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  1. Oh! Those babies are sooooooo CUTE! I love Lamanchas. They'd be my second breed choice. Quieter than the Nubians, still lots of color, usually MORE milk, and soooo sweet. There's just not much market for them here. I'd have goaties with loooooong ears...and no ears!! I can't wait to have babies, but...OH...I really dislike kidding. Makes me a nervous wreck. Dee, maybe we could do this as a weekly topic like Snowmom does the *Miles* thread for physical fitness? This could be our mental fitness thread. Things are tough all over and recognizing and mentioning even the small good t
  2. Got quite a bit done today. Put the gate back on the back pen. It was originally chain link and the bucks liked to jump it. I constantly worried about them getting a back leg stuck and breaking it, so it had been replaced with cattle panel and when the bucks were moved, the gate was moved with them. So chain link back on and 3 jr does moved in. The front side of their new pen borders the sr does pasture, so now they're getting used to each other...and Kagan and Ari. They have never been nose to nose with the dogs. They've always been on separate ends of the barn, so could *see* each other
  3. It is crazy for NE Indiana. Been in the 40's and 50's....and I've been stuck in the house with things that *need* done. Well, they're DONE....so now I can go OUT and get things done. It's suppose to be in the 40's today and 50's through Thursday, I think. So that's FOUR days! YAY! This is very rare around here and I'm taking advantage. DH is headed out to cut wood and I'm gonna move the jr does from the barn pen down to a back pen. I need to get their barn pen cleaned out for KIDS! Will have kids some time in Feb. (friend has one of my does and when she kids, I get the kids and she is *buyin
  4. Some may remember the little goat I purchased from New York in Dec 2010. She has CAE. The breeder gave me a full refund and told me I could register kids before putting her down. Well, we've had problems getting her bred. Over a year. Well, she's getting FAT and sassy. DH helped me pull blood yesterday and I'm sending it in tomarrow for conformation that she is indeed preggers. Good news: 1) DH helped me draw blood!! I don't have to call DD to come down everytime I need to get this done. 2) Am soooo excited to pull clean kids from this doe. It is bittersweet, that this will mea
  5. Hi and welcome to you both. Yup, preps never seem to last as long as we think they will. And it doesn't take a huge disaster to need them, sometimes small personal disasters will use up preps faster than anything. Feel free to post anyway you'd like. There's no right or wrong. You can give as little or as much info as you're comfortable with. We're all here to help and support each other in our endeavors. If you have any problems posting (or with the site), PM Cat. She's a genius...with a party machine and cheesecake.
  6. Had a couple of left-over potatoes in the fridge, so DH made a small pan of potato soup for lunch. For dinner I made bacon wrapped, stuffed anahiems (stuffing: ground venison and pork; rice; goat milk ricotta) and *mashed* hubbard sprinkled with parmesan. YUM!
  7. We did mostly 'buy local' for Christmas this year. Luckily there's a couple of nice shops in the nearest town who's owners and I are friends, so it was nice to support them. We also have 'American Made'--it's a consignment store for (mostly) locally made product. I think it is the only one right now, but he talks of franchising. Too bad a friend of mine has her soaps and lotions there, as I won't step on her toes (she's my mentor and one of my best friends). I had a friend request on FB today...and before thinking, I declined, as we had no friends in common and their info was unavailable.
  8. www.lunamojo.etsy.com I finally have an Etsy store and can take Paypal! At the moment there are only three listings (will be a couple more in the next few days). All of my Goat Milk Soaps are listed on my website: www.lunamojo.com and I do Goat Milk Lotions in any of the soap scents, unscented, Itch-B-Gone and Bug-B-Gone; also 100% soy candles in any of the scents, unscented and Bug-B-Gone. Soaps, Lotions and Candles are all appx. 4oz. They sell for $4 or 3 for $10 on the website (check/mo only), or if you prefer to use paypal, I can list them for $5 each of 5 for $20. I can *usually
  9. I wanna clear this up first: Empathy. The statement I made was talking more about IRL--mine anyhow. It is refreshing to see it here. I think MrsS has an OVER ABUNDANCE of it. We have these: That's usually why, when I'm away for awhile, I always come back here because I know I'll find others who understand and are willing to help..or at least listen. Everyone here is looking to prepare and survive, but where else are you gonna find people doing that that are also trying to help others do the same? As far as this subject goes and empathy, I was thinking about it earlier and I think p
  10. No Christy that isn't what I meant. I was in the middle of a batch of soap and posted hastily. I should've waited til I had time to explain further. I apologize. Again, am busy right now and just popped on for a moment. Will post later.
