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It's here! I just posted chapter 8. I hope you like it! Thanks for all your comments.....it's great to know that you like the story!

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Chapter 9 is out! But be warned...it has some violence in it!

Also, I may not be able to post a chapter a day for a while, or even from now on. I can't write that fast, LOL! The ideas are all in my head, but I can't spend the hours it takes to write, especially while my parent are here. After they leave (in about 3 weeks) I'll be able to get back to my writting. I'm really enjoying the writting, and I *know* that I'm going to miss it terribly! But I only see my parents once a year, so I want to make the best of it.


I am so glad that you guys are enjoying the book. Your comments mean more to me than you can imagine! It's great to see what you all think about it....thank you!



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eeek...im getting behind....i fell asleep after work thinking i should get up and look for the next chapter first....lol...i think im hooked on the book happy and I hope you have a great visit...Q

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Uh oh... I just re-read all the comments about Joy's Legacy.... Happy was going to post chap 10 BEFORE her family arrived.... will we make it until their visit is over and she can do chap 11.....

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