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  1. Ok...I may be crazy ...but I'm going to run the same special as last year. Don't forget to put "MrsS Soap Order" in the subject line to make sure you get the lower price.
  2. OH MY!! I posted this at 11:20 and at 11:21 LeeAnne posted that they are HOME. Just earlier today they were told it would be another week and then their road was opened today at 5:00. She says the house is a mess. Flooring ruined from the sprinklers leaking in from the roof. Fridge stinks from food being there with no electic in their heat and veges left on the counter. But they lost NO animals. This is amazing!!! :pray: THANK YOU!
  3. Friends have been evacuated at the Bastrop fires. Tim and LeeAnne Carlson and their 12 children of Swede Farm. Some of you may remember LeeAnne as Quiverfulmidwife on here. They have taken about 30 of their goats to another farm along with a 2nd farm that was evacuated. All three licensed goat dairies (over 100 goats at Blue Heron Farm) have combined and are making Fieldstore Fire Chees that they are selling at the Austin Markets and to local restaurants to support the dairies during this disaster. They are living in tents and working their patooties off and have been told it will probably be
  4. WOW! YAY!! KEWWWWL!!!!! I've missed you too and have wondered how you are. I think about you every time I fry mushrooms. LOL Add lime juice...call them *Mamacat Mushrooms*. You also PM'd me a prayer that has helped me through some hard times with my DS1. That PM was lost in a move, and even if I can't remember it word for word, I certainly remember the sentiment of it and have pulled it from the back of my mind many times. Glad you are back. I tend to pop in and out. Wish I could be here more, but life is generally crazy busy. I got GOATS! and married! Boy, it's nice
  5. Getting closer. Fair starts tomarrow. I will be there next Friday night, show is Saturday. DD got Friday/Saturday off work, so she will be there with me. Same brat Princess that was at the first MrsS gathering at Darlene's with me, Also hoping my goat mentor, Sherrie, may go. Am hoping so! Getting a bit nervous and her being there showing some of her goats would really help my 'first show jitters'. I am taking 5 adults and 3 kids: Kindle--4 yr old, 3rd freshener ZZ--2 yr old, 2nd freshener May-1 yr old, first freshener Allie--dry yearling Bug--dry yearling Misty--born 3/18/11
  6. I hope the weather holds out for ya. No such luck here. My hay guy just baled what was suppose to be my 2nd cutting alfalfa. He cut 1/3 of it Thursday...it rained. He cut another 1/3 Friday morning...looked like rain and he stopped, it sprinkled a bit. Cut the rest Friday evening. Early Saturday afternoon they were calling for late evening thunderstorms popping up...he baled it and put it up in the downpour. They are calling for sunny, hot and dry the rest of the week. I'm beginning to think this guy's an idiot and gonna find me a new hay guy. Too bad...it was a gorgeous field of alfalf
  7. Anyone up for a meeting? The Elkhart County 4H Fair is July 23-30 in Goshen. It is one of the largest 4H fairs in the nation. I will be there on Friday the 29th at about 8:00 pm and spending the night for an ADGA goat show on the 30th. Wondering if anyone would like to come and meet up? I'll post more details as we figure them out. Here is a link to the fair: http://www.4hfair.org/
  8. Life is finally settling down to routine around here, which I thought was NEVER going to happen. It's been a hectic, busy, rough and sometimes heart-breaking spring. Had my first grandbaby on March 8 , then the does started kidding full force...we had 13 babies this year , lost our best buck (think it was urinary calculi...???...wish I'd have had a necropsy done), also two does to milk fever (one was my doe with the best conformation and the other was my best milker) . This has initiated a full scale management review and some improvements are being made. Work has picked up crazy bus
  9. Awwwww ((((((Wormie))))))) What an awful thing to have happen. But what a great chance to take a break and rest up for all the harvesting and preserving that you will be doing. Behave yourself and mind your docs! Saying a prayer for complete healing.
  10. It is very hard to find good, dependable, responsible farm help. Especially dairy with feeding babies and/or milking. And to be trusted to do it in the farmer's absence is a HUGE responibility. Tell him CONGRATS!!
  11. I don't have alot of extra time to do homemade breads alot, but on another forum that I'm on- www.dairygoatinfo.com -they swear by using whey in their bread products (bread, pancakes, biscuits, etc). Say it makes them sooooooo tender. I'm sure if you did a search in their Cheese forum that you'd find the specifics. Also alot of good cheese recipes.
