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5 lbs sugar $2.00

3 cans pink salmon $3.00

5 lbs. flour $2.00

5 lbs. rice $2.00

6 cans tuna $2.00

5 lbs. pinto or kidney beans for

chili to home can $3.00

3 cans spaghetti sauce $3.00

5 lbs spaghetti $3.00



1 box oatmeal $3.00

1 bottle canola oil $2.00

3 boxes saltines $3.00

1 lg. pkg. egg noodles $2.50

1 can baking powder $1.50

1 can coffee $4.00

5 cans evaporated milk $4.00



1 gal. vinegar $3.00

5# split peas $3.00

1 can Nestle’s Quick $3.00

20 lbs chicken @ .49 lb. to home can

2 boxes salt $1.00



10# 15% fat (or less) hamburger to make chili to home can $20.00



16 cans Progresso or other ‘no water added’ soup $16.00

2 boxes salt $1.00

1 can Nestle’s Quick $3.00



2 cans coffee $8.00

1 bottle olive oil $6.00

1 box 48 apple cider drink mix $6.00



1 box powdered milk $16.00

1 box tea bags $4.00



25 lbs. Sugar $9.00

25 lbs. Flour $5.00

25 lbs. Beans $6.00



36 pack dbl. rolls toilet paper $10.00

10 lbs. Chicken quarters for canning $9.90



5 # stew beef to can $15.00

10 cans tuna $5.00



25 # rice $10.00

2 canned hams $4.00

6 cans salmon $6.00



12 cans spinach $6.00

12 cans peas $6.00

12 cans green beans $6.00

2 cans spaghetti sauce $2.00



12 cans mixed vegetables $9.00

1 #10 can instant potatoes $3.00

4 canned hams $8.00



1 bone-in ham to can $8.00

12 cans diced tomatoes $6.00

12 cans whole kernel corn $6.00



1 box powdered milk $16.00

1 3 pk cornstarch $4.00



1 #10 can sliced peaches $3.00

1 #10 can sliced apples $3.00

1 #10 can fruit cocktail $3.00

1 #10 can applesauce $3.00

12 cans mushrooms pieces $6.00

2 cans pink salmon $2.00



25 lbs. sugar $9.00

25 lbs. beans $6.00

large box of Bisquick $5.00



16 rolls paper towels $11.00

4 boxes asst. hot cereal $9.00



1 #10 can of cocoa powder $5.00

10 cans refried beans $8.00

10 cans of tuna $5.00

4 # brown sugar $2.00



36 pack dbl. rolls toilet paper $11.00

6 cans spaghetti sauce $6.00

6 lbs of spaghetti $3.00



1 large jar peanut butter $4.00

1 can Tang instant drink mix $4.00

6 boxes cake mix $6.00

2 jars jelly or jam $6.00



8 boxes breakfast cereal $16.00

1 can or jar honey $4.00



20 cans tuna $10.00

16 rolls paper towels $10.00



1 large jar peanut butter $4.00

2 jars jelly or jam $6.00

5- 100 ct. paper plates $5.00

10 # powdered sugar $5.00



6 cans spam or luncheon loaf $9.00

10 # box baking soda $3.00

large pkg. or jar yeast $8.00



baking powder $1.50

2 jars or cans honey $8.50

12 cans evaporated milk $9.60


Edited 'cause I left out two weeks!

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i wanna shop where you shop. there is no way in heck you can get SIX cans of tuna for that cheap in canada! i buy 4 kilos of the cheap sugar for 6.99 i bought 8kilos when it was on sale for 4.50.

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Oh Pixie! I'm sorry.... I saw tuna at WalMart just the other day for 43 cents a can, and I got sugar at Fred Meyer/Kroger for $1.79 - 5 lbs.


I also found chicken broth for 38 cents a can. I find really good bargains all the time, and I stock up when I see them. That way, I don't have to pay full price when I *need* the item.


Look for warehouse type stores and don't be afraid to buy store brands. Most of the time, they are packaged by major food companies, they just have a different label.


I wish I could send you some bargains but customs would make it much more expensive than what you already pay. Good luck, hon. Keep searching...

