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I posted another chapter under chapter 7. I'm running out of chapters! Remember, I am rewriting the book, so a lot has changed from what I have originally (what you are reading now). I only have a few chapters of what it used to be, so I'll post those every so often. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading! bighug HG flowersmilie

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I was fascinated again - you are doing a wonderful job. I read alot, well normally a lot. And you have been able to keep my initerest, the flow of the story is excellent. And I am looking forward to the each installment Keep up the good work!

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Hey chica!


I decided to reread your wonderful book again and was struck by this snippet:

The news was getting worse every night. Oh, the newscasters were great. They had fun doing their job, and you could tell. But tonight, for a split second as the main anchor-man told of the dollar dropping yet again, the price of crude oil going up, and the tensions with China rising, you could tell/snip


So odd you wrote this in 2005? and it feels like you worte it about today...

Good and mildly scary!


Hugs to you bighug

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