  12. Oooooh, the baby goats WERE nibbling on her. She loved it!! She was squeeling and grabbing for them and her mom and I were laughing our butts off! Don't think we have to worry about any fear of animals...she belongs to a large family of animal lovers. Her name: DIL2B has always liked the name Shea. My DS2's middle name is Lynn (as is mine), and DIL2B's middle name is Nicole. Family tradition to use family names for middle names. DS1 has the same middle name as his dad and his grandpa. DS2, my grandpa and I have the same middle name. DD has my mom's first name for a middle name. I L
  13. My DS2 and DIL2B had my first grandchild on March 8. A beautiful little girl named Shealynn Nicole. I'm in LOOOOOVE. I hear so many people say: 'I can't wait til they can do this...or that...or they grow out of *whatever*. Not me. Loving every minute of being 'Grandma' and and cherishing and enjoying every moment. Here is a pic of Shea's mama introducing her to the baby goats. I'm on Cloud 9.
  14. I try to remember a couple times during the summer to put left-over whey from cheesemaking on the garden. Works wonders. Most of it goes to the dogs or the chickens, though. Houseplants love the stuff, too.
  15. Hi Necie! Happy Birthday!

  16. I finally got off dial-up, so here is the video of my Rottie, Gracie, grazing with the chickens. I stilll miss her sooooo much.
  17. Can't find my hay guy!!! You wait til I get ahold of him! We have enough hay til this week-end, but we go load and haul our own. The roads will be open by the time I 'need' it, but it's gonna be a pain getting to his barn to load and getting backed to our barn to unload. grrrrrr lol--DH musta been reading my mind...he just picked up the cell and tried him again. nope.
  18. Ummmm.....more likely to get the big baby (Kagan) to pull us than my wanna-be princesses dairy goats. I don't think the brat (Ari) would be much help...she might nip at Kagans heels, but that would only have us going in circles as he'd try to retaliate. We're ready! Pick me up on the way. A birthday party sounds like fun! and
  19. Yup--for going outside-layers EVERYWHERE! Two pair of normal socks instead of one thick pair, I wear a pair of stretch/stirrup pants under my jeans, t-shirt with sweatshirt...or two...or three, light coat with heavy coat over it, scarf, headband with hat over it, at least two pair of gloves--light waterproof pair inside thicker warm ones. If it's REAL cold, in the minus catagory, I have a pair of military bibs that I picked up at an auction. All loose fitting, nothing tight. Inside, we heat with a wood stove, but if the electric goes out, there's no way to circulate it, so we stay in the t
  20. Nana's Kick-A** Chicken Soup! It's posted here somewhere on MrsS. There were studies done *somewhere* that I can't remember, that said that chicken broth has something in it that's good for colds. Closest thing to a *cure*. I think there's some cayenne or something in it to which is good. Any type hot pepper would do, as it's the capsacium (sp?) that helps. Coffee (unless you're against caffiene) will dialate and open bronchial tubes and airways to help get the stuff up and breathe better. Works great for an asthma attack. It's the only asthma *medicine* I use, as the OTC and script stuff
  21. Michael--you're SHAMELESS!! LOL Glad she likes them.
  22. Yup, icy here today too. Walked 'off path' to do chores. Separated 2 goats into their own pen the other day and it's been a bear doing chores anyhow since I didn't have that pen set up for winter accomodations. No heater for their water bucket, so have to haul more water--the ice didn't help make that any easier. Then my computer finally gave up. The computer repair place is closed today and tomarrow. Who knows why. <shrug> So I went and got a new notebook and the old laptop will go in on Friday and hopefully they can at least recover my docs, pics, print program and hopefully my ol
  23. My computer gave up. I got a new notebook, but I don't have my old e-mail. If anyone has e-mailed me in the last week, please resend to lunamojo.dparks@yahoo.com . I'm taking the laptop in to see if anything can be salvaged off it. My website e-mail ( Denise@lunamojo.com ) is forwarded to my old e-mail at locl.net, so am gonna have to have my sis change that too.
  24. Necie


    I use them. www.lunamojo.com if you want to check it out. It's very simple...as am I. My sister helped me get it started, and I'm working on figureing it out. Mine is around $12/month. You can get a site free but then the site name would include web.com in it. I'm working on figuring out different templates and pictures. I hate technology.
  25. Have been working on a crocheted baby blanket for DS and DDIL2B. First grandbaby. It's been slow going trying to find time. It's a fairly quick blanket to work on using three colors--variagated pastels, pastel pink, and pastel purple (it's a girl). Alternating rows of color in an Aran pattern. I usually sit here and work on it when the computer is being sloooooow, but it seems to be behaving pretty good lately. Not sure if that's good or bad.
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