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  1. Hi, Welcome back, My father always said his family came from Scotland ( he passed away while I was still young so I never got to find out the truth of it, my mother said it was probably one of his funny stories! ) But anyway I love Scotland, such a beautiful place and so much less crowded than us down here in the South!
  2. Gosh ANewMe, I would have been terrified, no wonder you are apprehensive about visiting other churches! I'm reluctantly searching for a new church. I joined the Society of Friends (Quakers) as a young woman, but now thirty years on they have moved so far away from their Christian roots that I don't think I can stay ( there are now people who are atheist and pagan Quakers and Although I am a pretty open minded person, when we have got to the stage where we are embarrassed to mention Jesus, then I have to go....) So yes, I am struggling, I went to one church that was very charismatic, a couple that were just very Church of England and not a good fit for me...and one I am considering re- visiting, it was a solid Bible teaching church, and the sermon was excellent, it was just that not one person said " hello" to me. I guess I should try it again though, it is hard to find a church in the UK, our church attendance is very low, and getting lower all the time......
  3. Hehe I also got North-East and like you have never been to the USA in my life, I'm English.
  4. Adding my prayers, praying for strength for the family and healing for your granddaughter.
  5. http://www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/strategies-and-approaches/visual-supports.aspx I'm not really good with copy and paste on this new iPad we have, but hopefully the above might be a help. I think what you are doing is wonderful, I would have so appreciated this kind of help when my son was younger, we eventually stopped going to church because it was just too stressful.
  6. Thanks Annarchy, I joined ages ago then our old computer died and I forgot the name of this forum! Today someone asked me about prepping, not a common topic here in the UK, and this forum came up in my Google search....so I have found my way back
  7. My youngest son has autism and Anyala is right, the changing from one activity to another can cause an awful lot of stress for people on the autistic spectrum. When my son was younger, I used to prepare a visual timetable of what was going to happen to him during the day, you could do something like this for Sunday school....visual timetable sounds grand, but it was very simple, I just drew simple pictures of the day ahead.
  8. Merry Christmas, it's just turned midnight here, and I'm off to bed. May you all have the Christmas days that you want
  9. As I put in the title, Hi from the UK And I guess I had better tell you a bit about myself, my name is Sue, but one of my friends calls me Lily as apparently there are far too many Sues of my age around ( I'm 51) and I'm not too fussed which name you choose, you can use both if you like, I have I've been married for nearly thirty years, and we have three sons, and have always lived in the same big city in the East of England. I got to this forum in a rather roundabout way...and I must admit I didn't really know anything about prepping, but while I was reading I realised that I could learn an awful lot here. Because of my youngest son's early poor health, I gave up working fifteen years ago, and we realised we could make it on one income. This meant me doing things I hadn't originally intended like cooking from scratch, and shopping in charity shops...and it turns out I can do all this stuff ( anyone can)...but this year as the UK like most other countries is in recession, I'm renting an allotment ( piece of land you rent from the local council) to grow vegetables on. I'm also learning to drive ( rather late in life) as we would like the option to move out of the city eventually and this area has incredibly bad public transport. Our house is small, there are 5 of us living in 800 square feet, so I don't imagine I will be able to do vast amounts of storing things, but I will definitely appreciate help with growing stuff, and I also want to learn to sew ...and you can cheer me on with my driving lessons ( I so wish I had done this years ago, but better late than never!)
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