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Found 1 result

  1. Well this sounds alarming! To all of us who try to use natural sources like manure, hay, straw for the compost pile. Or someone doing straw or hay bale gardening.... Gotta read this. Herb..icide = "plant...killer" Did you know a lot of hay fields are using an herbicide for "wide leaf" plants. Hay is not wide-leaf but vegetables are. Straw comes from mostly grains: oats, wheat, rye, etc. Commercial operations use herbicide or other chemicals to get the results they want for the grains. However the stem [that's what straw is..] can have residual content of these chemicals. AND.......manure.... Horse eats hay with residual herbicide. Horse is not a plant so herbicide is "safe" for horse. Manure is the by product of horse eating hay.....and can still contain the herbicide. Composting....does it "cook out" the herbicide? Sounds like probably not. So your wonderful, crumbly black pile of compost might contain enough residual plant-killer chemical to still affect plants.....even after going thru the digestive tract of an herbivore [plant eater] like horse, cow, goat, etc. Read the whole article and the comments. There is some discussion Yea and Nay. http://thegrownetwork.com/hidden-dangers-straw-bale-gardening/ MtRider Sheeeeeeeesh!
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