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Oh, to be a pioneer..

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I just watched Frontier house and the ladies cooking with the cast iron in the fire (also a reminder - a good attitude sure would be an asset in those times!!!)


The book is by Deanna Kawatski -she used to write for Mother Earth Mag. -that is where I read about the book which I am sending to Grubby. The subtitle of the book is "The Chronicle of a Modern Pioneer".

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I was just talking to Buttercup about this.


I am going to get one of those stamps that says

"This book belongs to ....." Then we can just pass

it around, just so that I get it back.


First it's going to Buttercup then she can mail it to

you, is that ok, Spider?


If there is ever a mailing problem the last person who

has it can just mail it back to me and I will mail it

on to the next person who would like to borrow it.



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Evergreen, thanks for the info. I believe I remember her from TMEN. I'll have to look in my stash of books and see if I have that. It sounds familiar to me. That's what happens when you read tooooooooooo much!!!!

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Last year for Christmas, from my mother I got a new cast iron dutch oven and also a hook to take the lid off when hot. Of course, my mother is older and she has me do all her Christmas shopping... so I guess that's cheating?? [not!] ... I'm going to look for this book in the library tomorrow, if I can't find it, I'll have to go on the borrower list !

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I just told DH I would not mind getting one of the cast iron dutch ovens that you can put coals on top of the lid to bake with.


The interesting thing, and the only thing I would be really interested in was the dutch. It was a spider type, that is a camp type with legs but the lid was wonderful. It was lipped to hold coals but also had legs sticking up on that side so it could be turned upside down to become a round flat, legged griddle.


That is what I want!!! Was it anywhere on line? I guess shipping would be too much on something that heavy though...

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Would you believe the set was at the local grocery store? In the meat section no less. I really should just go buy the darn thing instead of drooling over it but I've got so many now I'm not sure where I'd put it.


I wonder if it could be gotten online. I will try to get back up there and see if it's still there and check out the name. It's not the store I regularly go to. I know it was some sort of special edition issue from something. Definitely not a Griswald or even a Wagner but it didn't look that bad. Harvest something maybe? Hmmm. My guess would be that it would be terrifically expensive for shipping. I wonder if a peson could get just the LID.....?


Grubby, how lucky you are to be able to go INTO Lehman's. I've never even been close to the state. But the catalog is my wishing book.



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Jo, I hadn't even thought about using the cast for barter but now that you mention it, I believe I could use that line to convince my family that I need MORE

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