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  1. Thanks Ambergris - one of my sons loves instant breakfast. Think I'll whip up a batch to try.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'm off to see what my cans say.
  3. They do have lovely patterns. Have made a number of them and I'm working on a keyhole scarf from them right now for a Christmas present.
  4. Originally Posted By: Tracie is pancakes a bad dinner? that's what I want. Sounds good to me! My family loves to do them for dinner. Waffles and breakfast burritos are also big hits and nice and quick!
  5. Originally Posted By: Crazy4Canning Hey BB, A few questions, 1. Where did you get the recipe for your chili? 2. Did you strongly vent the canner for 10 minutes BEFORE bringing it up to pressure? 3. You were using propane - did you have a shield or something around the stove to keep drafts away? 4. Had you done any pressure tests with your canner before? Had it held at 11 lbs (or whatever pressure) you needed? Don't mean to pick on you, dear, quite the contrary. These questions might help us with solving your problem. Keep your chin up, you'll get through this! I don't feel picked on - just frustrated. To answer the questions. My recipe is from the ball blue book, I have successfully canned it a number of times. Yes - I did vent the canner properly for 10 minutes before putting the weighted gauge on top. I do not have a shield or the like around the stove. It is tucked into a semi-protected area, but it is the same place I have done all my pressure canning. Can't move it indoors, my glass top stove does not support canning. Yes, I have pressure tested the canner. It will usually hold the 15 lbs I need without a problem. Based on everyones ideas, I am going to say my trouble was the weather and that I was canning outside. Too windy and the stove could not keep up with the steady heat I needed. I do appreciate all the advise and ideas. Thanks guys
  6. Thanks for the ideas guys. I have an All American canner so the gasket is not the issue. Since I was canning outside and it was a coolish rainyish day, the pressure would not hold at 15lbs unless the heat was all the way up. I will check the pressure valve though and make sure that was clean - thanks for the ideas.
  7. Mommyofseven - I look forward to your menus. Always pull a few ideas out for my own monthly menu. Try to hit the commissary just once a month since ours is crazy! Had to do my July shopping without your helpful ideas this month - hope you aren't thinking of not posting!
  8. I am getting so frustrated. A week or so ago, I needed to re-do a batch of seasoned hamburger because my propane stove ran out of propane with only a few minutes to go. Today, I moved on to chili. Canned 7 pints, no problem although only 3 of them have sealed. Had the second batch in canning and all seemed to be going well until 60 minutes in and then the pressure just dropped. Heat had not been adjusted, still had a flame and plenty of propane. Tried to get it back up, but the burner was already as high as it would go. Now I have 11 pints of chili to either re-do or freeze. Don't understand what is going on. I have been canning for a few years. Have canned many many jars of chili before as well as chicken, soups and pork. I really hate putting in all this time and effort with nothing to show for it. Packing away the canner for the time being and will work on getting the tomatoes I want canned up instead.
  9. Mt_Rider - Congratulations! Bet those jars are looking pretty. I live in the Springs at 6400ft, my Ball Blue Book says that for boiling water bath, you add the extra time, but for pressure canning you just increase the pressure, not the time. I process hamburger at 15lbs of pressure for 75 min in pints, 90 min in quarts. HTH
  10. I have 7 jars of seasoned ground beef in the canner. With 12 minutes left to go, my propane powered outdoor stove runs out of propane! Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow after I get the tank filled
  11. Yikes! I'd be interested in knowing not only the outcome, but how the passengers are handling being quarantined. Are they being given info (doubtful) or are the passengers on the train cars not yet affected being kept in the dark?
  12. I feel like I read here a while ago that you can freeze cooking oil. Is that correct? I can't seem to find the thread about it. Will any kind of cooking oil freeze okay? Do I need to pour a bit out of the containers before I freeze? Thanks!
  13. If you are looking for games - we own a lot of the games from this company located in Canada http://www.familypastimes.com/ They are cooperative board games and my kids loved them when they were small. Highly recommend - some favorites of ours for the younger kids were: Secret Door, Harvest Time, Round Up and the Christmas Game.
  14. Originally Posted By: nmchick I hate to admit it in this company, but I ordered the Ball Blue Book and have been reading about canning. Now I have to solve the glass top stove/canner problem and buy a canner. I have this one http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=pr...&lpage=none Works great, doesn't heat up my kitchen in the summer and has no problem handling my pressure canner. I have had it for two years now and it's still going great.
  15. Here is one I found earlier this summer. Haven't tried it yet, but if I can find the strawberries I am hoping to. Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate for canning 12 cups strawberries 4 cups fresh lemon juice or lime juice 5 cups sugar Rinse and drain the strawberries. Hull and measure. Squeeze the lemon juice and measure. You will probably need about 16 lemons, or 24 limes, but buy a few extra as they can vary quite a bit in juiciness. Put the jars on to boil in a large kettle, with the water coming up at least an inch over the tops of them. Let boil 10 minutes before removing to be filled. Meanwhile, purée the strawberries. Heat them with the lemon or lime juice and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved, but do not boil. Pour into hot sterilized jars to within 1 cm (1/2") of the tops. Seal with lids sterilized according to the manufacturers directions. (Generally, boil for 5 minutes.) Process in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. To serve, mix with cold water to taste, about one part syrup to two parts water. Serve over ice. Looks like 6 quart jars - recipe says 6 500 ml jars
  16. Thanks Amishway Homesteaders - sounds like just what I was looking for.
  17. I'm pretty sure that most aged cheese, like Asiago and Romano have no lactose remaining. Also good aged Cheddar. Something about the microbes using up the lactose that is left after the removal of the whey. My dd is lactose intolerant, but can eat reasonable amounts of some cheese and yogurt - just no milk.
  18. This is the list I have seen. Choose the crucial dozen organic foods. The dozen foods listed next are considered to be the foods most vulnerable to the addition of too many pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics etc. This top dozen lists food items where home washing and cooking practices are unlikely to result in reduction of the chemical or hormonal residues: * Beef, chicken and pork * Dairy products: Milk, cheese and butter * Strawberries, raspberries and cherries * Apples and pears * Tomatoes * Spinach and salad greens * Coffee * Potatoes * Stone fruits: Peaches, nectarines and apricots * Grapes * Celery * Peppers (capsicums), green and red I have also seen lettuce on various lists as one to avoid.
  19. furbabymom - I take freeze dried nettle for mine. Works great! 300 mg, twice a day keeps me sneeze free. The brand I like is Eclectic Institute and I get mine at Vitacost.com. When I first start taking the nettle in the spring, it seems to take a few days to kick in, but then I am good. HTH
  20. Hope you are doing okay MtRider. We were only supposed to get rain here, but we still ended up with about 6 inches and the totals increase as you go north. Watching the news, some places really got hammered! Stay warm and safe.
  21. I'm so sorry MaSteel - you'll be in my thoughts.
  22. A couple of my favorites are: Madness takes its toll - please have exact change Watch out for the idiot behind me Don't make me release the flying monkeys!
  23. Mother I made this up in the fall and we are really enjoying it here. I am convinced that it helped me get over the cold I caught here a few weeks ago. Thanks again.
  24. I have heard that Garlic Oil is good for an ear infection, but I haven't any experience with it. My dd is allergic to most antibiotics and the rash on your friends dd looks just like the one mine gets. She is allergic to the medicine or something in the medicine. Make sure that her docs know she had a reaction to this medicine once, because usually the body responds more strongly each time it is exposed to the allergen. Poor thing - hope she is feeling better soon.
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