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  1. Homey, when DH and I listened to the book we both found a lot of thought provoking info. We've been preppers for decades and had even read the book before but that was when we weren't as old and fragile as we are now. What he said about the elderly was haunting and really made us think and change some plans. I will never think of a nursing home in the same way again. Just like now with the pandemic the residents are vulnerable in so many ways, dependent on others for their care. The book definitely gets deep into the reality of survival.
  2. I've always thought of my brain as a storage cabinet of information and when it gets too full it starts to jumble itself together until I do a bit of cleaning where I organize that somewhat boring info into entertaining novels leaving room for more tidbits of info to be tossed into the cabinet. I don't think I mind the editing so much when I do it for myself but I feel I might mind the enforced editing if I tried to publish. Jeepers, I realized early on in my years here at Mrs. S that we had a lot of creative members. Members who have a wealth of knowledge and skills in so many different areas. Not just writing or painting or drawing but organizational skills, cooking knowledge, plant and animal care, historical knowledge, survival skills, child care, kindness and helpfulness, and the list goes on. I've always been humbled by the talent, skills, and knowledge I found here and grateful for how freely everyone shares them. Thanks everyone.
  3. OH gosh, so many books, so little time. I want to remark on all your posts but I'm not sure where to start. OOTO, I have some of Eric Sloan books too. Love them. And the Little Britches series and Little House has been a staple at our house for decades. Our kids and some of the grands grew up on them. We helped homeschool our 18 year old grandson and I was fortunate enough to get to teach him history. We had a blast using some of those books to teach it. Much more fun than just dull school books. And Bess Streeter Aldrich is a favorite as well. I've read both of those books. May, in fact still have one of them. Jeepers, I haven't read the Two Old Women book but now I really want to. And now Angela's Ashes too. I love that you gave us a sort of book review so we can figure out if we would like it or not. Do more of that please. Euphrasyne, Alice Brochardt sounds like a writer I'd like. I've not read her before. I will be looking her up for sure. Homey, did you get through One Second After? What did you think of it? Ambergris, I'd love to see a few of your fairy drawings. I like fairies and also angels. I always want to draw but I believe you have to practice to get good at it and I only do it in streaks. I tend to do more scenery than anything else. I'd rather write and my mind is always running to characters and scenes when I'm not keeping it occupied otherwise. If I remember right, you are a writer yourself. You should resurrect your writing again. I believe you have a lot to add to the world with it. I'm sure I've missed saying something about a book that's mentioned here but I'm loving this whole thread. Okay on another note.....I used to be Mod at the Fireside and I'm hoping some of you will go down there and bring up some of your favorite stories there. If you haven't read them then I'd like to suggest you start as there's some REALLY good reads there. If any of you have read my Illinois story there and are interested I believe somewhere I have a very dusty sequel to it that I'd be willing to post. It would take some dusting off and some polish though. LOL. (((For those of you newbies or guest that might be reading here, the Fireside is a private forum that only members can access. That keeps our writing more within the family.)))) More book reviews please. Maybe if you have a special book you want to review you could put it in a separate thread under it's name and perhaps designated as a review so we can find it easier than sorting through our discussion. I'm loving this thread.
  4. Oh gosh, this thread has take a lot of twists and turns LOL. Now, I want you all to listen to me.... This year IS going to be better because we are going to MAKE it better. I know it's possible we'll be facing some tough times again this year but we've all learned a lot along the way. We know that being prepared might be a bit more difficult now but we also know how important it is to make sure we stay that way if possible. We CAN do this. I won't say together as I'm thoroughly sick of hearing that when we are so isolated and NOT together but we can do this. We just have to find creative ways to get through it. Speaking of creative!. You all have to speak for yourselves. Over the last ten years or so I've managed to finish six or eight novels. Come on, catch up here. Seriously, I have done a lot of writing. I just haven't been moved to try to publish anything yet. It's too much fun writing, the editing not so much LOL. (Ambergris, are you hiding your talent from us???? ) Anyway, This probably is a discussion for the book forums, where I'm headed now. Come on down and join us there. I'm pretty sure we'll find Dee hanging out there if we encourage her.
