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  1. I do the same, Annarchy. Rereading it was the best thing I could have done to help me get some perspective on my prepping today.
  2. LETS PARTY!!!! I sincerely hope your day is a WONDERFUL one, filled with joy and laughter.
  3. Years ago (1996), when I first contracted Lyme Disease I had a test through both the doctor's office and our County Department of Health. The one from the doctor's office was positive, the one two days later was negative. When I questioned it I was told that the CDC had 'changed' the criteria allowed to diagnose because of the criteria for studies being done. Only certain ones were 'allowed' for the new studies. The county nurse told me I was still positive, just wouldn't be part of the new study????? Later, I had a test by Igenx Lab in Ca. which is considered the ultimate test for Lyme
  4. I am still praying for all those that were in the path.
  5. All that would certainly give one something to write about. I think I might go down to the Fireside Forum and do some cleaning , maybe start a in the fireplace. It might encourage a few writers and readers to stop in.
  6. Mother


    You know, if I were more suspicious or into conspiracy theories....... I might be tempted to wonder if they purposefully blocked the canal for 'other' reasons......
  7. It needs to be edited and then I'll consider it. So much has changed in the last 11 years I wonder how much knowledge we'd all have now compared to then. I know as I reread Wagon's Ho I thought of tons of things that I could/should have added.
  8. I read each post every day to my Mom and when there was anything involving her it was usually at her suggestion. I remember one day I was ready to make a post (which I also read to her before hand) and I'd come up with a couple different things for us to do on a nasty rainy cold day. She said, "I'll stay in the kitchen and make biscuits. It's too cold for me out there. You can go out and take care of the chores." Like me she had insomnia and sometimes she would call first thing in the morning with something she'd thought about adding or some comment on a post that she'd thought about in t
  9. Yes I joined in 2005. I was a moderator of the Pioneer Living forum and was one of the coordinator of the Wagon's Ho thread along with Mt_Rider and Michael of The Amishway Homesteaders. My Mom actually was 88 at that time and 'played along' with that thread. She loved it and was still thinking of things for and about it when she died at age 96 three years ago. My DH and three kids included in the story were consultants as well. They loved it. Our oldest son was in Thailand at the time and didn't get to 'ride along' LOL. Did you read my recent post 'Wagon's Ho Revisited'? I
  10. Life does change, Daylily, but IF we had to actually live that scenario we'd still be facing the same issues. We might have more choices of more modern, more light weight but sturdy items like Stainless Steel, but I believe we'd still be facing a lot of the same issues with isolation, transportation, food, and shelters. I'm just grateful that this was NOT one of Mt_Rider's Unreal scenes that turned into an actual one. Her's have a way of doing that, you know! Daylily, I am so disappointed that I couldn't interact with you on that thread. You were pretty brave to ta
  11. I've just spent the last couple of weeks re-reading all the wonderful posts in the Wagon's Ho adventure and have to say I had trouble putting it down. I wonder now what happened with the plane Annarchy found, and how the valley government worked out. I couldn't help but conjecture about the big military radio that Quilty's son Jerry had to keep up and running, and if anyone found signs of MT3B's hunters going out of the valley. Did Daylily have trouble with David's 'uncle' and how their family did with their various diet requirements. Did anyone find the trail signs going to the Valley after
  12. I sincerely hope your birthday is WONDERFUL. Have a great day.
  13. Jeepers, believe it or not, that screaming bark the fox make is the female letting the male know she's ready to mate. I always wondered if that was the equivalent of batting their eye lashes
  14. Mt_Rider, a muskrat smells, especially when breeding but not like a skunk. It has it's own unique smell but they don't often go far from their natural habitat. They especially like to stay near their den in winter. Most of the big cats do spray urine to mark their territories. Bob cats will but for some unknown reason the Mt. lion doesn't. It makes scrapes and urinates around them. Their urine though smells like a cat litter box and not skunk. Wolverine smell musky though so maybe that. Or a bear? Perhaps. A friend, years ago, had a bear as a pet. He wrestled it sometimes but it was
  15. Mt_Rider, could it have been a fox your dog was barking at? They have a very strong musky odor. At least they don't spray it at you or your dog
  16. 2/3 the same or higher, 1/3 falling infections. So what are those states doing or not doing that has them with lower rates? Perhaps we need to find out. Illinois is starting to open a little at a time with some schools beginning to open. Masks are still required in public places and at gatherings. I follow the county infection rate and some are a lot lower than others. Iowa just opened almost totally and parents are given choices about school. Masks are not mandated but individual cities or localities, stores, and businesses can still require them.
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