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As AK was sorting and shredding old papers, he found a list I had printed from '98 or early '99. I found it on the LDS website.


I'm having a hard time getting this typed; I spilled a cup of coffee on my desk yesterday, and shorted out my regular keyboard. For now, I'm using an old one we had in the attic, and the keys stick. I've ordered a new one, but it won't be here for a week or so.and this one is driving me crazy! I'll get this list started but, I'll have to add a little at a time 'cause this is too slow with sticky keys. Sooo... here is the first couple of months.




"When the time of need arrives, the time for preparation is past."


Suggested items--

25 lbs. rice

10 bars soap


72 Hour Kit: Back pack or tote bag and 2 bars of soap. Have an emergency meeting place arranged with family, and have a map and escape plan.




"There is no royal road to anything. Careful planning, hard work, and determination to reach an objective is the plan to success."


Suggested items--

25 lbs. oats

10 candles


72 Hour Kit: 1 large candle, 3 day supply food (milk carton w/ 2 liters of water) Water purification tablets, supplies for infants.




"We encourage all Latter- day Saint families to become self-reliant and independent."


Suggested items--


25 lbs. dried beans (variety)

5 boxes matches


72 Hour Kit: Matches, battery powered radio. Finish anything not done in February.




"The Lord has warned us of famines, but the righteous will have listened to the prophets, andstored at least a years supply." -Pres. Benson (LDS Church)


Suggested items--

25 lbs. pasta (variety)

2 flashlights and batteries


72 Hour Kit: Flashlight and extra batteries, paper and pencil, pencil sharpener, 10 one dollar bills.



More tomorrow...

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I also have one. It's called the Mormon 52 Week List.


I'll give you 12 weeks to get started.


1. Nuts...2lb/per person

*Buy them on sale after Christmas. Drug stores are often a good source. Dry roasted keep best. Freeze bagged ones.


2. Detergents, Bleaches, Cleansers...

Bleach - 1 gal/per person, Laundry soap - 20lb/per person


3. Medicine Chest: Feminine Products, Pepto Bismol, Cough Syrup, Tylenol, Calamine Lotion, Kaopectate. Ipecac, Sunscreen, etc.

*Dispose of all outdated medications.


4. Canned Meats: Tuna, Spam, Dried Beef


5. First Aid Suppllies: Band-Aids, Antibiotic Ointment, Ace Bandages, Steri-strips, etc.


6. Fill your water jugs

*Use your old water for the laundry, house plants, garden..


7. Peanut Butter...10lb/per person


8. Solid Vegetable Shortening...12lb/per person


9. Juices

*Avoid watered products. Get 100% juice.


10. Toothpaste, Floss, Razors, Shaving Cream


11. Mixes: Cake, Pancake, Muffin, etc..300lb/per person

*Purchase or make your own. Counts as a grain requirement.


12. Spices and Herbs


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The next 4 months...




"But if any provide not for his own and specially for his own house, he hath denied the faith." The Apostle Paul


Suggested items--

5 lbs. yeast

10 pkg. toilet paper


72 Hour Kit: Toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates and cups, plastic utensils. Review emergency map and escape plans.




"It is easier to keep up than to catch up."


Suggested items--

5 lbs. oil or shortening

extra blankets


72 Hour Kit: Change of clothes for each family member-- don't forget shoes. Sleeping bags or blankets. Instruction manuals on Emergency Preparedness and First Aid.




"Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skills to do difficult things easily."


Suggested items--

25 lbs. dry milk

First Aid Kit


72 Hour Kit: First Aid Kit, utility knife and can opener.




"We will see the day when we will live on what we produce." -Pres. Marion G. Romney (LDS Church)


Suggested items:

spices (those most used)

feminine items


72 Hour Kit: Feminine items, plastic bags and ties for garbage, plastic baggies. Personal documents: Scriptures, geneology, legal papers, checkbook, etc.


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The last 4 months...




"Dig a well before you get thirsty."


Suggested items--

5 lbs. salt per person

3 boxes laundry soap


72 Hour Kit: 10 one dollar bills, small ax, single flare, laundry soap. Review emergency plan with family.




"Let's be thankful for bread to live. Let's be thankful for bread to give."


Suggested items--

10 lbs. peanut butter



72 Hour Kit: Medicines (prescription and over-the-counter- example- Tylenol, cold medicines) Add extra supplies to first aid kit.




"Thrifty is the person who plans for tomorrow, not just for today."


Suggested items--

100 lbs. potatoes



72 Hour Kit: Bucket (lastic bucket w/ tight fitting lid), personal hygiene items (shaving, deordorant, shampoo, razor)




"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."


Suggested items--

25 lbs. sugar or honey



72 Hour Kit: Toothbrush and toothpaste, disinfectant, 10 one dollar bills. Review emergency map and escape plan.

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Oh my goodness!!


13. Rice: 10, 15 or 20 lbs (counts toward grain toatal)


14. More first aid: Gauze patches, swabs, cotton balls, tape


15. Pasta: Select a variety. (Counts toward grain total)


16. Dry Milk: 100 lbs per/person per year


17. Sewing kit: Thread, pins, needles, buttons, snaps,

zippers, tape measure, scissors


18. Flour: 50 lbs/person (counts toward grain total)


19. Dry or canned soup


20. Gelatin or Pudding Mixes


21. Garden Seeds: Get only what you will plant and eat.

Consider what you can preserve and eat.


