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  1. Nubians are sooooo NOT a color breed. Ya never know what your gonna get. Some does/bucks do tend to throw kids with their coloring, but there's no predicting it. I bred a brown, black trim, frosted ears/nose doe to a wildly colored, spotted buck. Kids look just like her. Bred her to a black buck..kids still look just like her. She's bred to a different buck this year...no guarantee that the kids will look like her. The wildest ones I had was a red roan, white belt, gold trim doe bred to the wildly colored, spotted buck.......BLACK kids. Now, if you're into breeding for colors, then the
  2. I mentioned in another post that DH and I got our own Christmas presents this year. He got a heck of a deal on a used John Deer riding lawnmower. His is VERY old and every year it seems he has to work on it more and more, so he is very happy with his gift. His was spur of the moment as he got a phone call and bought the mower the same day. Mine took a bit more planning. I got a new goat. She is from a herd in New York and the breeder was making a trip to Texas, so I picked her up en route in Columbus, OH. There was snow and ice the night before and DD went with me. I drive, she's the navig
  3. 10.25 4.2....................................25.25 57................................40.25 180 11.25 5.5....................................26.25 63................................41.25 190 12.25 6.5....................................27.25 69................................42.25 200 13.25 8.......................................28.25 75.................................43.25 210 14.25 10.....................................29.25 81.................................44.25 220 15.25 12......................................30.25 87.................................45.25 230 1
  4. Well, that did not copy/paste at all like it should have, which is weird because I copied/pasted it on a word doc a long time ago and copied it straight from there. I guess try the fiascofarm link that I put at the top. Sorry.
  5. This is the chart I use to weigh my goats (nubians). One day when I was out in the pasture 'weighing' them, the dogs (Anatolians--Kagan and Ari) seemed to be more than normally in the way. So, to humor them, I 'weighed' them too. I knew what their weights were, as Ari had just recently been to the vet and not too long before I had taken Kagan up to the grain elevator and weighed him on their BIG scales. Much to my surprise, the weigh tape was RIGHT ON! I'll be watching this as they grow to see if it continues to work. Ari was right at a year old and weighed 80#. Kagan was 1 yr and 9 months
  6. Well, I'm not getting as much done as I wanted to this week. Between the weather and my back/leg (sciatic thangy), just not much getting done. DD came down yesterday (in the middle of this last system we had go through), to help me with 'goat duties'. On the agenda was: draw blood for CAE and pregnancy testing, weigh, BoSe, worm, vaccinate, copper bollus and trim hooves. Weeeelllll...we got blood drawn for testing (BIG YEAH!) and got them weighed. It was snowing (and piling up) and the gate to the pen in the barn wasn't working correctly, so we had to bring them out of the goat pasture an
  7. ................... and I bet at that monent he wakes up , looks at you and says................................. "Hey I was watching that!" man I can't tell you how many time my Dad did that when my Mom would turn it off before going to bed at night. OH NO!! I don't go near the recliner if I hear snoring. That'll get ya swung at. Why do guys DO that?! Wake up swingin'? My mom uses a broomstick to poke dad to wake him up to go to bed. LOL Nope, that's not why I put it between his feet. Try it gals, you'll immediately know why. It's HILARIOUS!!
  8. "Because I'm a man, I must hold the television remote control in my hand while I watch TV. " Everytime I walk by DH when he's watching TV (recliner--remote on armrest) I pick up the remote and put it between his feet on the footrest.
