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Maybe this has been discussed, I can't remember BUT now that I'm into her most recent book, "A Breath of Snow Ashes", I'd like to know if others have read it?


I think it's the 5th or 6th book in the series. The first came out in the early 90's. It's a book about time travel, love and historical 1700's Scotland. This one is set on the eve of the American Revolution here in the US.


Anyway, this book has actually brought tears to my eyes a few times and that is very rare, believe me! I am old enough that books of love and romance (sex) are really not my kind of read anymore. This author amazes me with how she writes showing the deep caring this couple has for each other.


If you haven't read her books and enjoy time travel, love, sex, violence and humor then give them a try.


If you have read them and especially this last, "A Breath of Snow and Ashes", let me know what you think.



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I have read all of ther series and I love it. I have all of them except for The Fiery Cross. I love the detail that she writes in. Great books! When you finish, let me know if you think that there will be another.



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I love her books! I bought the whole series recently including a breath of snow and ashes. It's on my reading list after I catch up with the Harry Potter series. I'm re-reading them because the movies leave out so much and I can't remember what happens in the last book before the new one. Then I'm going to start in on the Outlander Series. I should be ready for this thread in oh- next december at the rate I'm reading LOL.

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I am so glad to hear of other Diana fans. I am a big fan, and have read all of her books twice (atleast)except the last one, just finished yesterday, yes with tears.........I love the way she tells a story, and the way you are involved( emotionally ) with the characters, you LOVE them, or HATE them. She's a very good story teller!

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I'm finished! I hate finishing!!! I don't know CeeGee, will there be another? There has to be doesn't there??? How can we wait another 4 or 5 years for the next???


Whoever hasn't finished, don't read further...









Will Roger and Brianna go back again if there is another? Can they go back? There are still so many loose ends, like Ian, the war and Jamie's son to name a few, that could be part of the next book if she decides to write it. I hope she does.



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In Diana's website, she said how could she cover the war in a mere, 1000 or so measly pages, so I am sure after 5 yrs or so, she will have another one....... the last book was my least favorite, due to many things, the brutality to Claire,( I never really recovered for Jamie, ) for one, and then Brianna going,,,,,, it would have been nice for that family to have some joy for a change.... I do love the books, they are my all time favorite, she is the author of my choice, but the last book hurt my feelings if you know what I mean.

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*Don't read if you haven't finished the book*


Dee, my friend and I think that Jamie and Clare will come forward. Just a thought after a conversation that Jamie and Bree have.


I hope we don't have to wait long to find out!

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I felt a lot the same way about this book moonstar. I thought, will these people never have any good times!



Don't read any further if you haven't finished the book.





While reading where Jamie asked Brianna if he could make it in the future I wondered too if he might go forward but can you imagine that man in the "civilized world"? It would be a fun read, wouldn't it!!!



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When I get a chance I was thinking about trying to figure out how old Jamie and Clare are. I keep forgetting, you know mental pause . When I do I will post what I think they are.


My friend and I also talked about maybe they are in a "time loop".

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You know I didn't know who this author was.. I have been reading this book for nearly two weeks now.. I remembered this thread.. I looked at the front cover last night and discovered it's the same book ya'll are discussing.. The Outlander.. Geesh.. Now I feel silly.. And now I am curious as to who the heck Bree is.. I just got to the part where Jamie and Claire got married..

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Buttercup, The Outlander is the first in a series. There are 6 books in the series. I hope that you enjoy the first one enough to read the rest. Then you will find out who Bree is.

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It took me awhile to get into it.. But after that I couldn't put it down.. My boss has the others ones and I will be reading them as well.. At this point I am ashamed to say my mothers family name is Randall (only it's spelled ol instead of all) of Scotch Irish decent..

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I just finished re-reading all of them including the last one and wow I am still so captivated by this story. I had forgotten just how incredible a storyteller she is. This latest book had me all over the map in feelings. I know there has to be another one Sleep deprivation!

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The last book a Breath of Snow and Ashes, was my least favorite... I am a true fan have read and reread all of them the Fiery Cross, rereading again for probably the 3rd or 4th time, and have reread all of the rest at least 2 times or more, but I have not been able to reread A Breath of snow.... The rape of Clare, (goodness, everyone in the family was horribly raped, except poor Roger who was hung. I guess I will probably reread it again sometime, but I am still not over the hardships this family I love had to endure.... I think Diana went a lil overboard this time,,,,, She is my favorite authors of all time, but this last book is my least favorite, and I hope the next book is better.... Readers like to have a lil joy along with the sorrows, and toooooo much sorrow happened in the last book in my own humble opionion.... But, otherwise I love her way of storytelling, she is one of the best I've ever read.

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The book hurt my feelings because it was so rough, cruel, and physically demeaning to my characters I love.... Such as Brianna, she was so worried about Roger not being at home when he was "ministering' to that other woman, and leaving her at home alone, ( She had to worry about this faithfulness, )Claire, was not only raped, beaten but then nearly died of murder.... then Brianna's baby was sick, so they had to go back through the stones, leaving her parents behind.... it was so sad!!!!! That is what hurt my feelings, these characters I love had to endure so much, more than their fair share... We all love a good ending, and I admit I was shaken, at what these people had to endure.....My best friend also read the book and said this one was too rough..... we were hoping for more happiness for this family who had endured so much..... Now really, that the Mom, Dad, and Daughter was raped, all by different people, that was too much!!!!!!!! I have been an avid reader since a very early age, and I have never, repeat never, had to endure so much hardship of one family in one volume of a book...I do have hope in the next volume though, BUT, if young Jemmy gets raped too, I will quit and never read another volume!!!!! No matter what!!

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