2 weeks from now. My mom is going to stay until then and fly home. I am so grateful she is here doing all the housework and childcare. She is no spring chicken either in her 60s. I looked at the medical records where I went back to the ER. They put down everything BUT what I complained of when I went in.... low blood pressure in the 40s...and never did anything to even deal with that. I hate doctors. This has been a major SHTF scenario for us and I am glad that we were prepared for some of it and glad that we can see what to do differently in a similar event. DH seriously thought I was dead/dying at the ER and he was so lost about the day-to-day needs that all he could do was worry about how to get things done. I need to lay everything out more clearly in a format he can understand in case I am not around to do it.
  2. I was having problems with confusion, nausea, lack of apatite, fever, extremely low BP (dystolic 48 and dropping) and a few other issues. We were worried about complications, so went to the ER yesterday morning early. They admitted me and I got IV bags, IV antibiotics, and a few other things. They did not allow me to eat at all, so I went 48 hours without food until they released me this afternoon. They did go ahead and take my drain out so I'm just healing over now. I am so tired of the hospital and grateful that my mom is here to watch the baby. I'm glad that I have stock of everything on hand and didn't have to go shopping after this accident. We did order a rollator and shower chair from amazon to make my life easier. I checked and the rollator has gone up $15 just since I ordered it last week. Amazon.com: Drive Medical 10257BL-1 Four Wheel Walker Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support: Health & Personal Care Otherwise, I am happy with the current medical and personal supplies I have on hand. Wet wipes, dry shampoo, etc are lifesavers.
  3. The hospital had me on ativan after I woke up in a panic cuffed to the bed. I remember nothing from climbing up the ladder on Sunday until waking up Thursday morning. I only know what I am told about the time between. They finally stopped it and reversed it and I became alert and was able to go home. I am home since Friday night. My mom drove up and is here helping me with the baby while the older ones went to stay with their dad for the summer. I have multiple broken ribs, lacerations, bruises, a liver laceration with a drain in my liver and will need further surgery. I needed 5-6 units of blood. I am truly blessed and lucky to be alive. God is good.
  4. Still in the hospital waiting on the liver bleed to stop. They are giving me the good drugs. Kids dad is driving all the way up to get them today so I will have to give all the way back I 6 weeks. That is the older 2 gone. My mom is driving up from MS to help with the baby. She should be here tomorrow and will stay several weeks Hopefully I will be out of the hospital soon. I really did a number on myself. Knocked out, ambulance ride, ER surgery that lasted over6 hours. In a week now. Luckily I have good insurance.
  5. We ent swimming on Sunday. I slipped and fell exiting the pool. Contusion all over mface, laceration to my liver. Its no joke. Bre careful. Still at Norfolk Sentara gneral.
  6. AC helps, but there are people who live without it and ways around it. You have to dress for it. High humidity or low humidity also matters on how you choose to deal with it. Sleep during the afternoon in the shade. Use a lot of evaporative cooling, dress either in little for high humidity or layers for low humidity. Wrap around porches are more about shading the house than anything else and open opposite windows to allow any breeze to blow through the house.
  7. Dex told DD18 she could live with him about 10 days ago. She has been planning and happy ever since. Her Bday was Sunday. Dex called me up Sunday morning and said she could not live with him for reasons. He did not want to tell her on her birthday so i had to go around with the knowledge all day until he told her Monday night. She is going for the summer, but coming back. Now I have to figure out how we can live together and deal with all the rest of the issues that DD18 involves. On top of that, it is my child who is hurting because my ex said come live with me then turned around and said no. She has been throwing living with him in my face for a year. It is a huge blow to her. She has one more year of high school, is hearing impaired with ADHD and an executive functioning disorder. I'm hoping that enough of this sinks in for her to realize that we have to get along and be functional because there are no 'better options' for her out there.
  8. My grandfather used to pickle them. They were very sweet and you couldn't tell it was a pickle.
  9. Chaos and Drama strike again. DD17 (18 in a week and a half) had a hissy fit over my insistence that she would go to summer school if she flunked math (probable, will know by Wednesday.) There was a big argument with lots of yelling and she grabbed me, hit me in the arm, shoved me, tried to wrestle with me. When I went to call my husband to come home, she took my phone from me, grabbed my wrists, and physically fought my phone away from me. I have no idea why this happened as I have never been a physical person and this is not a usual family dynamic for us. Long story short, she is going to go live with her father in AR. We are trying to arrange dates and details. I have not told her that she is going yet as I am waiting to work out the bigger details first. My life has turned into an episode of springer.
