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Toilet paper rationing

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My mom was born in the 20's. they lived on a farm they had an outhouse.. They used corn cobs and freaking catalogs..

It's amazing what people can actually do when they are forced to. I have bought extra white dishcloths for this very reason.. Throw them in a bucket of bleach water and a little detergent, agitate them with a plunger, rinse then wash them in the regular wash.. Buy several pairs of rubber gloves.. How many of us as mothers have cleaned up puke and poop off our beds because little ones have gotten sick? I may puke in the process, but it has to be done. I guess I don't see this as gross as some because I am a nurses aide.

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I'm no stranger to an outhouse!


When my parents bought their land, it was just trees.

They cleared an area for the house and on the very edge

of the clearing they built an outhouse. They needed it

while they were building the house.


We had TP in ours.


Just so you know.....I have a very weak stomache.



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Buttercup, that is a fantastic idea! Bleach on hand and rubber gloves to do the rinsing job. I think what I'd do is have a bucket labeled with each family member's name and hang it under individual wall hooks holding that particular person's rags.


Make sure these rags look different from other rags in other areas of the house in case a little one grabs one and takes it to the kitchen.....


Oh sheesh! ROFLOL!!! I just thought....monogrammed rags anyone?? LOL!!


I recently found some nice, soft white dish rags at K-Mart - Martha Stewart brand. I may get more in case we ever have to use them for this purpose. To me, something soft is going to be important.


Aren't there 2 gallon buckets with handles similar to the white 5 gallon ones? Those might work well. And maybe have a special utility sink designed just for the purpose of rinsing these rags - if there's space for one. I wouldn't want family members rinsing their rags in the same tub we bathe in.


Come to think of it.....several decades ago didn't mothers pre-rinse diapers in the toilet before putting them in the diaper pail? That's not the way I would want to do it though.


But I think the diaper pail had an ammonia water mix for soaking the diapers until cleaning time. Maybe having a similar mix in the bucket and a lid punched with a few holes to keep the stuff from completely knocking you out upon opening.....?


I read someplace that people used to use the corn cob leaves or whatever you call them. Not as rough as a corn cob, but not pleasant either.....


Wonder what Adam and Eve used?



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When I was about 12, money was tight, so we rationed toilet paper. One square for #1, and Two squares for #2. (I bit strict, eh?) I remember getting mad at a friend of mine for using a whole arms-length for #1 .


If TSHTF, we'd make do.


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yes, save phone books and catalogs and newspaper.. pre-read of course.


but... sorry, my hinney is too precious to be rubbing scratchy paper on it!


I prefer to wash with a nice soft rag.. but.. I have vacuumed sealed TP - hundreds of rolls. I still have buckets, white wash clothes.


so... if you are out in the woods walking with your BOB... you have run out of TP.. now what? use a sock. It can be washed out later.

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To me, something soft is going to be important.

It is not going to be too soft after hanging on the line -no driers most likely!!!

I used cloth diapers and rinsed out poop on the toilet - that has been a while but it never really bothered me -actually I kinda enjoyed it in a weird kind of way -knowing the money I was saving. I just remember pulling a load off the line and them resembling roofing shingles. LOL

You can use leaves in a pinch -what about using (disposable) leaves for the first wipe then following with a cloth?
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I have to ration mine now. DH is the biggest TP hog I have ever seen. He just unrolls forever. The thing is he has a tiny little tush. I could see it if he had a Momo size caboose. I really do hide alot of it and only leave 1 or 2 rolls in his favorite bathroom. Why tempt him to be bad?

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hijacking this thread for a moment...


I have a Tila or is is Tilia? no matter Vacuum sealer. I bought it at Costco and use it for everything!


I buy herbs by the pound and seal them in 2-4 ounce weights, seal toilet paper in 4 rolls to a bag to keep the bugs out that eat paper. I vacuum seal whole grains and beans in 2 pound packages. Clothes, guns, ammo, the list goes on.


returning the thread to its regularly scheduled topic.



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To begin with I would start immediately after the SHTF to use TP for #2 only. The rag, one for each person would be used for #1. If things got bad enough, you could have a rubber glove for each person to use first on a #2, then finish with TP or the cloth. In my 3rd world countries they use the left hand and only eat with the right. I would prefer the glove and still only eat with the right, but when canning and prepping for drying, etc; you almost always use both hands, hence the glove for the left hand during bathroom duty. I read somewhere that indians used moss for TP and diapers...don't know haven't tried it. If combosting human manure, then inner leaves of corn and leaves would be best after you ran out of TP.

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Did someone here post about a seat that fit onto a 5 Gal bucket? I see the 'Luggable Lou' but we have tons of 5 gal buckets so if just the seat sold for less....


My Son is working in Miss. in Katrina dammaged areas and they stay in a camp and he told me they have to use a 5 gal bucket in the woods -I said I was learing about that - just incase - and he could tell me good tips from first hand experience- he just rolled his eyes -LOL

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Okay, I just couldn't resist adding to this one. My brother has a suggestion for saving TP. He says it is the army way for use. Each person gets one square per "visit". To use, you take a small section right out of the center and put that behind your ear. You would put your finger into the resulting hole and proceed to wipe yourself with that finger

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