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Joy's Legacy- CHAPTER 2

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They got up early in the morning. Finally, Friday was here. The clock said 7:00a.m. Well, early for them anyway! Dave was a night owl, and Joy, well, she didn’t mind being able to sleep in once in a while.


After praying and getting ready for work, Victoria finally woke up. They had breakfast together and Dave got ready to leave.


“I’ll talk to my boss today about getting some time off” he promised, “but I wouldn’t hold my breath.” He shook his head. “I’m telling ya, I feel like they have it in for me!”


Joy put her arms around his neck and lifted her head up for a goodbye kiss. She knew that this whole job thing was getting to him.


“Remember that no matter what, I love you!” She said. “I’ll be calling my Aunt Linda today and see if she wants me to go up there sooner. Would that be ok? I also need to call Marie and see when she and Roger will be arriving so we can pick them up at the airport. Do you need anything from Mexico? I’ll be making up a list of things to ask Mom to bring. With the two minivans, that’s a lot of space!”


Dave laughed. “Sure,” he grinned, “tell them to get me some Rompope!” He opened to the door to the apartment. They kissed again and he took off for work.


Joy smiled to herself. Rompope. Go figure he’d ask for that. Rompope was an alcoholic drink not too much unlike spiked Eggnog. They used it with vanilla ice cream for a special treat. She wrote it down on the list of things she had going. Let’s see…she now had tuna, jabon zote (a Mexican soap for washing clothes by hand), and some other things.


The phone rang. It was Marie.


“Aloha!” She said, her customary greeting.


“Hey, Marie, how are ya?” Joy said as she plopped down on the chair.


“Hi, Aunt Marie!” Victoria called.


Joy laughed. Marie was one of Victoria’s favorite aunts. Well, she only had three of them, so that didn’t leave many! They talked for a while about Uncle James and Marie’s trip back to the States. She would be bringing more stuff since she would be making this her furlough. They talked about her wedding plans, but she still wanted to get married in Africa.


They would be arriving in Minnesota on Tuesday, the 7th. Then, everyone would go up to Duluth when the clan from Mexico arrived. They’d be tired and maybe a little grumpy, but everyone was very excited for this opportunity to finally all be together.


After hanging up the phone, Joy called her Aunt Linda. She wasn’t able to talk to her long, but could hear relief in her voice. They talked often on the phone, and had grown close over the last two years. Aunt Linda was a great inspiration to Joy. She was a great gardener, canner and excellent at preserving foods in one form or another. Joy had learned a lot from her, to the point that you could say she could do it blindfolded.


“No, honey, you don’t need to come up now,” she said. “All my kids are here with their families, so we are a little crowded anyway. It’ll be good to see you in Duluth. Is Dave able to get the week off of work?” She asked.


“I don’t know yet,” Joy answered. “I sure hope so, it would be really sad if he had to miss all of this.”


“Any more thoughts about moving up here?” Aunt Lin asked. They had talked about it several times. Dave and Joy would love to move away from the cities, but for now, that’s where there was work. Now with Uncle James dying, it would maybe not happen. Who knows if Aunt Linda was going to stay in the area or move to California to be closer to her siblings. It was them that first talked to Dave and Joy about preparing. At first Joy blew it off, but after talking to Dave about it some, he agreed and said that Uncle James was right. He really wanted him not to be, but he’d hate to get caught unprepared and unable to care for his family. So they prepared. To the best of their ability, anyway. Dave had taken some classes that would help them no matter what happened. The good thing is that he had been able to apply them at work and practice. He was now a very skilled carpenter, good plumber and a so-so electrician. Joy had also taken courses. She learned how to sew, knit and crochet, make rugs, pottery, and other essential things that could prove helpful if things kept going the way they were going.


Joy ended the conversation with her Aunt and started to clean the apartment, getting it ready for next week. Victoria was going to have to be on vacation from school. This would give Joy a chance to go through all the homeschooling materials that they had just gotten on the day before. Dave and Joy had decided to buy the entire curriculum for Victoria’s schooling. All together it had cost them over $2000, but considering that it went from preschool through high school they thought it was a pretty good deal. They realized some things were going to be outdated by the time she got to high school, but Joy figured they’d be able to update it then. Also, this curriculum was one that you could teach kids of different ages all at once. They only had Victoria, but were really hoping to have more kids. Soon. Victoria would be five this year, and that was more time between the kids than they had wanted.


After lunch, Joy asked Victoria to go play in her room. She sat down at the computer to check email and to read some of her favorite online books. There was an email from her Aunt Sue in Oregon. It read:



Hi Joy! Just a quick note as my granddaughter is begging to go out to play. Fred’s business is growing a lot, and he wondered if Dave was still interested in proofreading books. He could work on his own time, and we’d make sure that he would be fairly compensated. What we have been doing recently is just paying a yearly salary and then expecting our employees to read a certain number of books a year. We would not be able to provide an office, but would help pay for some of the expenses for one if he needed one. Obviously he could just do it from home. The pay isn’t much, $45,000 a year, and you’d be responsible for taxes. You had mentioned that Dave was interested, so I thought I’d ask. Also, because this is you and we trust you, we would pay you a year in advance. The number of books we expect him to proofread is 24. That’s about two per month. If he finishes more and he wants more work, we’ll send him more and we’ll pay him extra for it. It sure helps us a lot, and hopefully it’s a good deal for you, too.

