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Joy's Legacy- CHAPTER 3

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Joy told her Mom about what she had just heard in the news. Her Mom related about other odd things, inconsistent with the way things where done in Mexico. There was a particular hate look towards them, but not Joy’s brother-in-law, who was a Mexican.


“Juan thought that they were speaking Korean. So who knows, Dad could be wrong. I’m just glad that we were able to get through ok. There was a lot of commotion at the border. Some Mexicans weren’t being allowed in, even though they had their papers in order. They let Juan in because of Ann. They said that if he had come alone they wouldn’t have let him in. And it wasn’t the Americans not letting him in. The problems were occurring on the Mexican side! They didn’t want to let him out!”


They talked for a while more and then hung up the phone. They were going to try and get up to Minnesota as fast as they possibly could, even having the kids drive. Leslie had her license, and Allen a permit. It was two more drivers, anyway! They would even try driving late into the night. They would try to be here by Sunday, or early Monday. That would give them a few days here with us, before going to Duluth.


Joy got busy. She called Victoria to come and help set the table just in time for Dave to come home for supper. They ate quietly and quickly not wanting to talk too many serious things in front of their little one. Dave’s spirits seemed high. He had a twinkle in his eyes. Joy’s, on the other hand were a little down. She was worried about what all the Chinese or Koreans, or from where ever they were, meant.


Dave played with Victoria as Joy cleaned up after supper. She loved hearing them play together. Finally, at 7:30 p.m. Joy gave Victoria a bath and after their family devotions and hugs and kisses all around, they put the little one to bed. Dave and Joy settled into their favorite spots in the living room. Joy was eager to hear about Dave’s talk with his boss, but also eager to watch more of the news.


Then the phone rang. It made them almost jump out of their skins. It was Marie again. She had to talk loud, as there was a lot of noise in the background.


“Joy? Hi, this is Marie. Listen, I don’t have much time; our plane is about to leave. We were told that there are only a few planes leaving for the States this week so if we were to get there in time for the funeral we had to leave soon. We might have to get married in the States after all. They almost didn’t let Roger leave. They said that the only reason that he could leave is if we were going to get married there. We told them we would and thought that we can figure out what we are going to do later.” Her voice continued to get louder as the sounds behind grew.


“Marie? Are you guys ok? You sound flustered.” Joy stated, concerned.


“Yeah, we are ok, for now. I just want to get on the plane and leave. I wasn’t able to get as much done as I wanted, I’m tired, and now it seems like there is a lot of people complaining. They aren’t letting some of the Senegalese people leave the country and people are starting get angry. And loud. Oh! I gotta go, Roger says that they are boarding. I’ll call you when I get to the States, ok?”


“Ok. When do you arrive?” Joy asked. She hated not having any information.


“Early Sunday morning. About 7 a.m. or so. But I’ll call you and let you know for sure. Love you! Bye!” She really sounded scared. The yelling sounded like it was intensifying behind her.


“Bye, Marie! Love you! We’ll be praying for you.” Joy said as quickly as she could.


“Thanks, we’ll need it. Bye!” Marie hung up.


Joy looked at Dave as she hung up and shook her head. “I’m not sure what to think!” She said with worry in her voice. “Mom said that at the border they weren’t letting Mexicans across and now Marie is saying that they aren’t letting Senegalese leave the country! Now I don’t know if she meant at all, or just to go to the States. She didn’t say.”


Dave let out a deep breath. “Well, we’ll just have to pray for them. It’s the best we can do. Do you want some good news for a change?” He said, his face lighting up.


“I’m sorry, of course I do. How did your day go?” Joy said, glad for the change of subject.


“I don’t work here anymore!” Dave said, holding his hand up for a high five. He recounted the events of the evening. Apparently his boss had been really mad and just read him the riot act. She had even sworn at him and told him where he could go. Joy wasn’t surprised. She seemed to be the kind of person that if things didn’t go her way, she’d blow a head gasket. What did surprise her is what Dave told her next.


“But guess what? All this happened in the back office. You know how it’s connected to the front office and you can hear everything?” He said, his voice rising with excitement.


“Yeah?” Joy responded cautiously, knowing that he sometimes liked to lead her into a story and then say well, that’s it, just to make her react.


“Well, it turns out the owner, Senior, was in the front office. He must have arrived after I did, because I didn’t know he was there. I would have warned her to keep it down. He heard almost everything. He was not happy. Let me tell ya, I may have quit my job, well, she lost hers.”


“What do you mean, she lost hers?” Joy asked, almost not being able to believe it.


“Yeah, he fired her on the spot. He wondered if I was interested in suing the company over it. I told him ‘Of course not!’ and he shook my hand. ‘Goodman,’ he said, ‘good man’. My boss left immediately, it looked as if she was humiliated, but Senior told everyone to let her go. He offered me to stay, under new management, and I told him ‘thanks, but no thanks’. He agreed to give me my two weeks vacation now instead of me giving a two-week notice. So I’ll still get paid for the next two weeks, but I don’t have to work. And, the best part….” He paused, wanting Joy to get the full impact of his words.


