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Found 5 results

  1. Since we moved into this home, the oven door started coming loose. As it got looser and looser M & I planned to screw it up again, and we did tighten two screws right behind the door handle. They LOOKED like they were the right ones, but they dod not correct the situation. Over to google, and I found a U-tube on how to tighten the oven handle on my make of stove. Holy Crow! There were about 5 steps to take before we could tighten that pesky handle - take the door off; lay it on a padded & sturdy surface, front side facing down; remove the side and top trim pieces; unscrew the back of the door and remove it; and THEN tighten the screws to the spacers inside the door, which would in turn tighten the door handle. Yoikes! I immediately fired off an inquiriy to the manufacturer as to why they had to make things so much more complicated than in days of yore (my young adult days) unless they were in cahoots with the repair shops to give them more work. Thank goodness for you tube. I mentioned to M that those two screws were not the door handle ones, and that just tightening the handles was going to be a real PITA. She was watching TV, so perhaps she did not hear it, or it did not really register. Live and learn.... 2 days later we were going to tighten the handle after dinner. I asked her to give me a heads u so I could help since the stove people had made it complicated. well, after dinner she walked into the kitchen, thinking "How hard can it be to tighten a door handle, for pity's sake?" and did not mention to me what she was going to do,, since we had already had a full day of yard work. Nice person she is she was going to let me rest. She opened the door, fiddled with the screws, and the door discintegrated! She did catch the glass front as the entire front of the door fell off of the stove, so nothing broke, but the cussing was heartfelt and dramatic! I ran into the kitchen, exclaiming "What the F did you do???" and she of course said "I just loosened a couple screws and everything fell apart!" More cussing. We spent the next 3 hours doing the jigsaw puzzle without success - removed the door, took EVERYTHING apart, finally quitting when we were too tired to see straight, let alone make a screw driver work. The next day, we got everything put together (with help from You tube) after a few bits of confusion that you tube did not address (like in what order the parts had to be re-assembled). when everything was together, we put the door back on and ...it would not close properly. One side was askew. After another fitful night with visions of stove parts dancing thru my dreams, and our friend (another prepper) came over to look at the situation with fresh eyes, as we were soooooo frustrated that we wanted to use it for target practice in the back yard. She discovered that one part was bent, and bent it back into place. HOOORAY!!! Our oven is whole again, AND the door handle is tight, as well. The moral of the story.....google before unscrewing things on equipment, ESPECIALLY critical stuff you can't afford to replace, because Mr Murphy (and his laws) is still around!
  2. Jeepers

    Platform Bed

    I saw a neat platform bed with lots of underneath storage. It's made from IKEA kitchen cabinets. Be nice for a tween room too. You could store/hide a lot under there. http://www.mandatory.com/2015/11/12/ikea-hack-how-to-turn-kitchen-cabinets-into-a-platform-bed/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl24%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D-980167892
  3. Just found this information and thought I would pass it on for those that might be interested in growing and making their own cooking oil. http://www.instructables.com/id/Grow-Your-Own-Cooking-Oil/?ALLSTEPS
  4. Nuff said. Just watch http://new.d**m.com/puts-soup-can-glass-bowl-know-need-try/?utm_source=d**m&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=soupsafedamn
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