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  1. Quote: I am just a little excited about this....... I hope that is an understatement.... .. .. Congrats!! Amber
  2. Try this one: Change ingredients you enter to get different recipe ideas and use the scroll (red arrows) http://www.cookingbynumbers.com/frames.html Click on the Skills by Numbers (Left side) to see how to do methods or go to: http://www.cookingbynumbers.com/skills/SkillsList.asp Amber
  3. Quote: So...if I like the optical illusion of "clean" clothes, what should I do if I switch over to homemade detergents? Is there something I can add every couple washings? Interesting question. I use vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits in my tea kettle (water boiling only). I use vinegar to help set fabric dyes. Now I am wondering if a dose of vinegar in the rinse water would help flush mineral build-up? Anyone have an idea? Or a truth? Who has that list of a million things to do with vinegar? Is the answer in there? Amber
  4. Andrea and Nana9 and anyone else who needs this info: There are two threads, Westie's Lap Quilt by Abigail and Westie's Prayer Quilt (by MomM -- Marilyn) PM these ladies and they will send you the address. Other Note: If you cannot do fabric and still want to be included, signature, scripture, etc., you can, if you will send $1 (or more if you want to) to each of them, With your name (and/or scripture to MomM) on a piece of paper, the monies will help offset the cost of the extra backing fabrics Postage to send, and whatever else they need for completing the quilts. Please if you are going to send coins (not recommended) then make sure you tape it down well between folded paper or light cardboard. This so it does not jam in the automated, high speed, mail sorters. Everyone who has joined this effort for Westie is truly appreciated!!! ..
  5. They are bar soaps, found in the laundry section of my grocery store, sometimes in hardware stores, too. You should be able to find them at a Walmart if you shop there. I found Zote at my 99cent store (west coast). Fels is short for Fels Naptha - See the picture. http://www.dialcorp.com/index.cfm?page_id=47 It is the recommended stain remover (for oils and such) in my sewing class at the college. The Dept. Chair is our instructor and she has very clear ideas about what to use and how to use on our fabrics. Zote site http://www.zote.com.mx/english/english.htm I found this about Zote http://home.actlab.utexas.edu/~m4dd4wg/arc...205.html#000205 "Devoted m4dbl0g readers may remember my Zote vignette from a few months back. Both my neighbor and I were sort of mystified by the Mexican laundry soap, which had no directions in either English or Spanish. Yesterday, a mysterious Mr. Zote added a comment to the entry, explaining the uses of Zote. I sent him an email thanking him for making him the premier English-language Zote resource online. He emailed me back to day, giving even more info: Hi Chris! I actually work at the factory where the Zote soap is manufactured. (www.lacorona.com.mx) To understand the existance of this soap, we need to understand it origin. This soap was used in the past (no washing machines yet) in México, when people used to go to the river and wash their clothes. They simple rub the clothes on a rugged surface (like a rock), and hand wash the clothes. Then consumers started to use a machine called "palangana" that is like the Belly of a turtle (rugged) to wash in home. That´s why no instructions are needed (at least in Mexico) Nowadays, with more washing machines around this technique trends to desapear, but consumers are still finding a way to keep using the Zote soap. We are developing a new Liquid Zote (like a liquid detergent) that you can pour directly to the machine. Since there are a lot of Mexicans in the USA (Texas), they are demanding this product and that´s the reason you can find it on the shelves in Wal-Mart and other stores. It is funny, but there are some many alternate uses for this bar, like Mosquito repelent, hair treatment,fishing bite, fabric softener, YOU NAME IT!! With a 36,000,000 million bars sold last year you can bet we´ll have Zote bar soap for a while. If you need more information, I´ll be glad to help you! EDUARDO RUEDA GONZALEZ INTERNATIONAL SALES FABRICA DE JABON LA CORONA " And not to leave out Ivory bar soap http://www.ivory.com/YourIvoryProducts_Cla...voryBarSoap.htm Not sure if it really clarifies why they are recommended in the homemade versions of laundry soap, but if it works best, don't change the recipe. At least now you will know what label to look for. Amber
  6. Hi All, Just posting a note here that instructions are up on the Streams in the Desert forum. Amber
