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  1. I read the info on companies being more prepared for a possible pandemic. I've talked to several small business owners in our local area and they all say they would have to close their doors if that happened but that it won't. No one I talked with even knew that the Federal Government even HAD a preparedness site. They remembered seeing some advertisement about it when the terrorist threats were high but that's all. I believe it's time for the Goverment to start spending some of our tax payer money on the info again.
  2. Nice to see some activity on this forum, Jo. I believe we are all waiting for the holidays to settle before getting back into a routine again. Have a great New Year's day.
  3. These are great Grubby. I know what we are going to be doing for New Years
  4. Thanks for the update Lois. The thought crosses my mind to wonder how soon the sick birds will turn up in North America and start infecting our poultry here. I would think that would be a much more likely first step here than the human to human contact just as it is in other countries. My son tells me that the people in Thailand do not seem unduly concerned about the avian flu and that no one he knows stockpiles anything, including him. It was one of the problems with the tsunami. Because of their way of eating they shop daily, or in the case of outlying areas forage daily, for fresh f
  5. I'm not sure about there being a gentle breed of pigs though other may have some experience with that. Most of them that we have had are pretty rambuntious just by their nature. Like most farm animals, pigs can be dangerous. We have raised orphaned or abandoned babies on a bottle and had them follow us around like a dog and we've had sale barn pigs who would do anything rather than follow you unless you have their food bucket. Pigs are extremely intellegent even though they don't seem to be that way if you have to try to load them or catch them. The problem with bottle feeding them an
  6. old carpeting - mulch in between rows of veggies in the garden and on paths. Liners for boots? Curtain rods - row markers in the garden Gloves - fill with rice and sew shut to make hot bags in the microwave or oven. Use the fingers, especially from vinyl or rubber ones, over a bottle as a make shift nipple for feeding baby animals. As a make shift shaker for dusting plants if they are porous enough. Doubled or trippled and tied over the hitch ball on the back of your vehicle to keep from wrecking your shins on it. It looks like you are waving to people behind you!
  7. I believe I remember the first Passport to Survival. I'm glad to know I can get an updated version now. As for canning without electricity, Peaceful, it's not all that difficult especially if you are water bath canning. Any heat source that keeps the water boiling the required amount of time is okay to use. When pressure canning you need a bit more even heat to be really successful and safe. I can (both waterbath and pressure) on a small two burner LP stove that IS an old canning stove. It belonged to my aunt years ago. I have also done both on a wood burning cook stove and have w
  8. I didn't even know there WAS a Christmas, Fl. Now that would be my kind of place to live. We do have a year round Christmas store near us but they rarely get anything new in until a couple of months before Christmas. Still, I love to go in the summer just to get my dose of Christmas mid year.
  9. Now THAT'S an interesting secret revealed.
  10. Hi Cat, this is my first visit here, just happened to pop into it and saw your post. I'm so sorry you are in such pain. I was in a wheel chair and electric scooter for over a year with back problems so I know what you are feeling. I found out by alternating heat and cold packs I would get some relief. Also, ginger, taken in tea form or in capsules or even just in foods, will relieve the inflamation. Big, (gentle)
  11. I've used paper towel or wrapping paper cardboard for holding extra extension cords and clothes lines. For storing rolled up pictures or more wrapping paper. For wrapping my spare bits of yarn around. I've filled them with a mixture of wax and sawdust and sawed them into fire starters. I've oiled the insides and used them for candle molds. They can be made into wonderful, if temporary toys for kids. I've made things like rollers on a shoebox buldozer, towers for castles, silos for barns, cut them into tiny cradles, made them insturments to blow on, swords from long ones, and they are grea
  12. Thanks for the info that I can get starter from Lehman's, Homey. I buy mine at a health food store about forty five minutes drive from me and they are often out of it when I want it. I'm not surprised that a customs official didn't know what a yogurt maker was but I had to laugh when I think of the strange look it must have gotten. I've made a lot of different types of cheese, even goats milk cheeses but never made fetta. Let me know how it turns out Brendaoz. When you do start making cheese, don't forget that you can use the whey to make ricotta cheese with. It doesn't give you a lot
  13. That's okay Westy, we all need reminders. The passing of an age has always been a time of upset for people, like the transition from horse to motor powered vehicle, but I'm not sure any age had as much impact on society as oil has. We marveled at celuloid a century ago and then lost the power to be amazed when plastic became a common household word. Now we wonder how we could ever live without it. I've complained at times in the past about it being almost indestructible and how it was filling our landfills. How I longed for biodegradable products in my militant, save the environment,
  14. am I the only one who loves Christmas decorations? I would leave mine up all year if it would be Christmas all year. I usually take them down after New Years but in the interest of remodeling, they came down yesterday
  15. I'm not too computer literate but I actually think I could do that.
  16. Gee thanks Westy,,,MORE things that are made from oil
  17. Mother

    Request your Sig here!

    (Mother shyly holds up her hand)
  18. You're on, Moonstar. I'll take the challenge. And I think I'll even somehow print mine with Mrs. Survival.com too so we can pass on the message.
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