Unfortunately, I do need a response pretty soon.


Let me know as soon as you can, ok? You can email me back, or call me at (555) 555-5555. Love you, honey.


Say hi to Dave and little redhead Victoria for me.


Love, Aunt Sue and Uncle Fred



Joy grabbed her cell phone and called Dave.


“Honey can you come home real quick? I really need to talk to you.” Joy knew that the excitement in her voice could be heard.


“Why what’s up?” Dave asked as Joy heard the front door open. She jumped up out of her chair and ran to the door.


“Dave, come see this email! Where you right here, or what?” She asked holding his hand and heading back towards the computer.


“Yeah, I was coming home to get something to eat. I’m starving!” He sat at the computer. “This one? From your Aunt Sue?”


Joy nodded. She went to the kitchen while Dave read the email and prepared him a sandwich and some fresh veggies. She poured him a glass of cold water and set it all at the table. Dave came to the table after printing out the email.


“Fresh bread?” He asked after bowing his head and saying thanks.


“Yup, made it yesterday before I went shopping. What do you think about the job?”


Dave nodded his head slowly. He was not one that made decisions irrationally, and Joy was afraid he’d say no, just because he didn’t have enough time to process the offer.


“If I take this offer can I quit my job today? I’m so sick and tired of working here.” Dave looked serious. Joy wasn’t sure what to say.


“By the way. I didn’t get the time off to go to the funeral. If I quit today and ask for my two weeks of vacation then maybe I can actually go. What do you think?”


Joy couldn’t believe he was serious. She knew that he was getting desperate, but not quite this much!


“Are you sure?” Joy asked, searching his eyes for any clue of him joking.


“Yup,” he responded, “I sure am. Why don’t we pray? If by this evening we don’t feel sure one way or another we’ll have to think longer about it and maybe it isn’t for us. Man, it pays more than I make now! And we’d be able to live wherever we want! You’d be able to have that garden you keep talking about…” his voice trailed off.


He leaned over and took Joy’s hands in his. They bowed their heads together and prayed that the Lord would make it clear to them if this is what He wanted them to do. When they were done, Dave took his plate to the kitchen and rinsed it off. He went to Victoria’s room and gave her a big hug and kiss.


“Daddy has to go back to work now, ok?” He said softly into her ear.


“Again?” She asked.


“Yeah…” Joy could tell by Dave’s voice that Dave was thinking how nice it’d be to not have to.

Dave left for work again, asking Joy to make a few phone calls. He wanted to make sure that he didn’t make such a big job change without others input. People that were important in their lives, like their parents, their Pastor, and their best friends with whom they prayed, and played, with regularly.


So Joy did. And the answers were unanimous. Go for it. So Joy called Dave back on the cell phone and told him what everyone thought. She told him she agreed. Dave sounded relieved. He said he would talk to his boss right away.


Joy hung up the phone and let out a little yelp. She sat down to the computer and responded to the email her Aunt sent. Then she called her and said that Dave would accept the job. Her Aunt was very pleased and said that tonight when Dave got home they could work out the details.

Joy got supper ready and in the oven and then sat down for a little bit on the couch to catch her breath. She turned on the news to see what was going on. Wow. Things were really going bad. Just from yesterday things with China had gone bad to worse. At the border the Minutemen Project that had been going on since April had caught two van’s full of illegals crossing into the States. But they weren’t Mexican. They were Chinese. Their vans were full of weapons, ones that Joy had never even heard of. She checked her watch. 4:59 p.m. Her Mom and Dad, sister and family should be across the border by now. She hopped, anyway. She called the family that her parents usually stayed with at the border.


“Hello Smith’s” Joy’s Mom answered the phone.


“Mom! You made it across the border!” Joy said, relief flooding her voice.


“Hi, hon. Yes, we all decided to leave last night since we were able to hurry and get everything ready. We were even able to get the stuff you asked for.”


“How did you know what to bring me? I didn’t get to tell you.” Joy wondered.


“Well, honey, you always ask for the same thing.” She laughed. “Tell Dave we have some Rompope for him, too”.


Joy smiled. He’d be very happy. They talked for a while about the new job and even though Liz was excited, Joy could tell there was something wrong.


“Are you ok, Mom?” Joy asked.


“Oh, yeah. It’s just that…” Liz paused.


“What?” Joy pressed.


“Well, the closer we got to the border the more army vehicles we saw. They were Mexican army vehicles. That’s normal, but usually they have just teenagers manning the drug stops. This time it was older men, with a bunch of Asian looking guys. They hardly even looked at our stuff. And believe me, we are bringing lots of stuff! It’s like they didn’t care, like they were putting up a front. And they weren’t speaking Spanish, either. Well, maybe some broken Spanish. Your Dad thought it sounded like they were speaking Chinese”.

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