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flour- 60 lbs

white sugar- 110 lbs

brown sugar- 12 lbs

powdered sugar- 10 lbs

salt- 6 lbs

baking soda- 1 10 lb box

baking powder- 3 cans

yeast- 1 large

crisco- 6 lbs

canola oil-1

olive oil-1

vinegar- 1 gal.

3 pack cornstarch-1



coffee- 6 cans

tea- 2 boxes

koolaid- 30 packs

powdered milk- 3 extra large boxes

evaporated milk- 22 cans

Nestle’s quick- 2 cans

apple cider mix-1 box

tang- 1 can



oatmeal- 2 boxes

pancake mix- 10 lbs

syrup- 1 gallon

cold cereal- 18 boxes

bisquick- 2 large boxes

asst. hot cereal 4 boxes



assorted- 110 lbs

split peas- 5 lbs

lentils- 5 lbs



rice- 40 lbs

spaghetti- 22 lbs

assorted pasta-11 lbs

ramen noodles- 3 cases

instant potatoes- 3- #10 cans

dehydrated hash browns- 1 carton

egg noodles- 1 large



spinach- 24 cans

peas- 24 cans

green beans- 24 cans

mixed vegetables- 24 cans

diced tomatoes- 24 cans

whole kernel corn- 24 cans

mushroom pieces- 24 cans

refried beans- 20 cans

pork & beans- 12 cans



hams- 14

tuna- 62

pink salmon-17

spam- 6



spaghetti sauce- 22 cans

ready to eat soup- 36 cans

condensed cream soups- 12 cans



(spices in restaurant sized containers; sold by weight, approx. 1 quart size container- from 5 oz to 26 oz.)

black pepper- 1

granulated garlic- 1

beef bullion cubes- 1

chicken bullion cubes- 1

poultry gravy mix- 1

brown gravy mix- 1



hot sauce- 1

soy sauce- 1

Worcestershire sauce- 1

teriyaki sauce- 1

liquid smoke- 1

gravy master- 1

ketchup- 1

mustard- 1

mayo- 1

pickle relish- 1

olives- 1

pickles- 1

salad dressings- 1



#10 can cocoa powder- 2

10 lb bag of chocolate chips- 1

assorted cake mixes- 18

2 lb bags of walnut halves- 1

2 lb bags of pecan halves- 1

saltine crackers- 6 boxes

Little Debbie snacks- 6 boxes

peanut butter- 2 large

jelly or jam - 4 jars

honey- 3 cans or jars



whole chicken- 40 lbs

chicken hindquarters- 20 lbs

lean hamburger- 20 lbs- 5 lbs to be used to make chili to home can

5# stew beef

#10 cans sliced peaches- 2

#10 cans sliced apples- 2

#10 cans fruit cocktail- 2

#10 cans applesauce- 2

1 bone-in ham

5 lbs pinto or kidney beans for chili -1



double rolls toilet paper- 144

rolls; paper towels- 48

boxes; facial tissue- 9

paper plates, 100 ct. packs- 7

aluminum foil rolls- 6


NOW! It's done... I'm sure there will be things on these lists that you may not like or use. You have to remember that this is not set in stone. It is meant to be a guide to kick start your thinking processes so that you can see how much easier it is to stock up if you just have a plan!


If you do and will utilize everything on these lists, good for you! The only thing you have to do now is print & go shopping!


Another thing you need to understand is that there is no way I can tell you how many people this will feed or for how long. This is so subjective it can't be calculated.


What I can tell you is how it would work for my family but, you need to know that I can make an excellent meal out of what others think is an empty pantry. When I look at this list I see;


110 lbs. of beans = 110 meals


22 cans of spaghetti sauce = 33 meals


12 cans of condensed cream soups= 12 meals (when combined w/ 1 pint canned hamburger or 1 canned ham or 2 cans tuna or 1 pint canned chicken


40 lbs rice = 60 meals (when combined w/ canned chicken or made into sweet rice or served w/ 1 pint canned hamburger & gravy from gravy mix


60 lbs chicken (total)=60 pints or 30 quarts of chicken for soup, chicken pot pie, etc., and 30 pints minimum of chicken broth.


24 cans of mushrooms = 12 for combining w/ other meals and 12 for soup


5 pints of stew beef - home canned = 5 meals when combined w/ veggies or noodles or both


Without breaking down the entire list, I've just named 292 meals for my family of 3 or 6, depending on who is here. Yes, I can use other stuff on the list to stretch and feed twice as many. It's all just a matter of using veggies, pasta, biscuits, bread and desserts to fill out the meal. If you have a garden, that's even better.


There are also a lot of things that are not on this list, and maybe a lot of them should be but, with limited funds you have to make do. If you truly bargain shop, you can actually have change each week to put up for some of those other purchases.


For example, I listed the canned veggies at 50 cents a can... right now, I can save from 7 to 12 cents per can by shopping at either WalMart or Food for Less.


Another is the chicken for canning. The list has 40 lbs of whole chicken at 49 cents per lb. That would be a total of $19.60


Right now, with the Holidays looming, you can get turkey at rock bottom prices. I have gotten 4 turkeys so far, 1 was free with purchase, and of the 3 others, I paid 18 cents a lb for one, and 19 cents a lb for the other 2. So if you don't have a problem substituting turkey for chicken, you should be able to get double the 'bang for your buck', so to speak, with a little change left over.


I got 77 lbs of turkey total, for $12.33. That works out to just a hair over 16 cents per lb!


I don't know about you but, I can't think of another food I can buy for 16 cents a pound!


I'll put in a seperate post about the other things that you can buy to fill in the gaps in your pantry. You also need to realize that these lists are based on the presumption that you already have something in you kitchen, and are not starting from scratch.


Gotta go... I"ll be back later.


*note from Nana: I edited this post because I left 2 weeks out of the original plan. When I put them in, it changed the totals. Sorry.

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