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Grandmother helps spread message of preparedness


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Check out these two websites listed in the article below:


The second one is awesome!


Grandmother Helping U.S. Government to Spread Bird Flu Preparedness News


Grandmother fed up with lack of U.S. government communication about bird flu preparation creates her own presentation, "Straight Talk About Bird Flu Preparation."


(PRWEB) December 13, 2005 -- ”Ma Bailey” (a.k.a Lorilyn Bailey) says the government isn’t communicating well enough about how to prepare for a possible bird flu pandemic. So she decided to do something about it.


The result is "Straight Talk About Bird Flu Preparation," a 112-slide presentation that is hosted on her site, http://www.BirdFluPreparation.com. The URL of the slide presentation is: http://www.birdflupreparation.com/presentation.html


Bailey, mother of two, grandmother of one, says she was tired of listening to government advice to “start preparing for the bird flu” and finding little information to describe exactly what that meant.


So she read the government sites, made her own assumptions, and created a slide presentation. “The presentation presents the most vital information from the government sites as well as information from scientific and news sources,” she says.


The result, she says, is an easy-to-read presentation that she believes “everyone on Planet Earth” needs to read, because the entire planet is vulnerable if the virus mutates, as many scientists predict it will.


Bailey's intent, she says, is not to alarm people but to make sure they read and understand what the government is trying to tell them. "No one these days has time to read government documents, and government documents often leave much to be desired. My slide presentation makes a difficult pill easier to swallow."


“Ma Bailey” says that we have much to learn from the 1918 bird flu epidemic. “There are many similarities. As in 1918, the U.S. is involved in an expensive war; the government isn’t spending enough on health care; there is a large immigrant population that may not get the information it needs; and everyone will most likely resist necessary quarantines. In 1918, there were no drugs or vaccine, and if the pandemic strikes the U.S. in the next few years, manufacturers will not be able to provide enough drugs or vaccine for everyone.”


Bailey has a background in writing and instructional technology and felt she could put her skills to use helping out the U.S. government when they needed it.






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Great site Grubby. Thanks for finding it and posting it. Not too comprehensive as to be discouraging but thorough enough to get people thinking at least. I wish there was a way we could get that into the masses.


One thing I noticed is that in the presentation she says you can get the masks from her site but I couldn't find anywhere to do so. Did I miss something?



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