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  1. From us technologically challenged members
  2. We used to have cake and brownies, and lots of goodies too.
  3. Water..........This is one area where most preppers think of storing water or at the least making sure they have access to readily available water. Here's a challenge for you that goes beyond the hand pump in the back yard. My DGS (18 YO) is interested in anything survival; hunting, fishing, woods craft, camping (even winter or wilderness camping), primitive life, making and building things from scratch, being prepared, and so much more. Yesterday he spent some time traveling the routes he would most often take on his way home from places he would likely be if something happened
  4. Posted February 27, 2009 ยท IP There is a lot of information on getting prepared for a pandemic in the Flu forum. I've bumped some of it up recently. Unfortunately it might involve a lot more than just stocking up on meds. It's possible that we would have to isolate ourselves for months at a time, not leaving our homes, not receiving mail or other items into the homes unless they could first be assured they weren't carrying the disease, being cautious even of wild life surrounding us depending on the source. We might have to choose who or whether we allow a
  5. I'm not sure about gasoline but our LP went up 27 cents a gallon in just three weeks. We might consider filling some extra tanks.
  6. It's not about who is doing it, it's about what WE are going to do to be better ready for it? Through this whole last year I've watched chaos after chaos. I've watched as people filled the hospitals, and the store shelves emptied. I've tried to listened without judgement as people pointed fingers. Each time I stopped to ask myself, " Does it matter who? What does this mean for us, personally, and what can we do about it?" I want to change it. I want people to find peace with each other but I'm a realist and know it's going to take time for things to change, if they do. I know I am not g
  7. It is a tough time for everyone. It's actually says something wonderful about you, Ambergris, that you are able to do that tongue biting. It is NOT easy sometimes. We have no idea what is in our future though we can each conjecture. Some feel more strongly than others but I would bet if someone is a member of Mrs. S it's because they see a need to be prepared for an uncertain future, whatever they perceive that future to be. Like many of you here, I have been preparing for the worst for years. Many times I've been grateful for my preps: snow storms, financial situations, illnes
  8. Trump left peacefully. The inauguration was without event. That could be a good sign or it could be that there are a lot of seething tempers under the surface. These ARE the times I prep for. These and the winter storm that could hit us this weekend. It is not time to let down our guards. I continue to prep just like I always have.
  9. Well, um... I've seen a LOT of campers and ummm vehicles but not one like that. How ummmm interesting?
  10. I love my cast iron cookware. I have dozens of them in different sizes including waffle makers and griddles. I usually use the griddles on our gas stove top but I do use the smaller griddles on my glass top electric stove, being careful not to move them around a lot of course so they don't scratch. I have made hundreds of pancakes, not to mention eggs, bacon, burgers, and etc, over an open fire with my bigger griddles and pans when feeding crowds of people. I love cooking over an open fire and have made anything that can be baked in an oven or stove top but when I'm wanting to put things
  11. Thank you, all of you. I DID have a very nice birthday. Phone calls, Echo show ones, and visitors that stayed their distance. It made the isolation fade.
  12. Homey, I love kitchen 'gadgets' and I would LOVE to see them as gifts. And I DID get excited at Christmas time because the grandson got me two antique canning jars as a gift. They were the kind with bail top glass lids. I'd recently broken a couple that I use for storage and it really was a thoughtful gift. I have rubber rings for them and could use them for canning if I wanted. LOL
  13. The covid is a virus and a lot of viruses (and bacteria) have that effect on the body months/years after having the disease. I believe the 'long covid' cases are part and parcel of the same thing. I have experienced it first hand. I had Lyme disease in the late nineties and have had health problems since that my doctors directly attribute to it. As for cities wanting to open up, I can understand that, especially the bigger ones with winter weather. They are crowded with people that makes them vulnerable to the virus. And with the lockdowns going on month after month they have
  14. The guys here have teased me about putting bigger tires on the electric scooter I use outside and 'souping up' the motor. I'm beginning to believe it might be a good idea.
  15. I figured I'd take a pattern from my old ones if I needed to make some but I better get some cotton material on hand so I can. Thanks for the heads up. I have some wide elastic on hand but I wonder how much of the narrow will be available with all the mask making. I wonder if old T-shirts would work for a more stretchy type of undies.
  16. Mother

    Gardening Inside

    I use both for inside growing. I have also heard that you can use an electric tooth brush and just touch the stem with it near the flower but haven't tried that. The small artist brush is time consuming but worth it. Only flowering plants that you want to produce fruit needs hand pollinating and sometimes they will do fine with just a bit of movement every day depending on what they are and what variety. There are varieties specifically meant for greenhouse production but they are expensive and I haven't found them to be much better in production. I do use a lot of patio versions for insi
  17. I'm really bumping this whole forum to the front because it has a lot more to offer than just another diet. It's a different way to look at our food and how we not only prepare it but how to store and preserve it. And it might be the very thing we need to give us a different perspective on our lifestyles. I started using some of the alternative ways to store foods almost 60 years ago; fermenting, dehydrating, root cellaring, making dairy products, processing our own meat, canning, and more. Some of the old ways I learned from my Mom and my Grandma. Some of them, however, I lear
  18. This is one of the celery I have growing.
  19. Mother

    Gardening Inside

    I'm not sure this picture will come through but this is my aquaponic system growth a couple weeks ago. It's a bit bare looking now though as I've moved or removed a few plants to replant it. The cucumber on the end is in an old Aerogarden.
  20. I re-grow all sorts of vegetables. I always have several celery ends growing in various stages. Some in the aquaponic system, some in soil, and some just in water on the kitchen window sill. Celery, given long enough will give slender stalks that are tender and crunchy. Cabbage will give you some nice greens but I've never had one re-head. Lettuce, fennel, bok choy, onions, and so many others will give you lovely greens. Some, especially those which aren't organic or sprayed, will just rot in the water but most will grow to a certain point. Many herbs, like basil and mint, will grow roots
  21. Annarchy, I wish I were close enough for you to visit but we are hours away from your route. Please, stay safe and stay out of crowded areas if possible. Of course, it goes without saying that you are prepared with winter gear in the car. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild. We have our 16th great grand coming any day now so I know the joys. Have a GREAT trip.
  22. Homey, perhaps they are telling us that Covid can be contracted through bullets???
  23. Ambergris and TheCG. Those are great reasons, thanks. Some of it I had thought of, like the obesity and nutrients, but not all and it starts to make sense when you put those pieces together. Perhaps we will all start to be more conscious of how we live and be able to get control of this virus through changed lifestyles but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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