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  1. Lately I have been looking at ways to make my small house block work for me. I know I have too small an area to be self sufficient, but I am researching what else I can add to make it better. So many of the sites I find offer you a tidbit of free advice and then flood you with offers of half price tutorials for basic things like growing a garden, keeping chickens, growing enough for a family, canning and so much more. Some of these courses are US$90 at half price. What is wrong with todays world that they want to charge you more than a self help book would cost? But ….. it made me so grateful that I found Mrs S so long ago, that I have learnt the basics of being prepared, of canning etc. I am sad that I have been caught out - finances have not been great the last couple of years so the ability to put away for a rainy day just hasn't been there. However my pantry is good, if I cant shop and get what I normally do then most things I can make. this summer the harvest simply wasn't - potatoes were the only things that grew, but I still have many jars of tomato bases and chutneys and sauces from the prior summer. So thank you to all of you who have shared freely from your hearts and your experience. I can weather this season and I will get through the to the other side a better prepper!
  2. Hi Pixie! I have been MIA for a while too
  3. My girls are doing great. Eldest DD is living here with me, she has been a marvellous support, 2nd DD is living north Queensland, married one lovely little miracle baby boy, just gone back to work in the homeless shelter as a team leader, 3rd DD is married and 3 littlies and living in New South Wales and 4th DD is single working as manager of a toy shop and studying to be a school teacher. Her boyfriend has cancer so don't know how long he has - he is not well at all. so they are well spread out
  4. Thank you all so much. We have got this far by Grace, and grace will see us continue in our new normal life. We were able to be together in Brisbane as a family, a lovely lady gave us her house for the time we needed to be together, the chapel was provided and everything went smoothly. On the Saturday we had a private internment of ashes at David's parents gravesite, followed by an extended family day at the beach. On the Sunday my girls and I went back to the beach they grew up at, and had a small family day to celebrate my 60th. Now we are home, we have had the local memorial service and will start working out how to do life without him. Fortunately I have the next 4 weeks off. thanks again for your support - it means a lot to me.
  5. It was 9 years ago, we found out David had cancer, and you were all there for me, I know that many of you have continued to pray for us as we walked this journey. Tonight David passed away in my arms. It was peaceful and thanks to the wonders of lots of drugs relatively pain free. Thank you for your support your prayers and for just being there when I needed to vent to someone other than people in close proximity. We have opted for a private cremation which will be either Monday afternoon or Tuesday, then a memorial service in Australia later in the week. When we get home there will be a second memorial service here in New Zealand. so the next 2 weeks will be hard. Thanks once again for being my rock.
  6. thanks for all your thoughts prayers and love. we are getting more in touch with what is happening or could be happening. At the moment we are looking forward to the girls all visiting. The first ones arrive next week, the last ones leave late October. We are really blessed as he is still doing most things - like mowing the lawn! and then something might have lose his breath, like standing in church! There is no knowing when he will have energy or not and he just keeps on doing what he can. The church had a working bee, and got rid of all the rubbish, dug out ugly useless poles and stumps, removed the old wood stove (it didn't work) mowed the lawn and left us with a manageable yard. This means that we can manage the rest of what is needed in the garden. And we are slowly getting the house to the point it is manageable until such time we do the renos. My biggest jobs were that I wanted the bathroom and kitchen to be looking fresh and to be able to clean easily. I am not worried about the age of them! So a plumber in about 10 days to sort out the bathroom, and the kitchen needs a coat of paint. then both rooms will get new vinyl flooring. Work has started again, and while I didn't get any sewing done, I feel that I have gone back to work fresher than last year and with strategies to keep a good work life balance. love you all - so many times your prayers and thoughts are just at the right time and when I need them. Sue
  7. I finally have my down time, this year has been incredibly hard as I worked most days, evenings and weekends just to make a living wage. The good news in our family is that DD2 is expecting a baby boy in December. Many of you prayed for her when she had fibroid surgery. This is a miracle for her, as the surgeon nearly removed her uterus during that surgery. It is a high risk pregnancy due to the earlier surgery and we expect that she will have a caesarean earlier than the due date. The bad news is that DH has been told that there are no further treatments to help him and that the cancer is progressing. So the known tumours are growing again, a new tumour behind a rib has pushed through and is quite large quite quickly and the left lung which previously had no cancer now has several cancer lesions. To top a horrible visit to oncology they told us that the girls February visit should happen in the next 1 - 2 months and that his care would now be with hospice and that we should accept a hospital bed from them as soon as he needs it. I had been planning to buy an electrical bed in the new year so that our home stayed as a home and did not turn into a hospital. While this is something we are slowly coming to terms with, we are struggling because he is still doing really well. It is a really difficult time for our youngest daughter as her boyfriend is now under palliative care for cancer. While this has been a long time coming, it still is a struggle, but then we realise that he has already defied the doctors several times and maybe it will be the same this time. so how do we deal with it? We believe that God numbers our days, and that science, disease and doctors do not give us that number. If this is his time then we will deal with it, but in the mean time as we have been saying since March 2009 - we are too busy living to have time to think about dying! The positive side is that the church is going to come and see what they can do to help do some of the small jobs around the place.
