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Here are some of the things I do with my kids so we have a more 'homemade' Christmas.


We go caroling with the church. We go looking at lights. This year we are going to enter a gingerbread house into the City's contest they hold every year.


We are making garland this year taking someone's idea here, and using brightly colored pony beads that we already have to make the garland.


We decorate the tree wtih stuffed beanie babies. I have done that since the children were little and continue that tradition.


We watch Christmas movies, with peanut butter fudge, made from their Great Grandfather's recipe, and popcorn, apples and hot chocolate with marshmellows all melty and sweet. Sugar high heaven. The snacks become our dinner.


I alwasy let the kids open their presents the night before Christmas. Because I can't wait. Even though it is a small Christmas each year the past 6 years, I love having the kids open their presents.





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coffee2 This is a neat thread. My parents had an old heavy star-shaped ashtray we traced on cardboard and covered the cardboard with foil and sat ontop of our tree every year. We also use to go through the woods and get old sweetgum balls with the little stems on them and when we got ready to decorate the tree we would cover them with foil and tie thread onto the stem and hang all over the tree. We hung very few glass ornaments, no lights at all. Then we would hang lots of silver tinsel all over the limbs (so many you couldn't see through the tree). Then next we made the construction paper chains to hang all around the house. Then we would all sit couch2 around the tree and drink a mug coffee of hot cocoa. Plain and simple, but it was soooo pretty. wave
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I think sometimes we forget that a "job well done" is supposed to be a "JOB"... meaning that our children often are cheated by not *creating* something themselves.


What made your home-made Christmases so special is that you helped gather those sweetgum balls and helped make the chains (older ones showing the younger wink ).




Every child loves helping to make a tree special by their own efforts. They can color pictures, or cut paper, or fold origami decorations.



I'm guessing that a Grandma could have her most perfect tree ever by having those precious grandchildren decorate it entirely.



And which tree will the KIDS remember best???? happy02




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I admit I have a plastic tree, but the girls love to decorate it. Our homemade area is food, we try to only have snacks that we make ourselves, so sugared peanuts, marshmallows, coconut ice, fudge, chocolate, Christmas cake, rumballs and rocky road. Christmas dinner is always made from what we have and no commercially prepared food. Then it is a day of food and more food! lots of fellowship, and relaxing all day. (well we relax after Christmas dinner).

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Hi All, you ladies have some fantastic ideas and I love each one of them. I was hoping you could help me too. I want to make holiday placemats and coasters this year. Pourfolkes showed me how to sew 4 strips of fabric in a woven pattern and turn it inside out and they made awesome placemats. Problem is I cannot remember how to do it and I cant find the pattern. Any help?


Thank You



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I went to that site and poked around. Neat site! I'm saving those directions, thank you...


As I wandered, I came across this from the 2006 MN State Fair...



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Fantastic, aren't they?!


That is something I never had thought existed.

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Here is a picture of coasters I made last year and took to the fair this year. smile They are plastic canvas, and really didn't take to long to make. smile They are pictured with some of the other things I made for the fair.





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