  7. The link at the bottom has an article that tells how and why you can make your own washing soda. Scroll to the bottom of the article for full info. This was originally posted 4/27/08 in Kitchen forum regarding cast iron. ........ Want to make your own "laundry soda"? Take baking soda, spread it out onto a cookie sheet and bake it in the oven at a little over 300 degrees for an hour or so it will drive away a water and CO2 molecule thus making washing soda. At temperatures above 300o Fahrenheit (149o Celsius), baking soda decomposes into sodium carbonate, water, and carbon dioxide. 2NaHCO3 -> Na2Co3 + H20 + CO2 http://antique-engines.com/electrol.asp Amber
  8. Abigail and Marilyn Count me in for both quilts, also. Amber
  9. Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for strength and stamina for Westie and her family during this trying time. We offer Blessings in Thy Holy Name. Thy Will Be Done. Amen
  10. Wes has a high tolerance for pain meds, so basically they don't work except in very high doses. I'm guessing that is why she'd rather do without. I don't know how much moving about she is doing at present. Pathology results should be back in the next couple of days, last I heard. Amber
  11. I talked with Westie's mom just now. Wes can now lay flatter than before, for more comfort, moving still hurts and she is basically refusing any pain medication. (That can't make her feel too well.) She doesn't complain, puts on a cheerful face and that gives the medical help a false positive about how she is doing. She still has nausea and can't eat much. Her mom said she thinks that when the staples come out Westie will feel a lot better about moving. Amber
  12. Hi Aggie, I went on the Presto site as I had a question about mine, and there is a note that says the 7-digit number is stamped on the body of the canner. You will have to take it out of the box to look for it. My Presto box also only shows a 6-digit number. Presto You can also access their canner manuals online. Hope this helps a bit. Amber
  13. It is as Darlene says. Wes called me just before taking the sleeping pill last night. Not feeling well, and her care is leaving a lot to be desired -- said something about a patient advocate coming in today. They were waxing the floor and she was disgusted. Says she is cramped into a corner, no space, and they were preparing the other bed for another surgical patient to come in, and there was lots of space on that side. No way to change. She feels bloated, very uncomfortable, a result of the operation methods used and how she was put back together. Said she was more comfortable when walking, but not getting much of that. She was not getting much sleep, either. That wears anyone down. I'm sure we will hear something about that later from her. No visitors. She said she should be out in a few more days. From my experience with my DH's major surgery, her total recovery will be quite awhile. I'm praying for Wes's pain to be eased and for her to get the healing sleep she needs. She said the laptop is not working in the hospital as there is no way to connect to the internet. So I think that frustrated her, too, and can only guess how much. Her mom called me yesterday morning, and the driving (70+ miles each way), the hospital atmosphere, watching her kid hurting, taking care of her puppy's messes when she gets 'home' every night is taking a toll on her, too. I'm praying for a stamina boost for her so she can be there for Wes. She said that Wes's phone ring (Rooster Crowing) apparently bothers the nurses, and since the different nurses keep rearranging the stuff around her (from how Wes likes it arranged), when the phone rings she cannot always get to it. I did not ask how Wes's DH is doing, but know he is going to work and then going to the hospital after. Someone is feeding her animals and the dogs, don't know if it is her DH or the family friend who lives nearby, possibly both. Praying for you, Wes, and for your family, too. Amber
  14. Should be no problem normally. The only cautions I've read about are do not put really cold pans on a hot fire, warm them first off to the side; And the reverse -- do not ever put a hot cast iron pan into or on something extremely cold. Never pour cold water directly into a hot cast iron pan. The result is a cracked pan. If you are pouring the water over cooking ingredients in the pan, then that should not be a problem. Amber
  15. Bri... if you do a search for cast iron, and I put in for 3 yrs back, then scroll to approx Jan 17, 2007, click on one of the messages and you will see (scroll to the top) the whole thread of what the ladies do in caring for the cast iron... Different seasoning methods, washing with soap or not to (we do), other cleaning things, whether to use wood or metal, which cast iron is ok to use, etc. and then you pick the method(s) you want to mess with. Of course there are other conversations before and after that time. You've got some reading to do. Regards, Amber
  16. Whitewolf, if you ever want to get rid of one of the legged skillets, please let me know. I'd like one with a lid if you have a spare, please. Will pay going rate if not too high. Serious.
