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  1. The old fashioned way to clean problematic areas without a bottle brush is to use rice. Add soap, water, and a small amount dry rice then shake, shake, shake until it is clean. I cooked too much and we had a nice Thanksgiving lunch. Leftovers for dinner and then we put the tree up and decorated it. I'll finish the rest of the winter decorations today. The isolation is wearing on DD17 and she got into it with everyone. Yea, teenagers. This too shall pass. DD12 asked me, 'are holidays always this stressful?' I said yes. My favorite holiday is groundhog day. There is a gi
  2. I once told my aunt that the ramp was for me not her. "I am just so out of shape I cannot help like I need to. I need this ramp for *me* so *I* can get things done right. Please help me with this. I know you need it too, but with both of us needing it, it just made so much sense." It worked and we got a ramp at her house.
  3. I used to work in insurance for a living and my mom did provider appeals for BCBS for a long time. I worked for a self insured, a high retention insured, and normal type insured. I can tell you hands down if they went self insured it is not better and they only went that way because they have some sort of exceptionally high claim rate that makes traditional insurance more expensive for them. When you see 'self insured' it either means the owner has control issues or they have severe claim issues and are trying to manipulate the business model from the inside. It NEVER works out that way,
  4. *Most 2 car garages are 20x20 so I'm comfortable with my 34ft clothesline which is front to back not 'all lines together.' I currently only have it extended a bit over half where it is. I can fit 2 king sheets and 3 pair of big men's pants per line with the current (half) extension. King blankets and quilts are heavy so I prefer to do only 1 blanket per line with lighter weight sheets or such on the rest of the line. The spacing is roughly the same as the old metal T bar clothesline I had at my previous house. The tension is not as tight as I might like, but so far it has not been an issu
  5. We have this clothesline Amazon.com: Household Essentials 17145-1 Retractable Clothesline 5-Line Dryer | Indoor or Outdoor Use | Hang Wet or Dry Laundry: Home & Kitchen It is mostly metal and retraceable. I have it attached to a fence and a tree in the back yard. I've had it about a year and am very happy with it.
  6. I have an old crop n style (scrapbook tote) that is basically a small square suitcase that rolls with a handle. I use it to carry things in from the car sometimes. It rolls up steps just fine without a ramp. A ramp would be nice, but it still works quite well with just steps. I use it like you would a furniture dolly when using it. If I don't have kids to haul everything back and forth, I use that. This is exactly what mine looks like down to the pixels, but I've had mine about 15 years and I think I paid $50 for it. I think most of the grocery carts are similar without th
  7. I had a Soap Opera Day and I never ever want to leave my house ever again. 430 get up with baby and get the ball rolling for the day. 730 get up kids and make sure DD17 has all hearing aid supplies. 8 feed baby, make sure DD17 has all hearing aid supplies, get DD17 and baby ready to leave 830 make sure DD17 has all hearing aid supplies (see a theme here?) 9 attempt to walk out door. Baby vomits all over carseat and outfit. DD17 clean carseat. I clean baby. 9:10 attempt to leave. van will not crank. Call husband frantically asking if emergency battery
  8. This weekend was very productive; we worked on several long running projects. DH fixed the broken jack on the RV and added an electric jack. He got the ball rolling on fixing the awning. We cleaned out 3 kitchen cabinets, cut shelf liner to fit and reorganized the storage containers and bakeware that was in them. The kids and I cleaned all the appliances on the long kitchen counter. We opened up all the windows to air out the house and vacuumed all the ducts with the shop vac to get rid of the dust. The cooking was hit and miss last week. I did manage to use up a LOT of lef
  9. Littlesister, When DD12 was 8 she had to have 6 teeth pulled (she had a double row of shark teeth) at once and they sent her to Dr. Jett over by the Little Caesars on Western Branch Blvd & Tyre Neck. He was very old fashioned and his practice was in a converted antique house. When DD17 had her wisdom teeth out they sent her to Dr. Szakaly in that blue complex at the corner of Western Branch Blvd and Taylor Road. If Midgette can't do what you need, maybe one of the others can.
  10. Littlesister, we go to Midgette Familly Dentistry. Four of us have cycled through in the last 3 months and they are mostly back to business as usual. We like them for everyone. I never have teeth issues, but DH has had to have several things done and likes them a lot. They are across from the small Food Lion at the corner of Taylor Road and 664 near the YMCA and bowling alley.