“Yes…” She asked a little impatiently.


“He said we could use 210, that three bedroom apartment on second floor and the corporate apartment to house your family while they are here. I think he was just glad that I wasn’t going to sue him that this was cheap compared to what he could have ended up paying.”


Joy was shocked. “Really? Wow!”


“Yeah,” Dave replied “but I told him it was only for a couple of weeks, right? I mean I can’t imagine that they’d be able to stay here any longer than that, with their work and stuff.”


Joy nodded. They talked a while more about what to do and then turned on the news. Surprisingly enough, both Juan and Joy’s dad were right. The Border Patrol had also caught a truck full of illeagals. These were from N. Korea. So the Minutemen had caught some Chinese, and apparently there were also people from N. Korea trying to get across. The government alphabet agencies were proud at what they had accomplished, and thought that they had things under control. They would be questioning the men and women that were trying to come across and get to the bottom of this, they were sure of it.


In other news, small disturbances were breaking out around the world, as it seemed that flights from many different countries were being cancelled. The screen filled in with something tapped earlier in the day.


“This was going to be my first time in America,” the young woman said in a thick accent. “Now they are telling us we cannot go! I worked hard for this! My family is waiting there for me. There is no future here for me! Why will they not let us on the airplane?”


Dave and Joy looked at each other. This woman was not from Senegal, or Mexico. She seemed Asian. There were other interviews of other places in the world, all of them with ‘minor’ disruptions to the flight schedule to the States. The news went on to say that the White House was looking into what could possibly be the reason for such a thing, but was naming it a coincidence.


“And now for our next story, do you know why men bald more than women do? Stay tuned to find out…” Dave tuned them out.


“This doesn’t sound good at all,” Dave said with the most interest Joy had seen in the story. She had been trying to keep up with it all day, and it seemed as though something was definitely up, and it was not ‘coincidence’.


“Do you think we should do something about it?” Joy asked, wondering what they could possibly do at this time of the night.


Dave nodded his head slowly. This usually meant yes, but let me think about it for a second and let me figure something out. They had enough water and food stored for two, three months tops. But that was for two adults, possibly three and a child. They had some camping equipment that they could use for cooking if the lights did go out, since they had an electric stove. But no protection of firearms, no knowledge of how to use them, and no permit to even get one.


“What time is it? Hand me the phone would ya?” Dave said as he looked up a phone number. “I’m going to call Senior and ask him if it’s ok if we put stuff in the apartments now. With your family coming we are going to need a ton of food anyway and…” He wasn’t able to finish as the phone rang again.


“Hello?” Dave answered almost dropping the phone.


Dave looked at Joy. “Hey, Fred, how is it going?”


Joy smiled. Dave has a new job, Dave has a new job…she thought to herself.


Dave and Joy’s uncle talked for quite a bit. Dave got their checking account and read it off to Fred over the phone.


“Are you sure about this?” Dave asked over the phone. “I’d be willing to be paid monthly as I do the work…” His voice trailed off as Joy could hear her uncle talking.


A few minutes later Dave hung up the phone. “Well, this is exiting!” He took Joy into his arms. “By tomorrow morning, at the latest by tomorrow afternoon we should be $45,000 richer!”


“What? They will pay it now, before you do the work?” Joy asked not being able to believe it.


Dave explained their motives behind it, and it was mainly to help Dave and Joy out. They saw how things were starting to go south. Fred had told Dave that he could use the money as he saw fit to prepare, and that if nothing happened, then he’d still be able to work. The salary was considered part-time since they also had to pay people in California the same amount, and the dollar didn’t stretch as far there. Good thing it would in Minnesota!


They decided that the two of them would go shopping tomorrow. Take both vehicles, an old Chevy and the minivan, and possibly split and conquer. Dave would take some time tonight to print some information off the internet, and Joy would make sure that their BOB’s were ready to go. They sure hoped they wouldn’t need them. Not with Joy’s family coming.


The phone rang again. Joy looked at her watch. 11:00p.m. Who could be calling this late at night?


“Hello?” Dave answered.


Dave looked at Joy and mouthed, “It’s your Mom”. “No, no, we were just now going to get to bed. Where are you?” There was a long pause as Liz answered. “Wow. You gotta be kidding. Things are getting that bad?” Dave looked at Joy, a confused look in his eyes. “Ok, sounds good. We’ll keep a look out for you then. Drive safely and stay awake! Love you, too,” he blushed “bye”.


Joy smiled. “You actually told my Mom you loved her? I mean I know you do, but you told her?” She grinded as she saw his face turn a deeper pink.


“Yeah, well, after what I just heard you would have, too. She said that they left the border tonight wanting to get up here as soon as possible. Things aren’t going the greatest there. She said that they heard shots and a lot of yelling. She said that they thought that riots were starting to break out from people no being able to get into the States.”

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