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  1. Awww...so sorry Mt_Rider. I remember sharing notes when you got Big Dog and I had Gracie. Both of us trying to get them to quit barking. Since getting LGDs, I totally understand now--you CAN'T make them stop. LOL It's their JOB. You will need another for defense purposes. Nothing like that first alert. Best protector and friend for you and your stock. I hope you find the PERFECT one for you and that it barks REAL LOUD!! (We need a big slurpy, barky, LGD character here.)
  2. Necie

    Rain day 3

    Rain this morning. Crappy day at the market. Working on a couple of new display ideas and some marketing ones as well. We have WAAAAAY too much JUNK!! Had a yard sale here at the house a couple weeks ago and packed about half of it back into the garage. This week? The darn cars and trailer are as full as ever! My mom just keeps bringing more CRAP!!! grrrrrr It is exhausting unloading and setting up and tearing down and loading every week. I just don't get her adding more and more and the darn stuff don't SELL. <sigh> Can't really stop her--we set up on Monday and she goes in early
  3. Hmmm...never had an Isa get egg bound. Have had many of them for quite a few years. The size of some of the eggs will make ya wonder ... how in the woooorld???? LOL The Isa roos we've had have neither been aggresive or overly friendly. Just the way I like them. Now, the Americaunas (green eggers), I don't like those roos. VERY aggresive. Moreso with the hens, but also with other roos and occasionally people. Got my lotion made. Started a second batch of cajeta, that I will add to the first--double batch. YUM! Milk pasturized and yogurt started. Had extra pasturized, so decided to do some
  4. Cat!! That hen in the front (white/brown--mostly brown) is an ISA BROWN. She will lay HUGE brown eggs as she gets older. And many double yolkers. The roo right behind her to the right (white/brown--mostly white with brown wings) is also an Isa Brown. If you could just keep those together and have a hen go broody--hatch out the Isa Brown eggs, then next year you'll have LOTS of HUGE eggs. YUM! Today is a *see-what-I-can-get-done* day. (Also taking a break right now. ) Mom closed up at Shipse flea market early due to the rain and I usually go after chores, so I didn't even go in today.
  5. We had no rain here from Mother's Day til about a week ago. Not a drop. We've gotten maybe 3-4". Still considered drought with burn bans in all of NE Indiana as we're still in a deficit of 10-15" for the year. We had a VERY mild winter last year. Above average temps, but we did have rain-- I remember being soooooo SICK of the MUD!! We had very little snow--there wasn't one day that I couldn't push the wheelbarrow down to the back pens to feed. We had a nice spring. Broke heat records for March, but still had rain. April was chilly. May dried up. They're saying this El Nino/La Nina (??) sy
  6. Also...with the price of feed (hay/grain) and the few select animals kept--the price for animals produced next year should be outrageous. Look for it to get worse next year. With the drought in the south last year and the mid-west this year, if there's crop problems next year, no one will be able to afford feed to raise meat animals. Corn here in Indiana is being baled or turned to silage. If it wasn't irrigated, there are no ears. We're finally getting rain...but too late for the corn. Beans will be ok, if they are still flowering. Hoping for a 2nd cutting of hay. Hay prices at sale barn ar
  7. Meat prices should actually be down due to the sell-off. Watch for it. The sales barns are flooded with animals that are too expensive to feed--more supply than demand. Buy when the prices are low. Once the sell-off is over, then there will be a shortage and prices will rise.
  8. I did a search and found this: http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40231&st=0&p=337766&hl=+friendship%20+bread&fromsearch=1entry337766 My recipe is similar to CoM's. For my starter, I mix 1/3 cup flour, 1/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup milk with bread yeast. The batch I have now has been going for about 4 months. Where it says to add 1 cup of each again on day 5 and on day 10, I only add 1/2 cup of each. Then take out 1 cup starter to hold back for next batch before I start my recipe. Otherwise, if you add 1 cup of each, you gotta find 2 friends to pass the extra on
  9. Stuffed Shells Stuffed with spinach out of the freezer from the garden, venison burger, goat cheese (compliments of the *girls*) and eggs from the *ladies*. Even used dried herbs from my *weed* garden for seasoning. Made the sauce with a couple pints of salsa and a quart of tomatoes. DH didn't get his strawberry Amish bread this time. I'm out of vanilla pudding. It takes two small boxes or one large box and all I had was a small box of chocolate and a small box of cheesecake, so chocolate cheesecake Amish bread it is! DH has been putting peanut butter on it and calling it