  11. We are doing just at home and I'm cooking as usual. My family lives 1200+ miles away and DH is mostly estranged from his family so it is just the angst ridden phone calls and cooking too much food. I said that I was skipping the big turkey this year for Thanksgiving and I've already got a turkey breast in the freezer to pull out. I usually make a big bird so we can do leftovers, but I'm tired of finding ways to use up the meat, so a small breast it is this year. Christmas we are ordering online which is usual for us since the girls are older and want mostly electronics and specific clothin
  12. I ruined a pot of soup last night and had to send DH out for chic-fil-a. The kids were happy but I was annoyed. Newer crockpots just cook way too hot. The baby is doing well but I am exhausted from the entire year. My household is slowly descending into chaos as I let things slide b/c I am too tired to care anymore.
  13. I have separate Verizon internet and phone plans and pay them online separately every month no issues. Try going here: https://secure.verizon.com/vzauth/UI/Login?goto=https://www.verizon.com/consumer/myverizon/router?Target=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.verizon.com%2Fhome%2F Then put in 'forgot info' and reset whatever password is there. It will go to whatever email or phone number it is connected to.
  14. I had a mandatory test when I had my baby last month. The hospital experience was horrible, but the covid test wasn't bad. It was a bit like having water up my nose while swimming. If you've ever used a neti pot, it felt about the same as when the water starts going back.
  15. That doesn't work very well with dried sharpie that has been there more than a day. I know b/c I have 'artist' kids and one of my relatives paints for a living. The best way to get it off almost anything is with alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, vodka, doesn't matter. Saturate the area with it and wipe it off onto a paper towel. Markers and paint come in two types--water soluble and alcohol based. Use water to remove or or bleed for artistic purposes on water based items like wet erase markers or water color pencils. Use alcohol to remove or bleed (think smeared backgrounds) alcoh
  16. It is nice to have a bit on hand if you are a big butter user. I keep several *cough dozen cough* pounds of the actual stuff in the freezer and one can of powder set back for emergencies. If you are just using it to cook, you can always use oil or crisco instead. The life expectancy for oil is much longer and I find it more useful in a shift scenario. If you just want to put it on carby items then I find that using a fruit jam or apple butter often eliminates the need for actual butter.
  17. I dug out my old tunic dress pattern with bloomers and hats. I still have some I made for the other girls and I need to dig through my fabric stash for some to make for River.
  18. My milk supply isn't keeping up with the baby and we are having to supplement with formula more and more. I got a free breast pump from the insurance and it came with a LOT of free freezer bags for breast milk. I can get 3 more sets of free bags at 90 day intervals.... Since my insurance isn't exactly cheap, it isn't exactly free so I'm definitely ordering my 'free' bags. They hold about 2 cups each and are just big enough for me to get my big canning funnel in the mouth. You can see where this is going... I had about 4lb of apples saved up from what the kids did not eat and didn't want
  19. jams and jammas is usually short for 'pajammas' or night clothing.
  20. If you decide to start doing clothing, baby and kids clothing is easier to make than adult clothing IMO. This is because they have fewer or no darts.
  21. I like to fill out things with interesting answers also. I get a LOT of junk mail for Ms. Nunja Bidnez. The AARP in particular sends her things weekly.
  22. A headwrap scarf is what I've always called them. Easier to find in the ethnic sections and I love them. I had some hair issues after my GI surgery a few years back and lived in them for quite some time.
  23. You can puree veggies into the sauce to help stuff a few in if needed. Fruits, peppers, tomatoes, and carrots are fairly easy to make into meat sauces that most people like.
  24. I'm tired and having a lot of pain in my incision site and I am super hormonal so I am not much fun for my family right now. The department of agriculture gave the schools a grant and food is free for all kids under 18 for breakfast and lunch through December if you go to the school each week to pick it up. DH goes on Mondays and Wednesdays and picks up 5 days worth of breakfast & lunch for the 2 school aged kids. It is overpackaged and they never eat all of it b/c they do not like it, etc. When we get the packets, I have them sort it into 'things we will eat' and 'things w
  25. I LOVE historical cooking. It is my main hobby. Not so much a scam, but the information is free and easy to find elsewhere. You could get the book to have the info all in one place, but I'd take the $37 and invest in some old cookbooks instead. The rest of the info is easy to find on the internet with a 2m search and I recognize almost everything he is advertising. I've eaten lot of bulgar--its an acquired taste and it needs refrigeration after cooking just like everything else--ie rice, wheat berries, etc. The bread with holes shown is hardtack. You c
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