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It's here! I just posted chapter 8. I hope you like it! Thanks for all your comments.....it's great to know that you like the story!

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Chapter 9 is out! But be warned...it has some violence in it!

Also, I may not be able to post a chapter a day for a while, or even from now on. I can't write that fast, LOL! The ideas are all in my head, but I can't spend the hours it takes to write, especially while my parent are here. After they leave (in about 3 weeks) I'll be able to get back to my writting. I'm really enjoying the writting, and I *know* that I'm going to miss it terribly! But I only see my parents once a year, so I want to make the best of it.


I am so glad that you guys are enjoying the book. Your comments mean more to me than you can imagine! It's great to see what you all think about it....thank you!



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