  5. Homey, I'm so glad you found the audio version of One Second After on You Tube. I read the books but DH and I found we really liked listening to it again. It reminds us what we might want to be prepared for. Besides, there's something decadent about letting someone else read to you. What about giving us a book review when you've finished it? Dee, I wasn't going to mention your writing so I'm glad you came out of the writing closet and I'm SURE we're going to have a best seller at some point. Of course, I believe that would mean one of us (me) would have to actually submit something. I'm sure there are other writer members out there and I believe it might be time for us to get the Fireside going again. Maybe some sequels to what is already written there?
  6. Dee, good morning, I have read the Red River of the North series and loved them. I also loved Jean Auel's books. The Mother Earth News, Countryside, Back Home and BackWoods Home were staples in our house for years. It was always a fight to see who would get to read them first. When TMEN changed hands it become more technical and we stopped getting it but I still have all my early copies of the magazine along with most of the others. They are stored in totes and I periodically get them out and am lost in them for weeks, dreaming of a time when I COULD do those things. Growing up our grandson poured over them with me. Someday they will probably go to him. My daughter is an avid book collector and reader as well. I believe it might be built into our DNA. LOL
  7. What a lovely discussion you have going here Dee. I love books. Have hundreds and over the years have had thousands on my shelves. Jeepers, I also have read and have studied pioneer novels and pioneer living. I taught it at our local museum for many years. I recently found an online book venue that I love. It's at http://www.novelfreereadonline.com It even has newer novels unlike the other read on line books libraries that only have books old enough to be free from their copyrights. Though I admit to reading hundreds of books at those sites as well. I love the older books. Ambergris. I have tried my hand at sketching and love it though my work is 'sketchy' at best I also do some watercolor painting and enjoy both. My favorite hobby is writing though. I wonder some times when I have time to do anything else !!!!!
  8. I did! I saw it leave. It's gone!!!!!! I even saw the new year come in with bright lights flashing. ...( It's true, the neighbors set off the most wonderful fireworks at midnight) This is what I posted on FB for my new years greetings. I believe it's appropriate here as well: Instead of fireworks and blings to catch your attention I've chosen as my New Years greeting to share a wonderful saying attributed to Brad Paisley. TOMORROW (TODAY) IS THE FIRST BLANK PAGE OF A 365 PAGE BOOK. WRITE A GOOD ONE. My wish for all my family and friends is for each of you to have a book like this. We all have it within us to write this book. Perhaps you could call it The 2021 Book of Positives. It doesn't have to be a huge book. Each page only needs to be big enough to hold the words that tell of the good things that happened that day and if you can't find any then make one happen. The page needs to be big enough to hold the gratitude you feel if even for the small things. It needs to hold the joy you experienced and it needs to hold the love you have, both received and given for both are healing. Just imagine if we'd started a 2020 Book of Positives. Bad things would have still happened but we would have been able to reread the positives we have trouble remembering. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. MAY YOUR NEW BOOK BE FILLED WITH HAPPINESS! I join Mt._Rider in for you all to have a blessed 2021.
  9. Hello Motherhen. It's nice to see you posting again. I'm hoping that more of our members will be back to help us figure out where we need to go from here. DH and I live in a county that has high numbers of cases and more so just recently. We have so far been free from the virus but many in our family have had it, some more severely than others. Please, stay safe. I'm looking forward to more of your posts.
  10. I haven't read "The Testing" but it does sound like something I'd like to. DH and I recently listened to the audio book of "One Second After" on You Tube and though I'd read the book years ago I got new thoughts from it that I hadn't had before. It IS good and well thought out. Has anyone else read it? I would be interested in some good book discussions. After all, how will we know if we want to read a book unless someone can recommend it?
