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  1. I don’t know how accurately the numbers are being reported but it’s great to see them going down.  We are still seeing people coming down with it near us but overall numbers are lower.  

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  2. Ummm, I cover my computer camera lens too! :animal0017:.  I know Alexa, according to Amazon, really does randomly record very short bits of conversation.  And they have thousands of workers checking them supposedly to make Alexa better.  They SAY there is no way for them to connect it with a person or place!  I have the camera off unless one of the kids call on it.  But like the FitBit it has other features I like. DH uses it to find step by step recipes he can make.  We play music when in the kitchen too and use the timer.  But!  There is always that but.....

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  3. I hadn’t heard that about fitness trackers.  My DD has worn a FitBit for several years and recently got a new, and I might add expensive one.  She recently had a complete physical and they accepted her Fitbit’s heart rate and the BP matched closely.  She also had a home sleep test which almost exactly matched her fit bit one for that night.  

    I have had her old Fitbit for almost three weeks though it does not take BP.  The step count on it are way off for me but was close for her when she wore it.  It counts most of my hand movements as steps.  I have a-fib and a pacemaker and can see when my pulse is high or low.  I, too, have sleep issues and it really helps me see the pattern.  For instance even though I don’t have diabetes or sugar issues it showed me I sleep better if I have a natural carb like sweet potato or pumpkin in the evening.  

    As for it taking my contacts and etc. that may or may not be true.  :shrug:.  If it is true then perhaps the app that checks my pacemaker every three months could be doing the same? Not to mention the new iPad I just got. Even my yahoo mail and a dozen other systems have apps on my computer.   I’m sure the Alexa Echo I got for Christmas is listening in.  Kind of a scary world we live in now but I thoroughly enjoy my Face time conversations with my son and GD fro CA and VA.  And the Fitbit is giving me needed info about my health. 

    So, is there a way to block this and still use the app?  I understand that turning off the Mic on Alexa blocks any listening but also blocks any commands I might give it.  :scratchhead:

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  4. Very interesting article.  I did question the “at risk manufacturing” remarks though.  I thought I remembered a remark by then President Trump of the ‘funding’ the pharmacies were receiving to start manufacturing before approval. Did I also remember they could not be sued over the vaccine?  I highly doubt any big pharmacies would consider manufacturing any drug without a fairly certain knowledge that it would make them a profit .  They really are businesses despite what their ads would have you believe. Like oil and electric companies they need to keep their shareholders happy. 

    I’m not saying the article is wrong. It actually points more than once to the “funding” part of vaccine development.  Covid 19 has proven to be good for their businesses.  And look at all the free advertisement they’ve gotten from it!  Does that sound biased?  Not at all.  I am like MT3B in believing each has to decide.  I am pointing out the realities of big business, pharmacies or others.  Without profit they cannot stay in business. 

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  5. LS it’s possible he is just a lonely nosy old guy but....  have you looked to see if anything is missing after he was there today?  It’s possible he brought the car and parked it in the back then called you to the front door to keep you occupied while another person does the stealing. That is an old scam.  

    Is he and his wife still together?  Perhaps you could tell him you’d like him to bring his wife with him next time he comes as you feel uncomfortable with him being there by himself.  You might even offer to go to meet his wife of course using caution. I would be extremely nervous about him until you find out just what his intent really is.  Ask others in the neighborhood or go online and do a search on him either by name or address.  Might even check with the sex offender registration website. Lots of ways to find out about someone.  

    Stay safe, Little Sister. 

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  6. I believe that's why I should start having 'bridgeaphobia'!!!!!   I won't show my Daughter, she already has it.....  I've heard for years about the deplorable shape of our bridges this picture makes it all too real.  Thankfully the ones we use have or are being replaced.   

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  7. People are tired of lockdowns and mandates.  They are fed up with being told what to do or not do.  They want their “normal” lives back.  They need the economy opened. The numbers here in the US, which may or may not be correct, are down. We have quite a percentage of people vaccinated.  

    Despite all that I feel we may be doing what India did by opening too soon and too fast.  I pray I am wrong and Covid will soon be no worse than an annual cold/flu to deal with but I don’t see that happening any time soon.  :sigh:

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  8. In a quick online search it appears that the main vaccines used here were developed and are manufactured in various places and not just in the USA.  They ARE foreign made or at least might be.  hmmmmm  

  9. It appears that covid vaccines are coming out of the wood work with varying levels of efficacy.  So far only a few are allowed in the US.  How are they chosen and who chooses?  Are they only made in America ones?  It does appear that the whole pandemic has been mismanaged from the beginning, not just by our country but by the world at large.  

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  10. DGD in Virginia said one of their two gas stations ran out of gas and the other had long lines of cars yesterday but the lines thinned by last night and they were able to get gas.  Only a few cents higher so far. 

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