  9. Just a dusting of snow overnight...still wearing my tennies. Am just 'on call' for work today and as slow as it's been, I can be pretty assured that I won't be called. GOTTA get some laundry done and think I'll do some research on a couple of new products I want to try to make. I'm starting to figure out the 'flow' of the year. March/April busy with kidding/milking, May through Oct busy with Farmer's Market, Nov/Dec busy with Christmas sales, so that leaves Jan/Feb to do research/marketing and catch up on inventory. Not a good day to go out and work on wholesale accounts, so research it i
  10. Not too bad here. Probably maybe 4" of snow or so. Still wearing my tennies, so not enough to get me to put on my boots to do chores. My socks scrunch down in my boots around my toes and drive me nuts. DH is out ice-fishing. (I heard at work yesterday that they aren't biting, but didn't have the heart to tell him as he's been wanting to go so bad). Maybe he'll come home with a bucket full. Been working on soap today. Trying to keep up with inventory and sales. Worst part of the job...I sux at bookwork stuff. Keep joking that I need a secretary. Could probably train a goat or dog to
  11. I would love to meet you gofish. Maybe we could meet for coffee/tea/whatever. Aren't you over by Cat? We'll get her to come too. Now, ya'll are making me blush. Glad you like the soaps and lotions. I love my goats, and taking care of them and making soaps and lotions from their milk. It is FUN and it helps the goaties pay for themselves. So far, I work for them, but hoping within a couple of years *I* get to be the boss. Doubt it. I've been trying to work on an idea for Valentine's day. I have the soap made (they are 3oz heart shaped bars that are rose scented), but have been thin
  12. Oops. Yup, had it backwards. The ingredients on the Sun Oxygen is: sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. It works the same as washing soda in making homemade laundry soap. Using my homemade GM soap, I actually think it works better...doesn't leave any residue from the bar soap. Baking soda: sodium bicarbonate does not work the same.
  13. Ok...I'm sure that the pic that Westie posted that ya can't see must be of a Nubian loving up on someone or some such...cuz Nubians are the friendliest (IMO). Even my biggest b**** nubian doe LOVES me. She rubs my butt with her head and loves hugs and gives *kisses*. It's just the other goats that she's mean to...she's the Queen, so she's allowed. I think she also appreciates the fact that last spring when she kidded with two boys that were racing to see who could get out first, that I got them out without shooting her. My goats all start out thinking I'm their mom. I bottle raise t
  14. Alrighty...I figured: Small flat rate box ($5 shipping)--I can fit up to 24 ounces ($12) of bulk soap. Medium flat rate box ($10 shipping)--I can fit up to 150 ounces ($75) of bulk soap. Large flat rate box ($15 shipping)--151-199 ounces. If anyone orders 200 ounces or more ($100) I will pay the shipping.
  15. Thought I'd start a new thread as some may see 'Christmas Special' and think it's done. I make and sell Goat Milk Soaps, Goat Milk Lotions and Soy Candles. The price is $4.00 for a 4 oz bar or bottle or candle, or 3 (mix or match) for $10. All the available scents are on the soap page of my website: www.lunamojo.com and I can do lotion/candles in any of the soap scents. All you have to do is e-mail me your order with *MrsS Soap Order* as the subject. Tell me how many of any scent you want in soap/lotion/candle and I will e-mail you back with a total (shipping will be the same as
  16. Washing soda is sodium precarbonate. I buy Sun Oxygen Cleaner from Wal-Mart.
  17. I'd like to thank everyone for their orders and hope you all enjoy your soaps and lotion as much as I enjoy making them. I'm going to keep running this special til the first of the year and then try to think up a new special. I have a few in mind. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and wishing all a happy New Year.
  18. Merry Christmas all!!!! Kids all came over yesterday for Christmas Eve. I love Chrismas Eve...such a relaxing day. DD got a turkey from work, so DH smoked it Thursday and we had turkey sandwiches, beef and noodles, taters and gravy and cheesy beans. Today we have to go to DH's mom and dads. What a madhouse that will be. DH has 6 brothers and sisters ranging from 62 to 43 and nieces and nephews that haven't been there all year will show up. DH and I bought our own presents this year. He got a new (used) riding John Deer lawnmower and I got a goat--a Nubian doe kid from the Lynn
  19. Road trip today. AARRGGHH! We have snow covered ice. I'm giving myself 5 hrs for what should be a 3 1/2 hr trip. Leaving at 2 and won't be home til 11 or 12. Am getting a nice prize for my efforts though. Picking up a new doe kid for my herd. Gal is driving from New York to Texas, so meeting her en route. Heck of a deal. Can't wait to get my hands on the little gal.
  20. PenG (available at www.jefferslivestock.com) would be my antibiotic of choice for wound infections without a script. SubQ for 5 days. All I know is the dose for goats, so no help there. Vet should be able to tell ya. Would flush with oxytetracycine--LA200 or Bio-Mycin or such. Also would get tetanus antitoxin.
  21. Made me think of the children's song "This Little Light of MIne". I think as adults, too many 'dim' their lights. Political correctness and all. Nice reminder to change out that 3 wat energy saver for a 1000 watt halide.
  22. <<<<<<<-------------------------- discovered a bug. No problems though.
  23. Darlene probably trained it.
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