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I cooked the two turkeys I bought and got them frozen, along with broth from the carcasses. Taught my daughter how to make the biscuit mix. Not a lot this week but we didn't get to go to the store this week. Had to pick up the kids on Saturday and DH had a ride along for EMT class on Sunday.

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What is the soap recipe please? I thought Fels Naptha was/is a soap! I stocked up on it for Y2K so have it on hand and use it occasionally. I need to stock up on Oatmeal, but right now have snow on the ground, not enough to stop us with a 4WD, but just want to stay home today and finish sewing on the doll clothes I am working on.

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I use it to make my own liquid laundry soap.


Heat 4 cups water to boiling. Remove from burner. Add 1/3 bar of Fels Naptha/Zote/Castile/Ivory grated finely. Stir until dissolved. Add 1/2 cup Arm & Hammer Washing soda (not baking soda) and 1/2 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax. Mix until dissolved. Pour into an old laundry soap container and add enough water to make two gallons. Shake well. Use 1/2 cup for small loads, 1 cup for large loads.


You will have to shake the container before each use. Something else, this liquid doesn't get thick like we are used to, it stays watery and when added to the machine you won't see a bunch of soap suds. Still, your clothes will be clean. I have noticed I'm not using as much Downy with each load and my blacks are staying black longer.


I usually have about 3 loads of laundry a week (just dh and me) so this lasts me about 4 months. I figured the cost to be less than $1.00 per mixture/container of laundry soap. Can't beat those savings. The smell is nice with either Fels Naptha or Castile. I have tried both. Never smelled Zote.

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Picked up a 15 piece aluminum (?)camping set with frying pans, sauce pans, pot, plates, cups, coffee pot etc for $4 at the thrift store!!! All of it fits inside the pot and is very light and compact. I think it's going with the bugout bag.

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We bought some rope!!!! And it was DH's idea!

Granted, it was for tying down the Christmas tree, but still, we now have some! It is the yellow plastic stuff, though I told him to get nylon. He was cheap...used Canadian Tire money (so I guess this could fit in the Pinching Pennies forum too).


We also had a small discussion about an in-car survival kit. It went like this (I had brought his old jacknife back into the car, after he used it to unstrap the tree):


Him: How did the knife get back in here?

Me: I brought it in.

Him: What for?

Me: It may come in handy some day.

Him: There's lots of things that might be handy to have in the car [said with an almost sarcastic tone]

Me: Yeah...and I intend to put them in the car.

Him: Like what?

Me: Well, a flashlight for one, a small shovel...I have a whole list of things.


He didn't say anything after that, and I know it isn't much, but he didn't completely shut me out either!



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This week I bought the following:

20 cans mushroom soup

8 canned fruit

2 dak hams

14 cans chunky soups @ 1.25 each

356 chicken cubes

large jar soy sauce

4 lbs kosher salt

10 lbs sugar

2 boxes tea

I have cleaned out an "extra hallway closet"and turned it into pantry phase #1, I am still going through the stuff that was there, like extra cloth, christmas sweat shirts, etc, and will find a place to hide the non essentials......

My husband is coming on board with me, and is saying that the food I'm storing,is more valuable than having the money in the bank...... I have pretty much filled my kitchen cabinets, and am therefore advancing to the next phase.....

One of my recent purchases has been accumulating canned fruit( still don't have a canner, but plan to get one soon)and some instant single serving instant grits, have atleast 1 month worth for 3 people, and 1 5 lb or reg grits in freezer that would last for breckfast for 1 month. I now have 2 months of breckfasts segregated from my reg food supply, and am going to work on segregating lunch and supper supplies also to this phase #1 cabinet, untill I have the 3 month, for 3 people set aside, and still maintain a regular stocked kitchen cabinet. Then I will proceed to the next 3 month stock supply.

That is my immediate goal.

God help me!



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Thanks Spider - now if I could just figure out how to print just your note/recipe I would be in fat city! Will copy it later as the dryer just went off - clothes to fold!

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Pansy, to print just Spider's recipe, go to her post, left click at the bottom and drag to the top to highlight it. Then right click, copy it and put it in whatever writing program your system runs, such as Corel or Word.

You can print it from there...

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I got a chance to run up to Costco this weekend and replaced the food we ate up this last month. $ has been tight, but I got a check I'd been waiting for so I got to replace the preps. The one new item I bought this week- sheepskin boots for DD. They will be a christmas gift but I see them as a prep too

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My GS and I put twenty pounds of bananas and eight pounds of apples into the dehydrator.


Then we played in the snow and decided it was gettting US ready for tough times

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Bought some tuna at Walgreen's for $0.39 each. Deoderant for $0.99 each. Cough drops $0.59 per bag of 30. New blood pressure kit (the kind with the cuff and stethoscope, no batteries required). I also noticed they have plain old thermometers that don't need batteries. Fortunately, I already have one of those.

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I bought the following today:

48 disposable razors

2 lb epson salt


3 dak hams

2 bacon flavored spam(cheap generic brand)

12 cans corn

3 boxes salt

8 cans pineapple

I had comped the bumble bee tuna from Walgreens at Walmart for .39.... I would have got more but have quiet a few cans already maybe 60 or so,(includes all types of tuna) and I am trying to round out my purchases on things I don't have as many as, but if I get a good deal, will get more...( I wish I woulda got 2 cases, but am watching the budget, and trying to get stuff we will use.) I have been purchasing the ready made soups and things like that, trying to get that stocked up for hard times, water shortages, too sick to cook much etc.

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