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  1. This is one of the celery I have growing.
  2. Mother

    Gardening Inside

    I'm not sure this picture will come through but this is my aquaponic system growth a couple weeks ago. It's a bit bare looking now though as I've moved or removed a few plants to replant it. The cucumber on the end is in an old Aerogarden.
  3. I re-grow all sorts of vegetables. I always have several celery ends growing in various stages. Some in the aquaponic system, some in soil, and some just in water on the kitchen window sill. Celery, given long enough will give slender stalks that are tender and crunchy. Cabbage will give you some nice greens but I've never had one re-head. Lettuce, fennel, bok choy, onions, and so many others will give you lovely greens. Some, especially those which aren't organic or sprayed, will just rot in the water but most will grow to a certain point. Many herbs, like basil and mint, will grow roots from a stalk. Add sprouts in a jar or a few microgreens in a small flat and you can have a wonderful inside garden.
  4. Annarchy, I wish I were close enough for you to visit but we are hours away from your route. Please, stay safe and stay out of crowded areas if possible. Of course, it goes without saying that you are prepared with winter gear in the car. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild. We have our 16th great grand coming any day now so I know the joys. Have a GREAT trip.
  5. Homey, perhaps they are telling us that Covid can be contracted through bullets???
  6. Ambergris and TheCG. Those are great reasons, thanks. Some of it I had thought of, like the obesity and nutrients, but not all and it starts to make sense when you put those pieces together. Perhaps we will all start to be more conscious of how we live and be able to get control of this virus through changed lifestyles but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  7. Dogmom4, I don't have an answer to your hypothetical question but perhaps Annarchy could tell us. But does it really make any difference if it is? This panic I feel here is not helping us any. Ask yourself these questions? ARE we planning on fighting the government? Are we lining up to do bodily harm to anyone? Are we really anything but what we've always been, people who are and always have been concerned about being prepared for any eventuality, no matter what that might be? We've had a lot of dissention in the past over politics but that is not who we are now. Individually we have opinions but we do not have to air them here. To me that is not who Mrs. S really is. She is a school. She is a comfort to those who are unsure what they need to do. She is a home for those of us who just want to take care of our families. I see no reason we can't continue to discuss reasons for and ways and means to do that. The government is concerned with the security of the country and we can all understand that. For years they have been asking us to be better prepared and they still have their website Ready.gov for ways to do that. It's true we carry our preps a bit further but we really ARE law abiding citizens (will at least I am ) who have come together to help each other make it through the tough times. We can still do that but we also need to face the fact that TEOTWAWKI is here. We are living it and it's time to live our preps. Now is not the time to panic. I am reminded of an old Native American story I was once told. It's about Rabbit. Rabbit is sometimes, according to legend, called the Fear Caller. He goes out and shouts, "Eagle, I am afraid of you." If Eagle doesn't hear him, Rabbit calls louder, "Eagle, stay away from me!" Eagle, now hearing Rabbit, comes and eats him. Rabbit medicine people are so afraid of tragedy, illness, disaster, and 'being taken', that they call those very fears to them. Instead of calling our fears to us (the PTB taking our safe place away from us) we'd be better off to go on quietly helping each other to be better prepared IF the Eagle comes. If the Eagle doesn't hear our fears he won't bother us. We could put our energy into gleaning what we can from this wonderfully informative site and putting that knowledge to work for us. We should continue to help each other, remembering to be thoughtful and respectful in our wording. If by some chance our wonderful safe haven of sanctity and education is closed down it won't be the end of the world, just the beginning of us using our preps as they were originally intended. We have always known that could be a possibility. IF the FB page is still up we can always meet there. If not, you need only to remember what you DID learn here and keep the faith.
  8. We have our own well with relatively clean safe water. We use electricity to run the current pump. However it is only 25 feet down to water and we have a small hand pump complete with pvc pipe already set up that we can install if needed. It would mean opening the well and taking the chance of ground water entering but we have a Berkey filter to help with sanitation. The well sits within ten feet of a door which would make it fairly easy (we are no longer young or strong) to pump and carry water. We do have several springs we could tap but they are at a distance from the house in a wooded hillside which would make them more dangerous to access. We have a very small pond that is not much closer and a deep unused water filled quarry a longer distance away. Despite all that we store water in plastic gallon jugs here and there around the house and refresh them often by using them routinely to water plants in the small green house, give water to the outside cats (we no longer have livestock), flush with, or whatever. I also have knowledge and experience (practice?) of how to find liquid in nature by various means but that would be a last resort as it expends a lot of energy to harvest enough. (Did you know that you can use the sun and a clear container to sanitize water? ) One last major prep we've been contemplating is a 220 generator to run our well pump or perhaps a solar well pump Then I might feel water secure. Maybe. It is one of the things you can't live without for any length of time.
  9. Yes, Jeepers, my posts too. It's easy to say what's on our minds when we feel safe and secure like we do here at Mrs. S. But we must be careful to keep the site safe and secure.
  10. Ambergris, I have been following the reports you so generously post for us I have gotten a lot of info out of them, more perhaps than some might, but one question continues to bothers me. We have almost consistently had the highest number of cases and perhaps even deaths depending on how they are listed? It doesn't appear that we are any more densely populated than other countries. If we go by the number of people from other countries coming to America to study medicine we should have the most advanced health education in the world. We are supposedly a nation of well educated, intelligent citizens. We are definitely not considered a 'third world' country. I can only ask why we have such high numbers?
  11. Nana has a lot of great practical info on natural antivirals (what to take and what not to take but remember it's an older post and there has been more research since then) and for setting up a sick room in this thread. It will pay to take time to read it through (or again as I did) in case the Covid comes to your house. It really does pay to be ready.
  12. Mother

