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  1. The storm went through here, but the tornados stayed just north and went east. Spent part of the night in the basement with Kagan and Ari. My kids (in Michigan) had them to the north and south of them. ARGHH! Ohio got hit, too...my aunt and uncle (west of Toledo) have alot of damage to their house, barns and property, but they and all the animals are ok.
  2. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! It was just one of those days when things pile up, and pile up, and pile up...and I just didn't want to deal with anybody's *one more thing*. It is an amazing gift that I can come here to people who I consider to be real and true friends, many whom I've met and get such comfort in return without added stress, questionig or critisizm. This is truly *home* with such a family. And, no Cat...no bats lately. Haven't had one since December....lightly sauteed bat wings with garlic and parmesan.
  3. Can also use diatomacious (sp?) earth (DE) for insect control. Sprinkle a bit in the bottom of the bucket or even in the bag. Make sure it is the food safe type.
  4. Some feed stores carry it and if they don't, ask if they can order ya a bag. Sodium bicarbonate. 25 or 50#. Fine for baking or washing, too...and cheap!
  5. I make a vinegar cheese with goat milk. Heat milk to 185*F and add 1/2 cup of vinegar per gallon of milk. Give it a stir and cut the heat. Let sit til cool enough to *handle* and ladel into a cheesecloth lined strainer. Stir in 1 tsp salt. Can use *crumbley* like ricotta, or put in a press til firm and use like mozzarella. YUUUUUUMMMMM!
  6. My kidding just finished up Monday. Loooove my babies, but--WHEW--glad it's over. Three kidded in Feb. First a buckling/doeling, no problems. Then a single buckling, no problems. Then twin bucklings that were HUGE and tangled. Had to push them back in, untangle, sort and pull. Pooooor mama, but she's fine. 2nd round was the first fresheners-Sunday had a buckling/doeling born. Buckling was no problem, but then something wasn't right and no progress. Went in to feel spine of the baby. Thought it was breech, butt first. Found legs and pulled them forward and out and tried to pull. ARGG. *Fr
  7. and I miss you guys. So I come *Home* to give ya'll a hug...knowing that I'll get a big hug in return.
  8. I LOOOOVE you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Necie


    Scratchy noises in the walls? BATS!!
  10. www.dairygoatinfo.com Read 'Goat Keeping 101' forum. Tons of knowledgable info. www.dairygoatforum.com You have to register to get on the forums, but this site is SUPERB! READ, READ, READ. Beware CAE and CL and like Trish said-'problem' goats. Visit and ask to see test results. Buy from someone you like, who will answer your questions and talk, talk, talk.
  11. Don't know if it's the same with sheep as with goats, but I'd imagine so.... Goats can be 'milked' if they become strutted before freshening...it does not cause premature labor and only colostrum will be made until after kidding when the 'real' milk comes in.
  12. Anybody making doggie birthday cakes? Doesn't seem like it's been a year since these pups were born. WOW. I'm gonna try to get some pix later and I'll post again, but just wanted to say....
  13. * When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it's only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back. Ummmmm.....could ya send these guys to the restaurant where I work? Tell them to sit in my section. NEVER!! They'll each throw in $10!! And then look at each other wondering where the other $2.50 is coming from. grrrrrr
  14. Maybe it has something to do with where they are printed, rather than the company that produces them. My wall calender (free from the local bank) has "Pearl Harbor Day, 1941 (USA)" and in the bottom corner says 'Printed in the U.S.A'. My pocket pal purse calender (free from work) says "Islamic New Year", but in the front even though it is produced by Myron Corp (New Jersey/Toronto), it is printed in Malaysia. Just a thought. ?? <shrug>
  15. Necie


    Have heard them more here lately, too. Finally got fence up, so Kagan can 'patrol'. He did a good job of alerting and his bark/growl would prolly scare off most things, but I feel alot better that if anything gets too close, now he can take care of it.
  16. Necie

    Dogs & Snow

    Awww..he's so handsome! I love his red coloring. Yup..them puppies like the snow...doesn't bother Kagan a bit. We finally got fence up and now that he's got an acre to roam, he refuses to sleep in (what's left of) his doghouse. Slept in the middle of the garden last night, right out in the middle of it covered with snow and it got down to about 4*. Now, Ari likes the snow, but not as much as Kagan--course, she gets slobbered on and rolled in it by him and then gets chilly and is ready to come in. hehe Gracie loved the snow--she would FLY through it and *plow* it with her nose.
  17. Could be a Nigerian Dwarf, they come in all colors. He looks in good condition (alot of hair though, so hard to tell, but may be over-weight). Hooves aren't overgrown and appear to be trimmed. I would just give him some grass hay and actively seek his owner as he appears to be well cared for.
  18. Ari had her first vet app on Tue. She's such a ham. All the gals oooh'd and aaaah'd. Doc said she couldn't believe the difference in personality between her and Kagan. Much more 'outgoing'....ROFL....I'm sure she meant *mouthy*. LOL Eleven weeks and she weighs 21#. Training is going good. I'm learning. LOL The other day she taught me that she knows 'High Five'...also that if I don't pay attention and she is barking at me (which she does quite often...mostly to tell me that *she* is RIGHT and *I* am WRONG ), that it may also mean 'I need to go out NOW!'...in which case, she squats
  19. Well, Trip...to make ya feel a bit better.... It DID happen here...a couple weeks ago...at a local bar....place was packed (prolly over capacity)....karoke...local hilljack stood beween the two entrance doors...charged $2 cover charge...made a couple hundred bucks...only a few friends know about it...I'm sure the owner of the place will hear about it...he'll think it's funny. So he got away with it.
  20. Well, of course we get issued one bag per day..... Todays bag: ghiradelli dark chocolate truffles, instant-heat big mug of nana's kick-@$$ chicken soup, bottle of nail polish in your favorite color for toenail painting (nobody else knows they're painted-wearing big ole winter boots/shoes all the time...but *I* know) Hang in there gals...we got that ole enemy rethinking his strategy now.
  21. I have been doing once-a-week cooking. It's been going pretty well. I do 3 to 5 meals on Wed., put them in the fridge and whenever anyone is hungry, they get out and heat (micro) whatever they want. On Tue of the next week, I freeze in individual serving containers anything that is left. When the freezer starts getting 'full', then I don't cook on Wed and everyone eats out of the freezer. Funny, but making 5 meals all at the same time doesn't seem to take any longer than making one. Added bonus.
  22. And I can personally tell ya how gogeous and smart they are! And if ya wanna know 'the rest'....well...... ETA: WELCOME to MrsS WolfBrother!!
  23. What do I gotta do to get a green one? Don't look so good in red...much better in green. Or brown? Brown would be good too. LOL
  24. *necie crawls into the MrsS foxhole with darlene, cat and momo sporting her MrsS issue tin foil helmet and passes out MrsS issue ditty bags....one chocolate bar-ghiradelli , one intant heat big mug of hot coffee (or tea or coacoa), one fuzzy pink cuddle blankie....* Don't worry gals...we can lick this enemy!! Not only are we stronger and smarter....we have EACH OTHER!!
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