  11. LOL. Just re-read this and it hit me... ....or went to commercial break... Gilligan's Island I LOVE Gilligan's Island.
  12. Michigan. I'm ok with where we are (NE Indiana), but I grew up in Michigan and it is...different. There's just a *safe* feel to it. Maybe cuz it's *home*, I know the area like the back of my hand...and the people. I think the best place is the place that you are the most *comfortable*.
  13. Trish--we were posting at the same time. Anyone who would turn you away would be a complete nincompoop! You sell yourself short. I have been reading your posts since you joined and have alot of respect and admiration for your determination and accomplishments. You would be welcome here ANYTIME!!
  14. Empathy. It is a very VERY rare and wonderful gift to see another's point of view. Not many have it and even fewer use it.
  15. Mmmmm....I tapioca pudding. Still left-over Vege Soup here....but...I made venison burger gravy and home-made yeast biscuits for breakfast and DH browned up the rest of the venison and put it in the soup. Pretty darn good on biscuits.
  16. Hey Jeepers. I think you know where we are. *Stupid* (Steuben) county. They imposed animal restrictions a few years ago. By *their* rules, I can't have one goat, let alone the 15-20 that I usually have. Luckily, they don't enforce that (much). Last year our neighbor (DH's cousin) put up a garen shed--10X12--on skids. County came out and told him to get rid of it--NOW! Said he didn't have enough property to add another *building*. He has more land than we do, house w/attached garage and a pole barn. We have a house w/detached garaged, goat barn and chicken coop. I think we could get a
  17. Sitting on my kitchen floor going through cupboards, I would not have much to inventory.LOL I was thinking soap. I've been using the green columnar sheets and it seems to be working ok...if I'd just *DO IT*. I HATE paperwork. I've always said--If I win the lotto, I will milk goats, stack hay, make soap, pitch $h!t.....and hire a SECRETARY.
  18. OOOOOOHHHHH! A TUB!! God, what I'd give for a bubble bath!!
  19. You still haven't answered my question. ? My answer is still: No.
  20. I wish I could figure out this computer stuff--even just for inventory. Have tried using excell...don't get it. At least I can *bounce* off the neighbor's WIFI. Cancelled my internet. :/
  21. I am thinking 'summer project'. The local grain elevator, where I buy all my feed, will let me have any of their pallets that are not 4-ways. Where we are--zoned residential dealing with a !^%^*&%% county--I can't put up anymore buildings. But the goat barn was originally 25X70 and the back 30ft was tore off due to deterioration. I could use that space!! This would be a cheaper way than new construction (can't afford) to *add on*. The chicken coop (a VERY old shed), is also starting to fall apart and could be *replaced*. Oooooh, soooo many ideas.
  22. (This is an old post and the names are not correct for the posters.) I think there are probably alot of people feeling this way with the state of things nowadays. I know when it happens to me, it is quite the rollercoaster ride. Things will seem to be going ok..then..BOOM! something *bad* to deal with. I think to myself: Why did I let myself get so comfortable....I started taking things for granted and now look what happened.... Yanno...the whole *Blame Game*. Then there's the whole self-pity thing. I think we all do it when things get rough. Why ME?? Then I get MAD
  23. Yogurt--I started with a starter yogurt from the store (must be live culture yogurt). Now I just keep my own in the freezer. I either make a quart or a half gallon at a time. I just put my milk (goat) and starter in the jar and set it on a candle warmer with the lid on loose. Cream Cheese--put raw milk in a gallon jar and let sit in a warm place. Should separate in 24 hrs. Drain cheese into cheesecloth and put into *press* and put in fridge. I check and dump whey daily and add weight if needed until cheese is firm. Sour Cream--I let cheese above ^^^^ set for 48 hrs or more until it has
  24. DH will put ANYTHING in tortillas. Can't hardly keep up with them. If I want to deep fry some up for salsa chips, I have to hide them quick after I make them, or he will eat them all. Shoulda made more today....maybe later. He usually goes to bed before me, so I could *hide* some for dippin.
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