  17. Pardon me for rattling on....I forgot to say that if you are a two person family, an 8 inch or 10 inch is plenty big. If you have a larger family then the 12 inch or 14 inch ones (heavy, though) are usually sufficient. If you cook roasts in the home oven or campfire you need to go by how large. Remember that the wider it is, liquids tend to evaporate sooner. They have normal size and they have deeps (they're deeper), see Lodge site for info. http://www.lodgemfg.com Lodge is made in the USA and all others (maybe not MACA) are imported from countries like China where generally, the manufacturing process and metals are not top quality. They are safe to use, but usually not evenly thick, rougher cast, lids are more tippy & rattle more, sizing is different, ...but they are cheaper. Amber
  18. The Ragsdale book is a good one, with hints for fires and for cast iron use and recipes. I have it among many others and I like it the best for what I want to learn. Good pictures or diagrams abound. Preseasoned needs to be seasoned again no matter what. You can use it 'from the box' but members of my group are finding that it starts to flake if wrongly used or used with acid foods (tomatoes) for longer periods. Enameled vs. seasoned pans is as stated by Jules. If you have low iron needs to your system, I'd try to find a bare metal pan and season it as mentioned in other cast iron messages on MrsS (do a search) from maybe 2 years ago. Otherwise one of each would be nice. As mentioned before, camping type and home oven type are as you need them. You can always make a home oven useful for the campfire using a foil edge on the lid to hold coals and a trivet (3 stones or bricks) to lift it so coals can fit under at the edge. Multi use. -- and camp ovens can be used in a home oven. -- you can get more info at the group below or dutch oven groups searches or online groups -- I like this one -- small and has decent info castiron_cookware at yahoo dot com Amber
  19. Here's one link (below) to do electrolysis cleaning of rusty parts and cast iron -- mentioned on the papadutch link above. Westy, you wanted to know about washing soda, go to the following site and scroll all the way to the bottom and see his note about making washing soda. http://antique-engines.com/electrol.asp Oh yes, and if you follow some of his links you can get to the one about cleaning rust with cola. The guys on my dutch oven group talk about that and say it works well. Otherwise scrub and dry and season immediately.
  20. Found these tin and copper items out of Wisconsin. The tin or copper reflector oven will let you bake or rotisserie. There is a biscuit oven also. Boy scout and frontier books show fire reflectors out of propped up wood or bark slabs and in some cases you can actually slap sticky biscuit dough right on the wood and it will bake facing the fire, but you might have to rotate it a bit. http://www.backwoodstin.com/index.htm?cat25.htm Amber
  21. I was reading the post about the windshield shade solar cooker and followed a link that included uses for (box solar type oven) non-cooking. Although posted from sources in India, some of the ideas were interesting to use if there was no electricity and you could not (...or did not want to) start a fire. http://solarcooking.wikia.com/wiki/Non-cooking_uses I don't know if the windshield shade solar cooker would work the same, but it would be interesting to try, or research to see why certain types are better than others.
  22. I have to thank Halfpint for her 'white elephant' -- what a very nice surprise and very nicely packaged, too. A wonderful selection of handmade soaps: Pine Tar, Coffee, Vegetable, Three Kings, Tea Tree Plus, and Nutty are the names on the wrappers. There is also a packet of rose petal soaps for those times you are without soap--very nice to have on hand. There is a bath scrubby that is called a net bath sponge, very luxurious. This was all set inside a wavy edged ceramic container that has very lovely flower baskets embellished on the sides. The whole thing wrapped in a cellophane with multi-colored stars all over. Very professional. A very nice note was enclosed also. I am going to enjoy using these handmade soaps. What a luxury! Looks nice on my vanity, too. My DH was impressed with the whole presentation. He said this was a nice group of people and I have to agree. Halfpint, Thanks So Much!
  23. Well, I looked up used books on ebay and got a couple of 'lots' of the Mrs. Pollifax books I wrote about before. I have now read three of them, two of which I had not read before. I also have a couple of new "The Cat Who..." mysteries ready to read, one is in a Reader's Digest condensed book. I can hardly wait. I also dug out some P.D. James 'whodunits' that I had bought used and stashed in the garage. I have a couple of Louis L'Amour short stories volumes I got for a gift and have not touched yet. Hmmm, I also have the Harry Potter #5 still to read...and the new one is almost out. Got a couple of quilting books to finish going through, great pictures and good info in there, so am savoring the whole experience before I go cut up my fabrics. I've been using my sleep time to get in some reading. I think I will be making time for just reading -- Re-evaluating my time and where I use it, and making time to read. I have a list of books my friends have read and recommended and offered to lend to me, but like I said--not enough time as yet. I used to read one-two books an evening and then I got married and never got the time back. I miss reading regularly. It is time for a change!
  24. Hi, I haven't been around teething babies for quite awhile, but as I remember, they can come up with some amazing symptoms. It is always a possibility. I remember heat rash, diarrhea, massive drooling, fevers, minor to major crankyness and chewing anything in their grasp. I'd suggest keeping him cool, powdered down with corn starch, but do a test patch; bathing him in cooler bath water, possibly with the Aveeno oatmeal additive stuff. Check out epsom salts for his bath. Always do a test first on a body 'hot spot' to see if he reacts. I'd also go easy on giving honey to a child under two years of age. I remember reading about illness due to feeding honey to very young children. Is honey pasteurized these days? Note: I just found out that honey should not be given to children under 12 months old. The main thing is use your gut feeling. Read all the stuff, analyze, and go with your gut, as they say. If you have that nagging feeling that all is truly not well, go see the medical expert. Wishing you well.
  25. Jewelz, go back up to the previous recipes and they have the measurements in quart measures in ( ) and can be broken down, I think fairly easily to half, at least. Read them carefully for the clues....
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