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i live in a small town anbd there are only 2 grocery stores. there is coopers, the one i use. i pay a little more there, but there is a good reason for that... most of the food at the other store is so cheaop because it is already expired....or close to. and there are the foods that i have never heard of and cant pronounce. like i saw one called halva the other day when i was in there. it looked scary... i went there to buy meat when we first moved here, and it was greenish grey.

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pixie ... maybe you can try what my dd does... she talks to the manager of the store... and aske them how much would they charge her for a case or more of this or that and usually they give her a really goood deal. i didn't think this one place would as their prices where cheaper then any place else but they did!! i was surprised. she can even get them to sale her bulk at a little country store. any ways try it all they can do is tell you no... and it doesn't cost to ask.

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and there are the foods that i have never heard of and cant pronounce. like i saw one called halva the other day when i was in there. it looked scary...

For the record, halva is DELICIOUS! My husband had me try it and I said no way at first cause I thought it looked like cat food LOL, but it is sooooooooo yummy!!! It kind of tastes like those sesame seed treats. Oh man, now I want some!!!

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I think this $20 list is great! I was just curious (and tell me if this has been covered before)...is there a "game plan", so to speak, with this list? You know...a menu plan...There's obviously some variety within the list, but has anyone sat down and given some thought as to what/how many meals you would prepare using these items? Just something I was thinking about...thanks to everyone on here for all the great ideas and support in preps!



love like that...

Ephesians 5:2

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I got this from the manual. No menu but hope this helps.







flour- 60 lbs

white sugar- 110 lbs

brown sugar- 12 lbs

powdered sugar- 10 lbs

salt- 6 lbs

baking soda- 1 10 lb box

baking powder- 3 cans

yeast- 1 large

Crisco- 6 lbs

canola oil-1

olive oil-1

vinegar- 1 gal.

3 pack cornstarch-1



coffee- 6 cans

tea- 2 boxes

Kool-Aid- 30 packs

powdered milk- 3 extra large boxes

evaporated milk- 22 cans

Nestle’s quick- 2 cans

apple cider mix-1 box

tang- 1 can



oatmeal- 2 boxes

pancake mix- 10 lbs

syrup- 1 gallon

cold cereal- 18 boxes

bisquick- 2 large boxes

asst. hot cereal 4 boxes



assorted- 110 lbs

split peas- 5 lbs

lentils- 5 lbs



rice- 40 lbs

spaghetti- 22 lbs

assorted pasta-11 lbs

ramen noodles- 3 cases

instant potatoes- 3- #10 cans

dehydrated hash browns- 1 carton

egg noodles- 1 large



spinach- 24 cans

peas- 24 cans

green beans- 24 cans

mixed vegetables- 24 cans

diced tomatoes- 24 cans

whole kernel corn- 24 cans

mushroom pieces- 24 cans

refried beans- 20 cans

pork & beans- 12 cans



hams- 14

tuna- 62

pink salmon-17

Spam- 6



spaghetti sauce- 22 cans

ready to eat soup- 36 cans

condensed cream soups- 12 cans



(spices in restaurant sized containers; sold by weight, approx. 1 quart size container- from 5 oz to 26 oz.)

Black pepper- 1

granulated garlic- 1

beef bullion cubes- 1

chicken bullion cubes- 1

poultry gravy mix- 1

brown gravy mix- 1



hot sauce- 1

soy sauce- 1

Worcestershire sauce- 1

teriyaki sauce- 1

liquid smoke- 1

gravy master- 1

ketchup- 1

mustard- 1

mayo- 1

pickle relish- 1

olives- 1

pickles- 1

salad dressings- 1



#10 can cocoa powder- 2

10 lb bag of chocolate chips- 1

assorted cake mixes- 18

2 lb bags of walnut halves- 1

2 lb bags of pecan halves- 1

saltine crackers- 6 boxes

Little Debbie snacks- 6 boxes

peanut butter- 2 large

jelly or jam - 4 jars

honey- 3 cans or jars



whole chicken- 40 lbs

chicken hindquarters- 20 lbs

lean hamburger- 20 lbs- 5 lbs to be used to make chili to home can

5 # stew beef

#10 cans sliced peaches- 2

#10 cans sliced apples- 2

#10 cans fruit cocktail- 2

#10 cans applesauce- 2

1 bone-in ham

5 lbs pinto or kidney beans for chili -1



double rolls toilet paper- 144

rolls; paper towels- 48

boxes; facial tissue- 9

paper plates, 100 ct. packs- 7

aluminum foil rolls- 6


(This is some very good information. Please Read it through)


***NOW! It's done... I'm sure there will be things on these lists that you may not like or use. You have to remember that this is not set in stone. It is meant to be a guide to kick start your thinking processes so that you can see how much easier it is to stock up if you just have a plan!


