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Found 1 result

  1. Sigh. Click on web link at bottom of page to see the can labels. Armour, Kroger and Dollar General brands among those in canned food-lead content recall About 700,956 12-ounce cans of roast beef with gravy sold under seven different brands were recalled because they “may be contaminated with unsafe levels of lead,” a USDA recall notice said. While you might not recognize manufacturer Crider Foods, you probably recognize the name brand Armour; the nation’s No. 2 grocer, Kroger; or the discount store Dollar General. The USDA-written recall notice says after testing by a state agency found the problem, Crider and the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service “found that a spice mix used from an outside source contained unsafe levels of lead.” So, here’s what’s been recalled, in alphabetical order. All are 12-ounce cans with best by dates of 10/22/2022 and 3/15/2023 with “EST 31812” : ▪ Armour Roast Beef with Gravy; ▪ Dollar General store brand Clover Valley Fully Cooked Roast Beef With Gravy; ▪ Hargis House Roast Beef and Gravy; ▪ Harvest Creek Roast Beef with Gravy; ▪ Hostess Roast Beef with Gravy; ▪ Kroger Roast Beef with Gravy; ▪ Laura Lynn Roast Beef with Gravy. If you have these foods, either return them to the store of purchase for a full refund or throw them in the garbage. If you have questions, contact Crider President Mark Howell at mhowell@criderinc.com or (912) 536-1424. Kroger, Armour, Hostess, others Roast Beef with Gravy recall | Raleigh News & Observer (newsobserver.com)
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