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  1. I know I just don't hope it will happen It seems too much is happening to quickly . sheila
  2. I didn't say we could I said People won't stand for it ; and I don't think they will Someone , some where will do something; if he would try it. What I don't know hugs sheila
  3. Don't think that will ever happen ! People will not stand for it We have become "Internet Dependant!" lol sheila
  4. Wow ! you did do good Our Kroger's here are so expensive . Glad you got good deals ! enjoy.hugs sheila
  5. I pray that God will lead you to the right church He has in mind for you. God hears our prayers and is faithful Amen, hugs pinkroses
  6. Sorta weird looking ; but cute I think. pinkroses
  7. You know this is scary; what with the earthquakes and this . being a Christian ; I am thinking on End Times and being ready. This plague really scares me; but thank goodness I know where I am headed after this world So much is happening and fast these days pinkroses
  8. Good things come to those who wait !! I liked that . thanks for sharing. pinkroses
  9. I would start with a good basic information cookbook to I love The Joy of Cooking I have both of their cookbooks Loads of information. and basic information. good luck pinkroses
  10. I love it too; that seems like to much work for me lol I will get mine from Wally World, or Krogers. ha. good luck let us know how it turns out hugs pinkroses
  11. Welcome ; I live in Va. too hugs pinkroses
  12. Gee what one can learn when reading here !! sheila
  13. Glad you are back too. hugs sheila
  14. OOOO< I live in VA. we had one quite a while ago. a small one. It was awfully scary I am glad you are okay I hope every one else is too. hugs Sheila
  15. Blackberry tea: hum I might get some; I have IBS and Colitis attacks they can really wear one down, hugs pinkroses
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