  11. I can definitely see that some of you have given this some thought. A few years ago I wasn't thinking much about prepping because of my health. We were always prepped and we had enough food and supplies for a while but then my radar began to signal some problems coming along. I've always paid attention to it in the past but this time we were getting to the point with our age that I didn't want to think about it too much. When I woke up several nights in a row with very realistic dreams of what was coming I knew I had to listen to that radar. I did what I recommend all preppers, new or old, do. I sat down and did an assessment of the two of us. What were we really capable of? What did we need help with? What were our resources? And then I took stock of what we had, what still worked, what we didn't have or get done. Then I started making some lists. Can you tell I'm into organization? A short time later I came back to Mrs. S after being gone a long time. I'm not sure what I was looking for here though as I was already well into repairing our preps. Maybe just a like minded community. At first I was a bit disappointed. Not with any of you but with the seeming emptiness of the site. I soon realized that none of you had stayed young either Umm okay..... and that life has a way of getting IN the way for us all. But we've all felt the pinch of Covid and what Mt.R. posted here really bring home just how close the possibilities of really needing our preps have become. I know the original plan of this attack was to hit in 2024 unless Trump didn't get back in office and then it was to be sooner. Not getting into politics here but that tends to say that because he didn't get reelected this plan could easily be moved up a lot sooner. Especially because this one person was supposedly traveling to Colorado to meet more members..... As for hitting only one station, I can't believe that a Neo Nazi group that's been around for decades would be putting themselves at risk for just one. And if it was just one you can bet it was probably one that would make the biggest backlash that would take down a lot more. My FIL who worked most of his life for Com Ed told us thirty years ago or more that our power grid is a mass of interconnected transfer stations that are decades beyond their capacity as it is. Let one get hit and it will all fall like dominoes. All but the Texas power grid (it's grid is separate) is dependent on another to keep working. Transfer stations are just that, they transfer electricity from one area to another. If one area goes down and they need emergency power it comes from another area, leaving others short. And if they or any group is systematic (and I'm sure they are) they'd only have to hit nine strategic stations to start a cascade to take out most of the country. One of those is obviously in Colorado. Why else would they be targeting it? I am not afraid but I have enough healthy fear to make me want to make sure my preps are what we need. Fear mobilizes us or paralyzes us.
  12. I've been checking our county numbers periodically and the numbers have appeared to jump recently. Yet, thankfully, the hospital and death rates have dropped. More testing? Perhaps. I know a lot more people who have or have had it without the serious side affects including my DS who has very bad lungs to begin with. He's sure he had it early in the year before they started testing and though he hasn't been tested this time he's been around two people who DID test positive for it (one is in the hospital with it) and around no one else. He has all the same symptoms but the symptoms are similar to the flu. It's possible the people who tested positive could have had both??? and he just got the flu???? We can only hope. DH and I are still being extremely cautious. Stay well everyone.
  13. It's strange. We've talked about this very thing hundreds of times over the years. There is no end to the number of posts about living without electricity. We've played numerous scenarios to help us determine what we might need. There are some really great stories in the Fireside that talk about survival without electricity. We prep and prep for the possibility of having to live without electricity and still we get the feeling that we are inadequately prepared for it. Why? One thing that is often missing when we talk about or even think about Lights Out is our fear of it. We have been conditioned to give our needs over to electricity. Whether it be in the form of what we live with daily, which we can prep for more easily, or in the form of what's out there we depend on being there, like hospitals, EMT's, police, and fire departments which we can't prepare for easily if at all. Then there is the fear of how others will react to having no electricity, those who haven't given Lights Out a thought. What will they do? Will their fear or need get the best of them and they will do something irrational? Or what about those who use Lights Out as an opportunity to prey on others? Fear can cause us to feel inadequately prepared. Eventually in a long term Lights Out situation we'd adapt. Adaptability is what makes survival possible. Without it we would wallow in our fears until we became unable to function well. But what do we do with the fear in the meantime. Fear can paralyze us or it can motivate us. What is your fear factor and what do you do about it?
  14. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Have a wonderful and joy filled day.
  15. President Trump said much the same thing tonight, Jeepers. He wants a package that will "help the American people". He wants $2000 per person instead of the $600 that is in the bill. It should be interesting to see what happens.
