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homemade chapstick

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OK here ya go folks..now first off, you can make this in either the microwave or in a double boiler. I prefer the double boiler method, using a small disposable loaf pan or a clean tuna can for the pan, something you can throw away or re-use for the same thing later.


ok, you need a small amount of pure beeswax ( I scrape it off of a candle ) and some olive oil and a capsule of Vit E.

And a small container. I use those little plastic jars with lids you can buy at the pharmacy for about 50 cents. An old RX bottle would be fine too.


Scrape about 1 Tsp of wax into your double boiler container and melt. Watch it carefully, you don't want it to catch on fire. Using a stick ( I use a chopstick) stir in about 3 TBS of olive oil and keep stirring. ( it is about a 3:1 ratio of oil to beeswax) Remove from heat and keep stirring. If when it cools it is too soft, add a little more wax and remelt. Remove from heat again and stir till cool. ( obviously,If it is a little too hard add more oil.) When it is the right texture, pin prick the vit e capsule and stir that in.

Now place in your container and VOILA! Great chapstick. This should be a semi-hard puddle of chapstick. When you run your finger over it a few times it should melt onto your finger and then you transfer that to your lips.

It lasts all day and does a great job.



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This sounds like a great recipe lilrose, thanks! Do you ever add flavour or scent? I just lost my homemade lemon-ginger lip balm that Pixie's sister-in-law made. It was the best lip balm ever!


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This sounds like a great recipe lilrose, thanks! Do you ever add flavour or scent? I just lost my homemade lemon-ginger lip balm that Pixie's sister-in-law made. It was the best lip balm ever!

lemon ginger sounds delightful! Where do you get these things and what products are they for flavoring and scent?
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Where do you get these things and what products are they for flavoring and scent?

I don't really know, I was wondering the same thing...I'll have to ask Pixie as soon as she gets her phone/internet back. That girl! I told her to email me her new number before it was cut off!
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hey CeeGee, I haven't ordered from them but am in the process of doing so. I briefly checked out the site that Lois recommended too, and need to go back to do a more thorough price comparison. LL might have better prices.

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I've been studying both Mabel White and the Lavender Lane site. Both sites have things that the other doesn't have. For instance, LL carries the amber and blue bottles for tinctures and Mabel does not. Mabel has a better selection of flavor oils. LL definately wins for the best prices though.


Thanks for the link Lois. Do you have a PIN number at LL so that when I order, you will get a 10% discount for the referral?

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For those of you still checking out this thread, here's an idea for making your own scented, herbal oils. I normally use olive oil but canola or sweet almond oil will work also as well some other but be aware that some types of oils are actually drying.


You can use dried herbs but I prefer fresh, used at the heighth of it's strength which varies for different herbs and different parts of herbs. Do your research or ask.


Fill a jar of any size (depending on the amount of oil you want to make) with fresh herbs, (if you use dried herbs, use about a quarter cup per quart jar). Fill the rest of the jar with warmed oil and cap it snugly. Set it in a sunny window or in a warm spot for a couple of weeks, shaking the jar at least once a day. At the end of the first week I like to smell it and if it isn't starting to get a nice scent then I drain it well, squeezing the oil from the herbs and then adding fresh herbs to it and let it steep further. If a nice scent is starting to be noticed then just leave it the extra week. At the end of two (or three or four depending on when I get to it) weeks I strain the oil through a cheese cloth, squeezing the cloth to extract as much oil as possible and rebottle the oil to use later. It will keep for a long time capped well.


This oil is then used in place of the oil in the chap stick recipe. The same recipe can be made into a salve for sores, wounds, rashes, and bruises depending on what herbs are used in the oil. If you use more oil in the chapstick recipe and then shake the resulting mixture until it's cooled, you will have a lotion that is great.


Some suggestions for simple herbs to use are: mint, orange peel or lemon peel for the lips (strawberry juice gives a nice pinkish tint and good taste to the pomade but it doesn't store as well. You can use a bit of crayon melted with the beeswax to color the concoction if you don't mind the inorganic color); slippery elm bark, calendula, comfrey, and marshmallow root make great soothing salves or lotions; Mint, and even cayenne can be used for sore muscles. You can add tea tree oil to make your own antiseptic and healing salve and don't forget other additives like vitamin E and etc suggested in another post. This recipe can really be useful and I was glad to see it posted here.


Have I said before that this is a great site?

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I looked at this thread today. It has terrific sites listed. I especially liked the mabel white site for lotions and lip balm supplies and suggestions.

I have been wanting to make some that are personal blends.

Actually at the costs listed, even with shipping, I could possibly start making and selling healing lotions and balms here in a little while. Or have plenty to make gift baskets for next years holidays, while making my own supplies. Also the soap bases had enough variety and would be simple enough to just take a day and make up several batches when I get enough molds, and it appears the soap molds are decent in price. I have seen them much higher on other candle and soap supply sites.

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To make plain balm or "non petroleum jelly" I use a tiny wire whip that looks just like a big kitchen wire whip. They are sold for making cocktails. Really speeds up the mixing process without a lot of waste. I like the tuna can idea but, you can also make the top part of a double boiler out of a Pyrex mixing cup. It has a handle and a spout. So, I don't see why these things would not work for this process as well.

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