If you do and will utilize everything on these lists, good for you! The only things you have to do now is print & go shopping!


Another thing you need to understand is that there is no way I can tell you how many people this will feed or for how long. This is so subjective it can't be calculated.


What I can tell you is how it would work for my family but you need to know that I can make an excellent meal out of what others think is an empty pantry. When I look at this list I see;


110 lbs. of beans = 110 meals


22 cans of spaghetti sauce = 33 meals


12 cans of condensed cream soups= 12 meals (when combined w/ 1 pint canned hamburger or 1 canned ham or 2 cans tuna or 1 pint canned chicken


40 lbs rice = 60 meals (when combined w/ canned chicken or made into sweet rice or served w/ 1 pint canned hamburger & gravy from gravy mix


60 lbs chicken (total)=60 pints or 30 quarts of chicken for soup, chicken pot pie, etc., and 30 pints minimum of chicken broth. (Home canned)


24 cans of mushrooms = 12 for combining w/ other meals and 12 for soup


5 pints of stew beef - home canned = 5 meals when combined w/ veggies or noodles or both


Without breaking down the entire list, I've just named 292 meals for my family of 3 or 6, depending on who is here. Yes, I can use other stuff on the list to stretch and feed twice as many. It's all just a matter of using veggies, pasta, biscuits, bread and desserts to fill out the meal. If you have a garden, that's even better.


*note from Nana: I edited this post because I left 2 weeks out of the original plan. When I put them in, it changed the totals. Sorry.

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Actually, it does! Gives you a quick glance at what you would have on hand by category if you prepared using this list. I'm not completely up on how to use the manual that you mentioned...is it posted online yet...or still a work in progress?


I'm planning my 2 wk. grocery list today, so I'm kind of focused on this for the moment. I was SUPPOSED to finish planting my garden, but it's RAINING...so I'm doing this instead. (actually, I'm also tired and sore from the tilling and planting I did yesterday, so I'm secretly enjoying letting my body rest! shh...don't tell... )


Thank you so much for your help!



love like that...

Ephesians 5:2

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Guest Guest

If you look farther down this list of posts, you will find the thread called;




The answer given by Grubby is a part of that post. Just look down...









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Guest Guest

Welcome, evrybrthprz! We're glad you're here!


Feel free to ask any and all questions you may have...we love to share the things we've learned along the way!


btw, don't listen to a word nana says...she's been a naughty girl lately...



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I'm having a hard time keeping you ladies sorted out!


My original question was regarding a menu using the $20 a wk. method...I didn't really think about the "list total" thing at first...and it REALLY isn't a "menu"...but after it was suggested it made lots of sense. I've read through alot of this site, but DANG my back gets to hurtin' from sittin' in front of this computer! And hubby gets testy when I tell him and the kids to just eat PB&J for supper cause I'm too "busy" to cook!


I did my 2 wk. grocery trip today and added a 2nd installment to the $20 wk. supplies...comparing my prices to the listed prices I came out cheaper than $20...I'm also trying to include the extra $5...and found some REALLY large bottles of the type of shampoo that we like to use at Dollar Tree. PLUS!!!! I bought extra boxes of trash bags, these were 8 bags to a box, but cheap ol' me dug through the shelf and found 5 boxes that had 10 ct. instead! These are good, 30 gal. size...I was proud!


btw, I did introduce myself a while back, but haven't had much time to post...my husband suffered a heart attack and we were off track due to that for a while...but things are getting back to normal now (he's recovering well and back at work)...


talk to y'all later!



love like that...

Ephesians 5:2

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