22. More flour: 50 lbs/person (CTG)


23. Cord, twine or light rope, flashlights and batteries


24. Cheese: Grate and freeze for casseroles or soups


25. Paper towels, aluminum foil, garbage bags, freezer bags


26. Vinegar: If you make pickles, have several gallons.


27. Condiments: Mustard, mayo, relish, worcestershire


28. Jams and Jellies: Buy what you will not make yourself


29. Canned Goods: Vegetables: 150 lbs/person

Fruits: 80 qts/person


30. Canned milk: 100 lbs/person a year


31. Office and school supplies


32. Baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch: 2 lbs per/person


33. Tomatoes: Juice, sauce, whole or paste: buy it or make it.

34. Canned fruit: 80 qts/person buy it or can it.


35. More canned fruits and vegetables: Vegetables 150 lbs/per person Fruit 80 qts/person


36. Sugar: 100 lbs/person per year


37. Vegetable 150 lbs/person


38. Dried beans, peas: 100 lbs/person


39. Sweeteners: Honey, molasses, etc (counts toward sugar)


40. Iodized salt: 10 or more containers/For canning get

canning salt


41. Personal products: soap, deodorant, TP, shampoo/

Hand soap: 15 per person TP: one roll per week


42. Canned soup: counts toward vegetables


43. Can something with apples


44. Hard candy for Halloween: Leftovers will make a good addtion to your 72 hour emergency kit.


45. Vitamins: 365 vitamins per person. Get extra C and Calcium


46.Baking items: Cocoa, coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.


47. Rolled oats, corn meal, cream of wheat (CTG)


48. Sugars: Brown, white & powdered/ Counts toward 100 lb total


49. Vegetable and olive oils: 12 lbs per person. Get good quality


50. Candles and matches: Store in a cool dry place, somewhere you can locate in the dark


51. Popcorn: Purchase large bags (CTG)


52. Merry Christmas! Give yourself a great gift - security!





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Month - by - Month List


January -


Salt: 5 lbs per person

Water: 14 gallons per person

Bedding: Enough for each person


February -


Fat or oil: 20 lbs per person


First aid supplies


March -


Grains: 300 lbs per person (wheat, rice, corn, other)

Garden Seeds


April -


Grains: 300 lbs per person (wheat, rice, corn, other)

Clothing/Sewing supplies


May -


Dry Milk: 75 lbs per person

Matches & Candles


June -


Dry Milk

Kerosene Containers or

Other Fuel Conainers


July -


Sugar/Honey: 60 lbs per person


Cleaning supplies


September -


Dried Legumes: 60 lbs per person

Personal hygine supplies


October -


Dried Legumes

Baby items, if applicable


November -


Emergency Kits and/or Catch up on previous items


December -


Emergency Kits and/or Catch up on previous items




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Has anyone figured out a way to have long term storage of baby wipes without them drying out? Even when I have not opened the outer seal on the package I used a box I bought about 14 months ago and there was no moisture.

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I had a pop up container of those cheapo wipes for several years, and they were still fine when I opened them.


If you can't keep them in a cool, dry closet or something, out of direct sunlight, try vacuum sealing the refill packages. That may work but, I make no promises...

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A long time ago, I found this list. It became the basis

for my prep list. Now, it has a few items which I wonder

about because they are electricl but all in all I think

it is a superior list for getting ideas as well as

checking your preps. I may have posted this before but I

felt it was important enough to post again.

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Has anyone figured out a way to have long term storage of baby wipes without them drying out? Even when I have not opened the outer seal on the package I used a box I bought about 14 months ago and there was no moisture.



I can't see why you still couldn't use them by just adding some water to them and letting them sit before using?

Even if they dry out they should still have enough 'cleansers' in them to be reconstituted with some water?


Or you might find it to be better to just store some bottles of baby wash and some extra wash cloths instead?




Michelle in middle Tennessee

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While coming home from the cannery last night with my step mom we talked about this very subject!! I had mentioned that I had a ton of baby wipes but they'd dried out. She said to just add 1/4th cup of water and they'd be just fine and to definantly not throw them away. She said to just leave them dry and reconstitute when needed. Sounded good to me. :)

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A long time ago, I found this list. It became the basis

for my prep list. Now, it has a few items which I wonder

about because they are electricl but all in all I think

it is a superior list for getting ideas as well as

checking your preps. I may have posted this before but I

felt it was important enough to post again.



Thanks so much for sharing this list, there are definately some things on there that I hadn't thought of before.



Michelle in middle Tennessee

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I've just discovered a series of videos by Wendy Dewitt (also an LDS member) along with her website on food storage hints. You can find and print out the booklet she refers to in the videos there as well.


Here's the link to the YouTube videos:


and here's the link to her blog with the booklet info: http://everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot..../11/book-2.html


Her system makes sense because it's geared to specific menus for each week.

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:bump1: I'm bumping this up for Katz recent request. We all have our own preferences, food allergies, food likes/dislikes, budgets, and where we are starting from. I think it helps to look over a bunch of different plans and then begin to piece together your own. Tailor-made. Takes some work but we need the knowledge anyway.



ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the plans suggest getting 'a whole bunch of this' and then next month or week getting 'a whole bunch of that'. If it's possible in your weekly/monthly budget, try to get a variety in case the hooey hits fan before you have collected only 'a whole bunch of' one thing. Not always possible if you are trying to save enough for a 25# or 50# bag ]cheaper in bulk]. But just keep the principle in mind.




MtRider [...haven't been up in the RURR 'attic' for a while. Got some stuff-of-gold up here! Under the dust of ages... :dusting: ]

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