  10. Wow. You are in the opposite corner of the state. I'll ask around and get back to you.
  11. Don't really have a recipe. I just use it in place of the fruit and don't need to add quite as much sugar. I have a hydrometer (love that little thing), so I know when I have *enough* sugar, but could do it without by just adding less sugar more often,
  12. We are taking reservations for 2012 kids. We are in NE Indiana, but can also ship. I have been working on the website a 'bit'. Needs more done, but the breeding schedule is UTD. www.lunamojo.com There are also more photos available in the albums on my FB Lunamojo page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lunamojo-Nubians-Goat-Milk-Soaps/146586875371517 We have one doe due in Feb., four due in March and two due in April. We test yearly for CAE and all kids are raised on prevention. CL free herd. All kids will be disbudded and tatood and be registered or come with registration applica
  13. I'm a bit worried about this too. I have hay put up for this year, but if the drought continues and hay prices stay high or increase, I don't know.... I've been supplementing hay with alfalfa pellets for added calcium (had problems with milk fever last year), but the price on those are up too--$16/50#. I may have to cut back to fewer milkers and I'm already planning on selling one buck...might have to sell two. I've found myself really pushing marketing/advertising soaps, etc to help get the goats to pay for themselves plus some. Pushing kid sales more than normal too...which reminds me...I
  14. I've been working on this too. We've been using alot out of storage and I come across stuff and think 'What in the world was I thinking canning THAT?!' or 'Why did I put up that MUCH!?' Fruits/jellies I'm turning into wine. Other stuff is being used to supplement chicken feed. Offsets the cost of layer mash. Since the kids are grown and moved out, I need to *learn* to put up less. I tend to cook the same way, and am working on smaller meals. I still go a bit overboard, but left-overs go in the fridge and I don't *cook* again til they're gone. Really saves on the food bill. I never
  15. It was written by Vicki McGaugh, Texas Nubians. www.lonesomedoenubians.com She also owns www.dairygoatinfo.com I follow this protocol strictly with my goats. Raising kids under this management makes it sooooo easy. Feed management is my biggest challenge and varies in different parts of the country. Vicki is in Texas and I'm in Indiana. Doing what she does as far as feeding doesn't work for me. Worming and parasite control are also different depending on location. It's constant learning.
  16. http://www.dairygoatinfo.com/index.php?topic=2077.0 Goat Keeping from Birth to milking, in standard dairy goats… Goat Temp should be 102, always take a herd mates temp to determine if your goats temp is subnormal or high. Shots: Bo-Se (selenium, vitamin E injectable) 1cc. per 40 lbs. IM or subq is fine. Vet Rx CD&T (Vaccination for enterotoxemia and tetanus) (2cc subq or IM, repeat in 21 days) that 2nd shot seals immunity so don't miss it. Lysigin (Vaccination for staph mastitis, will also help with staph dermatitis on the udder) (5cc sub-q, Give initial sho
  17. Hey! IT WORKED! Links get lost. Some good stuff here.
  18. 30 Easy Ways to Save Money (and No, you are not doing them all!) Let's keep this one simple and clean - just a bunch of relatively easy ways to save money. As you incorporate more and more of these tips into your life, the savings add up and it wouldn't surprise me if you could save thousands over the course of a year. It will take a little work on your part but those thousands of dollars in savings are what helped us get out of debt earlier, kept us out of debt for several years and will hopefully help us pay off our recent auto loan soon as well. Cook at home often: If
  19. Venison Stroganoff Made Amish bread again today. Tried CHERRY!! We kind of had it for desert. DH says he doesn't care for it. Even though he ate a WHOLE small loaf! So he wants me to try STRAWBERRY next time.
  20. If you ultra-pasturize your goat milk (180-185*), then let it cool to 115* before adding your yogurt culture, the yogurt is super-duper creamy. This way it also stays *pure*--no *unknown* beasties (good or bad) to change your yogurt base.
  21. Goal met for the day. FOUR trailer loads later....I am POOPED!! More tomarrow before it rains/snows. Should only be a couple trailer loads left. Dee--we are getting some new chicks this year. Ours are all at least 3-4 yrs old, most being 5+ years. DH is only getting 8-10 eggs a day out of about 25 chickens. He wants 10-12 new ones, and I'm thinking of getting a few extra to sell at the monthly summer livetock meet//swap. I always go to once a day milking as soon as we do Linear Appraisal (ADGA program), but this year I'm hoping to do DHIR (milk test), so twice a day for 305 days. H
  22. :008Laughing: :008Laughing: :008Laughing:
  23. AH--you should learn to read *SILENTLY*. LOL
  24. Chickens are doing the happy dance. It has been sooo wet here and their pen has been just awful muddy. I told DH we should toss the manure and bedding from cleaning out the kid pen into their fence to build it up a bit, give them something to scratch around in and speed up the compost process. BOY!--are they HAPPY! Scratchin' and cluckin' and peckin'. We want to expand the garden a bit this year, so this should make some nice compost even by April/May. Gonna finish cleaning out the kid pen and get it sprayed down with bleach and *hopefully* get half the doe pen cleaned out today. They'
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