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  1. Ambergris, thank you so much for your continued updates. I'm not sure how you always manage to pull all this information together for us but I am grateful that you can. Being able to look at this from a world wide view will give us all a chance to see the bigger picture and perhaps make better informed decisions for ourselves and our families. Jeepers, I'm wondering if perhaps the florist shops are opened because they are lumped together with nurseries and greenhouses and the governments believe people are going to need to garden because of the worsening economy. And the book
  2. I love the new upholstery, Anarchy. You have been busy for sure. I was wondering about using your green tomatoes to make Green tomato pie. It really is almost like apple pie. Stay safe on your trip. Hugs all.
  3. Jeepers, just the black pepper alone acts as a carrier and it doesn't take a lot to do it. I make a turmeric drink with coconut milk and use black pepper and a little nutmeg in it. You really don't notice the pepper.
  4. Turmeric is a great herb for inflammation but like most anti-inflammatories (ginger, garlic, aspirin, aleve, etc) it is also a blood thinner. Good to know if we are ever in a SHTF situation and can't get warfarin or whatever blood thinner a person is on but it also is hard to control the dosage. And as Ambergris said a few years back on this thread, it is more bioavailable if taken with pepper.
  5. You are NOT a hot mess, Jeepers. You are a person who's taking time to think through the move. I have every faith in you. You will make it in our own good time. When it's right for you.
  6. Euphrasyne, do you know if these strict mandates are having an impact on the virus numbers? Do they have less covid there than elsewhere?
  7. I might be in trouble. More reason to stick closer to my eating plan....
  8. Thanks for the info Mt.R. but I'm not sure I needed the addition by Homey. Gulp. So, if I'm getting this right most of our cans are coated inside with this 'resin' stuff and it's not the natural kind of resin. I wonder if it could possible leach into foods and if it would be good for us if it did? But I'm also wondering what they will use if they can't GET the components to make that 'resin'? It's interesting to realize just how dependent on oil we all are.
  9. Jeepers. I don't have that one but it does look like a good one IF I could get my kindle to work again. I did keep my older Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology text books from my wholistic health course. These books make great additions to preps. And free is even better..
  10. Hmm, I thought Resin was made from the sap of trees not petroleum? I realize they are talking about buckets and such but. Just seemed a strange thing to call plastic. I have lots of buckets but they are all old and a bit brittle. Guess I need to think about a visit to our local bakery and see if I can buy some used ones.
  11. I agree Jeepers, it's only the first week in March and already 2021 appears to be another challenging year. But we're up to it, right? After all, we survived 2020. Right? Mother (Going to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over her head)
  12. I know people are tired of being locked down and TOLD what to do. And there's something about spring coming that makes people want to get out and DO things. I can understand that totally. There are a lot of reasons I can think of for the PTB to be backing off on 'mandates'. I just hope people are also responsible enough to realize it's still out there and some of us are more at risk than others and could still use their help at avoiding it. On a side note, in looking up the numbers from the 1918 pandemic it appears (according to the CDC) it's numbers were still much worse tha
  13. A little vitamin D info from one who's been there and done that for years. I have extremely low Vitamin D. (9 with normal being 30-100) I found out through testing at least 20 years ago. About five years ago my doctor had me get genetic testing. He was looking for genetic reasons for my adverse reactions to so many medicines and it seems that can be genetic. That test gave us lots of answers. It also found I had faulty VDR genes (Vitamin D Receptor genes). Taking vitamin D supplements are difficult for me as one is made from mushrooms and the other type from lanolin, bot
  14. I hope your day is filled with wonder and joy.
  15. I'm always interested in historic info like this but I absolutely love Euphrasyne's story of faith. I believe I will hang an antique umbrella near my desk so each day I have to remember to have faith with prayers.
  16. $2.69 here in Illinois too.
  17. We had a family milk cow for many years a lot of years ago. One bit of advise I can offer is to make sure you get one that has been hand milked before and is used to being led and handled. In other words, tame. Especially if you are new to milking. Also, with any milk animal, ask to be able to taste the milk before buying and how much milk the animal gives. You might ask yourself just how much milk you want or need and what you are planning to do with the excess. Believe me with a cow there WILL be excess unless you have a huge family. Our cow could give us five gallon or more a day on a
  18. MM, I often dry the zest for later use if the product is organic. It can be rehydrated by soaking and it is great just dropped into a cup or pot of tea. I've even powdered it to use it as a sort of instant flavoring. It takes very little and remember it is ZEST which means it's going to be a bit different in taste. As an aside, I also dehydrate apple peels. When they are leathery dry I put them on a cookie sheet and roast them in the oven to a deep brown color. Once roasted I store them in air tight containers and use them to make a wonderful Roasted Apple Peel Tea. It take
  19. Are they just doing checks on hospitalized cases and not all cases? It would make sense that those who were hospitalized would be more ill. Isn't mutation to be expected with viruses? It always seems the regular flu has so many variants that it's hard for the manufacturers of vaccines to figure out which one will be more prevalent in any given year so they can match their vaccine to as many as possible. I'm not saying that a nasty 'mutant ninja virus' is what anyone wants to deal with and I'm glad they are trying to keep up on the latest mutation but I also don't believe it's
  20. The CG. I have family in Texas and they have said the same thing about no one there being prepared for winter conditions. With all the fuel around them they had a false sense of security. The cascade effect of the cold weather on their warm weather lifestyle was something they never thought to see. It was the same here in the Midwest when the derecho hit last year. Even though Midwesterners are fairly used to power outages few people were prepared for the devastation that storm left in it's tracks nor the length of time it took for power to be restored in some places. The que
  21. Ambergris, thank you for the information. It explains some of the things I'd been seeing happening. Homey, that is encouraging news. I would embrace wholeheartedly the ability to be out and among family and friends freely again. Still, I've learned over the years not to believe everything I read or hear. I, for one, will continue to be cautious.
  22. Solar electric has come a long way in the last few years. To be effective in winter or cloudy climates, like Jeepers said, it does need to have battery back up to be useful in off sun hours. The newer system, such as whole roof ones are capable of producing electricity even through snow, dirt, and etc. Commercial systems, like Euphraysne says, usually work with an inverter to convert the DC current to AC current. It is hooked directly into the house electrical system. It must be sized correctly for the amount of electricity you use. It is true that extra electricity it generates can be
  23. It appears that MM was hacked as well as Darlene. Do not open any private messages with attachments from her. It's not bad enough that we have Covid, our computers are having their own brand of viruses.
  24. That has always been the emoji that has signified 'gut feeling' to me. It's a feeling that I have to look around inside my mind and pay attention to the wisdom I find there. Or to take a closer look at things happening around us, perhaps hidden things. This skill should be part of our preps. It's a prep you can't buy but you can develop.
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