  8. I just saw this, we will be praying too. We have had good results in that the treatment DH is on has not blasted him with side effects - except for one his is changing colour. But the good news is the cancers in his lung are shrinking. If you need to chat feel free to contact me - we are travelling a similar path but just a little ahead of you.
  9. We are ok - we live at the bottom of the South Island so long way from the quake zone. Actually it was a big reason we came here as the damaging quakes are all higher up the island. All our family and friends are ok too. There were 2 deaths - one a possible heart attack, the other was in a house that collapsed. Still more rumbles today and probably for a long time. Also the main road and railway infrastructure has been badly damaged so movement of people or goods is a mess. There is an inter island ferry - and one of the docks has fallen away so another major transport route that is out of commission. I can imagine that over the next few weeks we will discover how much it has affected us as the shops run out of stock. thanks for your thoughts and prayers - it is always nice to know that we have 'family'in MrsS that care for us.
  10. Even though we are in the cooler part of New Zealand, we dont get fall colours - I was so disappointed to find that out. The winds blow the leaves off the trees before they have a chance to colour. Our friend is still discovering what is on her property. there are 40 heritage apple trees, 3-4 plum trees, walnut, pecan and hazelnut trees that she has identified. and dozens more that she has not yet identified. Being part of a farm, the trees are mainly mature trees. And I do miss you all. Life just got so busy for a while and I dicovered that I had Hashimotos diesease early in the year, so just didn't have the energy to do much at all.
  11. Wow - it must have been over 12 months since I posted last. A year ago, I started a job working from home and doing some very long hours. But it has been good. I even had nearly 8 weeks off through the middle of winter. Life has been so different for us her in NZ. One of the main differences is that in Australia we had been told that my husband would only ever be offered palliative care for the cancer. Here we have been offered a fully funded treatment that should extend his life 2 years past what it would be if he didn't have the treatment. He started last week and at this point has no side effects. We have told him if his hair goes white then we will die it pink Everyone wonders how we will cope, but they don't understand that I have been preparing for this for a while. I have a pressure canner and know how to use it. So no worries about maintaining a healthy diet. I work from home so I am able to work flexi hours where needed. We are about to buy a house and I have plans on how to make it work easily for me. (God is so good, I met a lady and 10 minutes after talking to her, she told me she wants to help us with a deposit for a house so that we can get into our own home!!!!) We have met a lovely lady on a farm who has so many fruit and nut trees that she wants us to take some of her excess produce. 3rd DD is expecting her 3rd baby she has a boy and girl and this one will be a boy. We do miss them being so far away. So moving has been so good to us. We know we are in the right place for us. Sue
  12. I want some freezer room! We sold ours before we moved, and while I have ordered a new freezer, we since discovered it is on back order. I want to be able to stock it with seasonal fruit for jams and get bulk meat at good prices .... ok need to be patient for a little longer oh - and we are getting an upright freezer so that I don't lose things at the bottom! happy decluttering Cat!
  13. I have been looking at making my own ACV, it looks like it is very easy, and best of all, you can use the peels and cores after you use the rest of the apple! While there are a lot of sites out there - I guess you need to look and see what catches your eye, here is one that is quite informative - not just a recipe but honesty in what they did or didn't do and how it turned out. http://talesofakitchen.com/raw/homemade-organic-raw-apple-cider-vinegar/ hopefully I will get organised and start some in the next week.
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