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  1. I know it says you haven't visited here since October 16th but in case you do get this message I just wanted you to know that I am concerned you haven't been on.  Miss you and hoping you are doing well.  :hug3:

    1. Ambergris


      I actually am. :) I got a new assignment at work that is taking a lot more of my time, and election time always gets rather stressful for me on the board here.

  2. Happy birthday, DM4.  I hope your day is wonderful. :bdaycake::balloons:


    1. dogmom4


      Awww! Thank you!

  3. Just popping by to say Hi!

  4. Hello Mother! Miss you!

  5. Mother, hope to hear from you soon. Will be staying here until 11th of august.

    Hoping to drive back to the Lowlands by then.

    Big hugs ((())))

  6. I have been here but have no idea what half the buttons on Mrs. S DO LOL I'm not even sure what the "friends" list is????? But I am glad to have you post here (((Dawn)))

  7. Mother! I have missed you so!

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