  10. I've had them all my life. My earliest memory is being 2 and having a migraine. When I was in my teens/twenties I had them several times a week, but they got less after I had kids and got older. I still get them about once every month or two. No Rx helps and I've tried everything. OTC excedrine migraine works (offbrand works too). Seriously it is a lifesaver. I get head pain, aura, nausea, and severe sound and light sensitivity. I get stress, sinus, and eye strain headaches too, but they not even on the same scale as a migraine for me. Stupid, but HIGHLY effective migraine cure for the really bad ones is to run a hot bath and get in with a snorkel. Lay on back with face entirely submerged and snorkel sticking up. Have someone there to check you every bit to make sure you don't drown. There is something about the weight of the water on your face that makes you want to slit you wrists less and makes the pain dim to bearable levels. I usually take some pills then get in the water if it is a truly bad one.
  11. I have the kitchenaid pasta attachment for about 20 years now. Sometimes I run pie crust through it because I'm lazy and hate to roll things out. Thick doughs like for hand pies (sweet and savory) work ok too if you keep it on the thicker side for the first flat roll. It just has to be a not too sticky dough.
  12. DH said that gas is between 2.89 and 2.91 around us. 61-year-old woman reported missing under suspicious circumstances found dead; Chesapeake Police investigating as homicide (wtkr.com) Missing Chesapeake woman found dead; case being investigated as a homicide | WAVY.com My subdivision is quiet and over by the YMCA and bowling alley. They cut out some of the wooded lot between the YMCA and gas station in the last few months to put in apartments. (which we are all super unhappy about.) There is stall a small wooded lot behind the YMCA and adjacent to our subdivision and where the apartment construction is--that is where they found the body.
  13. DH has a sit/stand desk both at work and at home. He has bad hip problems and swears by them. We got the home one from Ikea. Its electric and has a button that makes the entire table top go up or down. I bought new bath linens online last year. I got the brand I liked in a color I wanted and replaced all the items in the master bath. I checked Amazon first, but ended up going with Walmart since they carried what I was looking for. DD17 is nothing but chaos and drama. I will survive this and she will survive this. One more year until she graduates. Its the sort of drama where you don't talk to your family for 30 years, so I'm a bit on edge and preoccupied lately. They found the body of a 61 year old woman in the wooded area at the front of my subdivision. We had helicopters and a billion police cars. Apparently she was from NY but living here for work temporarily. Her body was located literally 2 streets over less than half a mile from my house. We are freaking out.
  14. I know a guy in Equador who emigrated from Canada. He is an older guy in his 60s. He and his wife got a shot and most of the local ex-pat population where he is also did.
  15. It could be anything. You live not that far from me so I will share some of my local insight with my neighbors: We talk to one or two, but everyone can see us coming and going. So if we leave or rarely leave or start using wheelchairs or canes --everyone knows it. They do not have to actually talk to us to know what is going on because they can see it and we can see the same things about them. Its possible he stopped helping with trash cans because they had something going on, they didn't know about your issue, or the pandemic. Your husband passed and that would be known so he might be trying to help because that is a hard thing. It isn't unusual for women to shed lawn equipment, tools, or sell houses after such a big life change. He may be scoping out what he thinks may be coming on the market. The housing market here is INSANE. People are bidding 30% over asking because they are getting outbid on every house. 2 of our neighbors sold houses before ever even being officially listed. DH's coworkers can't find anywhere because they keep being outbid. We aren't looking to sell, but DH keeps comparing our house to all of our neighbors so he can think about current values. On the other hand he could be lonely or nefarious. who knows? On a side note.....if you are looking to make money off your house, I seriously doubt the market here will be this much in your favor for at least another 30-40 years. It is definitely a sellers market and I'm expecting things to plummet within 5 years. If and when you do choose to sell, the value is at an all time high. We refinanced and our house appraised for $90K more than what we bought it for in 2016. We had not done any improvements before it appraised although we did do a few after. We'd sell up, but DD17 needs to stay in this school district because of all her issues.
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