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  1. Necie
    On Tuesday, Richard said: 'Ya ought to do something with that chicken in the basement fridge. What day did we butcher them?'
    Me: Uh, I don't know. Tuesday? (my day off)
    Him: A week ago?
    Me: Nooo! (hmmm) What day is it?
    Him: Tuesday!
    Me: Oh....No, it wasn't a week ago, but I thought we did them on my day off. We butchered chickens and THEN I went to work? Musta been Friday or Saturday. <shrug>
    Then I remembered that a lady had shown up to buy some pullets while we were butchering. I HAD written that down in my little record book- '5 pullets--$25--March 27'. FRIDAY! SHEESH!
    So, I figure if I start writing things in here a bit about what I've done for the day, then this can be one more place to go when I think: 'Now, where did I write that down at?'
    Today...(actually yesterday since it's after mid-night):
    Jason (DS1-23) and I went to the elevator and got 100# goat feed, 100# rabbit feed, 100# layer mash, 50# barley and a bag of pine shavings.
    Chicks started hatching last night so it's time to rotate chickens. There's only 4 chicks (14-18 wks old) left in the little coop, so I shut them out in their run and cleaned the coop. Put down some wood pellets and pine shavings and put waterers and a new feeder that Richard made me today IN the coop (usually the food and water are out in the run). Then had to catch the 4 little buggers and put them in, (cuz I guess they were afraid of the new bedding ), and shut them in there. Then Jason and I crated the 23 chicks (7-11 wks old) that were in the large brooder in the barn and put them in the small coop with the other 4 chicks. They will stay shut in there until Saturday, then hopefully when I let them out Saturday morning they will have enough sense to go back in Saturday night.
    Made some chicken and noodles out of the butchered roosters for dinner for Richard and Jason, then I went to work.
    Pretty boring day, huh?
  2. Necie
    Hi. I'm Denise, but my friends call me Necie. I grew up and lived in SW Michigan for 35 years, but now live in NE Indiana. Big move, huh? I love the Mid-West and guess you could call me a country gal. Was raised farming and have my own little mini farm started.
    I'm divorced. Was married for 15 yrs and have 3 wonderful kids: Jason (23), Tony (22) and Leah (20). Tony has a girlfriend-Jessie (20) whom I also totally adore (she wants to learn to garden and can and all that fun stuff). I've been in a serious relationship for over 8 yrs..Richard is my bestest friend. We put up with each others nonsense like no one else would. He's a total motor head. Used to drive semi--mostly hauled grain, has a '74 Shovelhead Harley (would LOOOVE to have a Cushman (sp?) motor scooter thangy). Is into chainsaws, lawnmowers, GEESH--anything with an engine and NASCAR (and any other type of racing-I pick on him and say 'If they could figure out a way to put engines on a cow, you'd watch them race.' LOL).
    I'm a bartender. Pretty boring. Well, til they make me wait tables. When I'm waitressing, they ought to sell tickets and charge admission--real COMEDY show. I'm a bartender. hehe
    My little farm: Well, it started out with a couple chickens. That's grown. I have somewhere between 50-70. And 44 chicks and 41 eggs in the 'bator. Then I got 4 rabbits. We just butchered 3, but I have 2 juniors and 3 babies, so I guess I have 9. Then I got 2 little doeling goats-Nubians. Bred them to kid in late May or June this year. I just bought my first little buckling, and my goat mentor and I are working on purchasing and co-owning another buckling and I will raise him with this one.
    Then there's Gracie! The spoiled little pampered princess pooch Rottweiler. She's 18 months old and at this time acting very much the teen-ager. GRRRRRR I just keep telling myself-"PATIENCE". At least she'll grow out of it faster than the human kids. LOL
    Kagan! I am getting one of Darlene's pups! I am working on the name. Part of it will be Kagan. I want it to mean "King's Gift" or "Gift of the King" or "Gift from the King". Kagan=King. I like Ikram, too. Ikram=gift. Kagan Ikram? Ikram Kagan? I think it is going to be a challenge and very rewarding to raise and train an Anatolian. He is going to be a working dog-guardian of my farm.
    I have alot of other little hobbies, too. Fishing, gardening, crocheting, wine-making, cooking....oooooooh, all SORTS of stuff.
    So, I hope my first entry in my blog has kinda painted the background of the picture-my life. Future entries will hopefully paint in more detail. It is a picture that will never be completed-it's a work in progress.
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