  16. These are all such great replies. Considering we've never really had a whole nation put under Martial Law (at least to my knowledge) in this country it would be hard to know what we would be facing but I believe all these suggestions would be good any time. It wouldn't be as easy to GET prepared now with all the shortages but it's not impossible. There are some wonderful threads here on Mrs. S that can give ideas to help even those with low funds to get better prepared. (Check out Nana's posts for some of the stocking on a shoestring type threads) Ambergris, If you go by the shortages of canning jars and seeds, it appears a lot of people have turned to gardens and perhaps even truck gardens but it never hurts to mention it again just to keep people thinking ahead. I'd like to add a suggestion or two of my own to go along with that line. I know some of you don't have garden space or the ability or perhaps energy or time to garden and some of you, like us, face extreme weather during parts of the year. (Not to mention the possibility that you might want your 'garden' hidden from the public or 'whomever'.) While these suggestions won't bring in extra funds they will give you and your family fresh wholesome foods that you won't have to go out your door to produce. Container gardening inside is a good way to keep fresh foods on hand during severe weather (or perhaps when staying inside and hidden is the better part of valor) even if you do garden during the rest of the year. It's amazing what you can grow in front of a window or under a grow light. Fresh microgreens, grown in a simple flat with a small amount of soil are a wonderful addition to a meal and Sunnies (sunflower shoots) and pea shoots can't be beat for growth. If you can't do that then at least try some sprouts. They can be grown just in a jar on the kitchen sink. No lights or soil needed. Seeds are easy to store and offer a lot of food for the space they take up. The nice thing about them is that there is a huge selection of variety to keep from being boring and they only need soaking and then rinsing a few times a day to grow them. I buy my seed by the pound at The Sprout House or The sprout People online but Amazon and many other sellers have them as well. You can grow them from simple garden seeds if they are not coated with anything just make sure they are high germination ones. The seeds especially for sprouting are tested and give you more plant for your dollar. It's easy to come up with a quart of fresh green sprouts in four or five days and with several jars going in succession you always have salad or stir fry material. Some of the seeds or mixes are quite high in protein too. Of course there is always hydroponics or aquaponics. We have small systems of both and find them fairly productive but I feel the aquaponics, even without growing fish to eat, is the most self reliant system as we don't have to buy any additives for that like we do the hydro system other than fish food. Even that, depending on the type of fish you have can be home grown. You can get as simple or as complex as you want with both those systems. Some can be managed without electricity. On another note: We have been prepping for many many years so it's just a way of life for us. But we were fortunate enough to be able to finish the small simple 12 volt solar system in the house with the stimulus money we received. We debated long and hard as to what to use the money for but we'd had a similar system in our old house so we knew it would be an investment in future savings and comfort. Our system consists of two small three panel 45 watt Harbor Freight solar setups that at this point charge two deep cycle sealed batteries. We hope to add more batteries soon. We had gotten the solar panels a couple of years ago on sale and had already put in the wiring for the system when we remodeled but we were able to get the wall outlets and other components to finish it. We are still looking into a generator or solar pump that would run our well but this small system gives us a 12 volt wall outlet or two in each room and allows us lights and the ability to use our numerous 12 volt appliances. While not specific to Martial Law it's sure a good addition to our preps. It will allow us to continue using our aquaponic and hydroponic systems (via small 12 volt pumps) and give us light for them and throughout the rest of the house if we are without electricity for whatever reason. One bonus is that we can charge our phones and lap tops. Now who else has more suggestions. You all seem to be on a roll and these ideas will not only help us but the guests that I see are reading here every day. Hello Guests.
  17. I have a terrible time with my pad but then it's because it's OLD. Normally I can get anywhere with my desk top so I'm good. Still, my son sent me a link to a controversial subject and I couldn't access it on my pad after the first time. Got it on the desk though. Ambergris, those frogs, in MHO are almost red. And I agree about needing someone to come help if TSHTF. Thankfully we have family nearby and have already made plans to work together if needed. We each have our own specialty to offer. Considering that I have taught survival methods to hundreds of people over the years it's anyone's guess who will show up at my door. If they learned about me through my classes however they understand that IF they come they bring everything they need if possible including ammo and weapons and they come with the knowledge that they will work, hard. And that by asking for help they are agreeing to follow my lead. I pray it will never come to that though. Now back to the topic at hand.... If martial law is declared do you believe you are prepared for the fall-out from it? And, without giving out anything secret, how? Do you have suggestions for anyone who might be reading here that is new to it. Perhaps ways to do it on a shoestring budget?