    Gardening Inside

    The proverbial green thumb!!!! Unfortunately I can't figure out YET how to get my picts from my iPad to my desktop to post them. I will though. Soon!. Good Job Dee.
  13. Great suggestions, Euphrasyne, some I was going to make myself. In addition to those the type of flour can make a difference. Higher gluten flour will raise better. Also sometimes an extra rise helps make the bread less dense. The last few years I've had to deal with gluten free bread so am a bit rusty at making bread regular bread.
  14. Good morning Elfrie, Comfrey is a wonderful skin healer. Just remember not to use it on deeply infected wounds as it can heal the top layer fast and leave the infection to fester deeper in. I like to add chickweed and calendula along with the comfrey as they soothes and helps heal in other ways. You also might consider Mallow or Slippery Elm bark. Did you know that raw honey is a wonderful healing agent? It can be used as a salve on sores and wounds or you can add it to your salves. Using bees wax to solidify the salve is beneficial too. Honey also makes a great facial. I like to gently pat it onto my skin and continue very gently tapping it with my fingertips until it feels almost too sticky to tolerate and then rinse it gently off with cool water. It leaves the skin smooth and much less inflamed. Milk or cream, especially goat's milk, works similar to honey. It is especially good for healing burns. Any of the anti inflammatory herbs would be good for healing as well. Either used in the salve or in tea, tincture, or essential oil form. Healing from the inside out is almost essential if your skin is very sensitive. I've had good success with an AIP (Anti Inflammatory Protocol) diet. It not only removes those foods that can increase inflammation but it also acts as a rotation diet to find things your body might react to. Sometimes removing those foods allows your skin to be more tolerant to irritants and allergens. It's not something I advocate full time though as you need a variety of nutrients to be healthy and this diet can be lacking in some. Adding bone broth to your diet helps heal the skin. If made correctly it contains collagen and minerals that are needed to keep the skin healthy. I hope some of these things will help you. Good luck with your healing journey.
  15. Elfrie, Welcome to the boards. You appear to be on the right track with the comfrey but tomorrow I'll be back on to see if I have any more suggestions to offer.
  16. Little Sister. This is not about leaving or staying. This is about retaining the integrity of this board so that we can help ALL who feel the need to be prepared. You are intelligent and well read. You have knowledge and experiences we can all learn from and above all you know how important it is that we stand together in these chaotic times. Perhaps a moderator could move these controversial posts to the Edge or perhaps to one of the forums where we can talk about the End Times and the conversation can continue there.
  17. I am so saddened by these posts. It is true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am not refuting that but why is this content in the Within These Pages forum? I have seen first hand what the consequences of arguing politics on this web site can be. It is one of the reasons I've been gone from here. When I returned I was proud to find the restraint the members had exerted through these horrible times. I am saddened because this site has given us all a wonderful opportunity to help others be prepared, to teach preparedness for all types of disasters, to teach tolerance, and yes, even to help mend the country through our own interaction with others. This thread was a positive and helpful one. Now it has been somehow devalued. I am no longer a moderator here but I'm asking you as a long time member who really cares about Darlene and this site she has opened to us to please take these issues to the Edge where they might be more appropriate. Each of us can then choose to go there if we desire. Even then, I ask that you remember the dangers that might come from careless words even in the Edge. I care about you all.
  18. Please join me in wishing Dee a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the BEST year ever. Hugs, Dee.
  19. And there will be more!
  20. I love biscuits but have had a hen of a time making one gluten free that doesn't fall apart or taste odd. I have been using Pamela's bread mix and that's a passible substitute for anyone that's like me and missing them. But I can still taste good old fashioned baking powder biscuits in my mind.
  21. Thanks for the kind words Annarchy. I'm not sure if any solar system would be safe if it was hooked up and working. The batteries might be safe if they were put into a faraday cage but if there were any wires running in to or out of them they would probably be hit along with the wire coming into the house and the whole house system both electric and solar. I'm not even sure the solar panels themselves would be safe. Ours aren't grounded at this point but will be soon. I don't know if that would help any against an EMP though but it would against lightening. I believe your older wind up watch should be fine. I was told my pacemaker would be fine too but some of the older ones weren't. The pacemaker tech knew what it was but said she'd never been asked that question before OH the things we think to think about LOL.
  22. We live within an hour of several BIG cities so would also be facing refugees. We live back in a long lane but by no stretch of the imagination are we off the beaten path. In face we're within the very fields that might bring people in. It's a scary thought.
  23. Oh yes, Westie. Oh my. I'd like to see a whole area here just devoted to her info. And knowledge bank of Africa and the former USSR? That would also be a great volume to have.
  24. That is an excellent concept Homey. Thanks. I've used Dee's 'Misery is a Choice' for many years now as I encounter each new challenge in my life but I can see where adding a word that I dwell on daily would really help. Now, if I can just figure out what word is best instead of letting the world choose for me because I believe the word WAS Chaos this whole last year......
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