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  1. People truly are guinea pigs it seems. But we have been for a long long time. This tells of some of them but there's more to be found if you search deep. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States Wiki might not be the most reliable source but it definitely gives one a place to start searching. One such 'study' I read about (not sure where now) was that 'they' sprayed a substance in the skies over CA, I believe it was in the 30's, and then required doctors to report certain 'symptoms' to the health department. It turns out the
  2. Very good vid MM. I, too, taught traditional food skills at one time in my life. We didn’t have You Tube then though. Come to think of it, we didn’t have much for internet.
  3. PatriciaY. Welcome to Mrs Survival. Nice to have you join in. This thread is 9 years old but it’s always nice to bump the older one up and revisit them. I’m sure there are many of us on here that have in the past or still can using older recipes. Perhaps some of them will chime in here. I go far enough back in canning that I have even water bathed low acid vegetables for hours to preserve them. I wouldn’t do that now unless there was a desperate situation. We don’t all of us necessarily believe everything the government recommends but we do try to encourage safety her
  4. I’m not sure that’s a apt statement. Perhaps they are divorcing specifically because he DID try to rule his family. Loving husbands do not rule their wives or their families. They partner lovingly with them.
  5. It doesn’t appear to be abating just changing from state to state and country to country. Is anyone seeing a specific pattern that might indicate if any particular action makes it worsen or lessen?
  6. I am so sorry to hear they are having to go through this. These decisions are often taken out of our hands by a loving Lord who knows what He is doing. Rehab might be paid for by Medicare for a short time but long term care is terribly expensive. Perhaps there is help through the state. I will continue to pray for them all.
  7. I happened on an interesting apocalyptic series by Susan Beth Pfeffer. They are for young adults but I am really enjoying them. I believe there are four of them but there might be more I haven't found yet. They were written in the late nineties. The premises of the books are that the moon has been hit by an asteroid and has been knocked closer to earth. That in turn causes a change in the tides which in turn causes earthquakes, tsunami's, volcano eruptions, and all sorts of other changes. The ash from the multitude of erupting volcanos covers the sun's light and nothing will grow. The firs
  8. I trust in my ability to read/learn from BOTH sides of an issue. Not just one and not just mine. There is really no way to win a debate unless you thoroughly understand your opponent’s viewpoint. Perhaps even argue it for them just to make sure I am not being so rigid I am losing my ability to make logical decisions. Then I prayerfully base my decision on what is right for me, in my circumstances.
  9. I am not one of those people but I know some who are. Those people are going to love the designation. Thanks!
  10. Jamesjohn, Welcome to Mrs. S. Nice to see you posting. I have a couple of older Moulinex hand cranked ice cream makers that I love. The pan has to be frozen ahead of time as well but I don't find it too difficult to find space for a couple of pans as Dh and I both love ice cream. I sometimes just stick some frozen item inside of them to make space. We try to eat healthy though and have found we can make a passable sherbet out of almost any soft fruit. Even canned applesauce will work. If we mix coconut milk (or cream or yogurt) with the fruit and perhaps a bit of honey if any sweetener i
  11. I ripen mine in a brown paper bag.
  12. Inflation has many causes. Here's a good article that explains the various types and who profits from it. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/111314/what-causes-inflation-and-does-anyone-gain-it.asp
  13. It's a PARTY! Have a great day MM.
  14. None available or is it that there's not one that will earn anyone enough money to make it worth their while to push it? I'm not saying this in a derogatory way but in a logical one. Corporations, and that includes pharmaceutical ones, are rarely a not for profit organization. They are in it to make money for their stockholders. Stockholders 'invest' in a company to bring them a return on their investment. The company, in turn, wants to keep their stockholders happy so they will not take their money out of the company and put it somewhere it WILL earn money. There are many types of inves
  15. I can't believe they are telling us here in the US we can gather outside as it's been shown the virus doesn't spread as much there as inside. Yet it seems when people gather outside there are still huge surges in infections. Humans are essentially herd animals and I can understand the need to be with others but it appears people all around the world have lost their common sense.
  16. Or if WE stop falling for it!
  17. Flights of fancy or paranoia? But if it's true is it really paranoia?
  18. It's all part of the Agenda 2021, (now expanded to 2030) program. Not sure why there is such a drastic push all of a sudden but I suspect that having Trump for four years may have thrown off their schedule. Or conversely he may have been part of the whole package. This is a long PDF but if you want to understand what's REALLY going on in the world you might want to take a look. Be sure to read it with all the 'pieces' we've been seeing in mind if you want to know where everything fits. It's all there. The Pandemic, Bill Gates owning a huge part of our agriculture land, the Dow skyrocketing
  19. I recognize the feeling the writer has allowed us to see. Because I am at risk I have been spending the last year or more hiding out from this unseen enemy that is Covid. Very few people, even on Mrs. S, have seen this virus in the same way as I have, as the SHTF we've been preparing for. I have and I've taken it seriously. I take it even more seriously now with the inconsistencies we have been given. We have been told to stay home, hide out, wear a mask and social distance no matter where we were. Then we are told get the vaccine, it will stop this virus. Then we were told the vaccine did
  20. OH Momo, I am so sad for you. I have no words to make it better but I do have Please come in any time you are up to it and let us help heal you with our love. You are a big part of Mrs. S and I miss you.
  21. Exactly, illegal. Guess they would have to be 'disposed' of then?
  22. I LOVE MY HAYBOX....Too. And mine doesn't have an hay either. Always fun to find someone with the same interests. Loved the suggestions and ideas. Thanks.
  23. Excellent post Kappy. More options for apartment homesteaders. Thank you so much for adding this to the info.
  24. Very true about the vitamin C, Ambergris. Thankfully they can get what they need in their fresh foods. I only fed vitamin C tablets a few times in the years we raised them and that was usually when we didn't have fresh veggies and fruit available for them. I never noticed that their backs broke easily though. I do know that they will only very rarely fall off a table if set on one unless spooked in some way. They seem to have a keen sense of 'place'. They keep very easily in just deep tray making a cage unnecessary. They definitely can be noisy. They make a sort of squeal or whistle espe
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