  18. Ambergris, That all sounds pretty ominous but aren't these the things that we, here at Mrs. S and in the survival community at large, have been prepping for? Isn't this the SHTF scenario that we've always 'played' to be better prepared to handle? I wonder how many people have done this without believing it would actually come. Yet, when I read the list of things that might happen all I can think about is that it is already here. We already have many of those things going on around us now. They already can track us through our purchases and through our phones and smart devices. Certain activities, words or phrases we use online trigger an investigation. Many places won't take cash, coins are limited, flags are raised if we withdraw or spend more than normal. Fires and weather already limits our electricity in some parts of the country, rolling black outs controlled by the electric companies come and go. Because of lockdowns and illness people are out of work by the millions and are dependent on unemployment/government to survive. The food chain is shaky to say the least. Food is scarce and rationing of many foods and supplies is enforced in most stores. People are depending on food banks, churches, and government subsidies to feed themselves and their families. Our schools are shut down and small businesses are forced to close their doors permanently because the economy is tanking. (Yet through all this the Stock market is booming??? Does that make sense? But that is a topic for another thread elsewhere.) In MHO we are already living this SHTF scenario right now but it's come about so gradually and in a way that has felt so necessary that many people are not seeing it as such. Can it get worse? Of course it can but will it? And if it does what steps can we take now to be better prepared for the worst. Ambergris has given us some things we really need to think about. Are there other things we might expect if Martial Law is declared?
  19. The President has not said he would or even if he is thinking of it. It was, after all just a few people who were suggesting he do this. I believe martial law can be targeted for different circumstances. I was trying to find when the last time it was used and it seems it might have been after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during WW2. Still, this is the RURR forum so perhaps this would be a good time to talk about what could be expected under martial law in this particular circumstances? Is anyone preparing differently for martial law than for other situations? If so, how?
  20. It's nice to see both of you posting again. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts in the future.
  21. I know it says you haven't visited here since October 16th but in case you do get this message I just wanted you to know that I am concerned you haven't been on.  Miss you and hoping you are doing well.  :hug3:

    1. Ambergris


      I actually am. :) I got a new assignment at work that is taking a lot more of my time, and election time always gets rather stressful for me on the board here.

  22. I recently had two of my three RX's put on every three month refills and am ahead on one of them by almost six months, the other by four. One is still a month at a time but at least it's not a critical one like the other two. Thankfully I have a knowledge of herbal medicinal usage and keep a rotated supply of the herbal (and homeopathic) substitutes for all my (and DH's) med. I would not just stop one and start the other but would slowly transition to them if needed and have already made sure I would not have an adverse reaction to them if I did. It never hurts to have a back up plan. In the mean time I am trying to keep my lifestyle and diet healthy to minimize the need for the meds to begin with. With my health issues it's not easy and perhaps not even totally possible but it is part of my prepping plan. Like all other preps, it does no good to get/have/do them AFTER TSHTF. I know many people who depend totally on their meds to function, type one diabetics comes to mind as do some heart patients. Does anyone else have plans in place to eventually replace or reduce their dependence on meds?
  23. Illinois is having record high numbers too compared to what it had gone down to earlier. Some regions have been added back to the 'watch' list and the mask mandate is still in place all over the state. It isn't being enforced as far as I know but most people are following it and we still have rising numbers. I haven't left the house for weeks now though DH has. We are being cautious as neither of us want's to get it. Stay safe all.
  24. Annarchy, my iPad is OLD. Version 9.3.5. It can't even be updated further than that I understand so I'm not surprised it doesn't work well with the site. Still, it did fine before the update and I miss using it for Mrs. S. I use it far more than I use my desk top for almost everything. Eventually I will need to get a new version and probably relegate this one for use as a reader but it's like an old friend LOL. I really do appreciate all you do for the site. I wouldn't begin to know where to start with it. Thank you so much.
  25. Thanks for the chat box Annarchy. Still having problems with my iPad though. I still can't reply to any post with it and the chat box just keeps loading though I can do both of those things on my desk top, thankfully.
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