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another baby!!


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jo called me about an hour ago to inform me that our youngest sister just had a baby girl! i have not any more information than that at this time, but i just had to make an announcement!


oh yeah, her name is chloe...but i dont know how they are spelling that.


i'm one happy auntie!!!

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Yes, it's a girl, and i was there!!!

Her name is Chloe Faith, and she is 52 cm long. They hadn't weighed her before Mom and I had to leave. The maternity ward was so full that they put Carmen in their "spare" room that is normally reserved for C-sections. Officially, the labour was 7 hours long. Carmen is one tough mama! She hardly made any noise, while the other women in the ward were moaning and howling (understandably). Since I wasn't in the room during the birth, the only way we could tell that the baby was being born is when the nurse said "there's a shoulder!" A minute later, we hear "It's a girl!" When the daddy came out to make the official announcement he said (with the biggest grin on his face) "It's Chloe!"


She is adorable, though when I saw her, she was still purple and grey and wrinkly (the cord was around her neck)


Pixie and her girls will get to see Carmen and Chloe tonight.



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~beams with pride~ SHE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! :D morrigan did not like it when i held the baby though. heh heh she also didnt like it when her cousin baya hit her in the head with a toy. lol this is really the first time morrigan has had a chance to actualy play with and interact with another little person of her approximate size. lol baya being 15.5 months, and morri only 6.5; baya has a bit of the advantage there, in strength and mobility. lol morrigan also got her first black eye. lol she was standing up holding her auntie and uncles hands and she let go of one, and toppled over, she bumped her eye on aunties knee, and started howling. it was not untill 5:50 in the morning that any bruise showed up. thankfully it is not bad, and it is barely noticeable. poor lil girl.

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