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Once I got past the initial shock of possible worst case scenarios due to Y2K, I squared my shoulders, swallowed my panic and started preparing as much as I could. In the middle of all the prepping, we had a disaster of our own, that caused a setback, and I lost a couple of months of time and resources in the process.


Still, I was able to pull it together and I felt fairly ready by Dec 31st. I was very pleased at what we were able to accomplish in a little over a year, and I thought we would always be ready for just about anything. I wasn't even worried about where we lived; I figured if the entire country had gone down, nobody would be terribly concerned about silly things like rent and car payments.

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It can be done even on a fixed income, we tend to forget that getting ahead on payments saves on the interest also, which cuts down the number of payments needed to get through 18 to 24 months, also it will be in waves, the Drs expect 3, which means that some things will pick up for 3 to 6 months at a time, so not a total loss of income for the entire time period.

edited to add:


As an example on a $60000.00 mortgage the 1st payment consists of $79.01 on the principal.... $225.00 on the interest for at total of $304.01 payment

By the time you get to the 80th payment it is $197.82 principal... 105.20 on interest for a total of $304.01

Of course it all comes down to the size of you mortgage and how long it is for and the interest rate.

If you can just pay $100 extra on the principle for a year you are over a year ahead.

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Well I guess my take is that when it happens it will be SO bad, that it will collapse the entire economy, no one will be paying the mtg and we will be VERY lucky if there is are utilities to pay the bill for! I am hoping that it isn't so bad, but I have a pit in my stomach about it. I am trying very hard to stay calm and rational and not do a lot of panic buying. But I am seriously looking at everything I can do right now. Including pre-paying anything I can as much as I can afford. If we had more time you could pay a bit more than the mtg and gradually get ahead, but you have to be sure when you send in the extra that it is to go to the next payment, not to the principal or they might just apply it to the entire balance and not the next payment.

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i am not that great witht he written words .. well mine words as i can't spell well... but here goes my take...

for us we don't owe on our home nor auto.. on a fixed income here too. ... I agree with the idea that this flu might not hit till sept or oct or later. .. so what my plans are is to take the time from now till then and stock up on as much as i can for such a thing. figuring this summer there should be more stuff on the shelfs for the flu... as people will be spending their $$'s on summer time fun. and not be worrring about any kind of illnesses. ...

we have gone through and talked about what if.. DH check doesn't come in what are our needs that we need to do. we have a way opf cooking keeping warm... some water storage.. but that will run out over time. so we do need to get some leathers so we can put down our hand pump. ..gardening and hunting to replinish the food storage... lighting is fair.. if that runs out well it will be bed time at dark and up when the sun comes up... we live in an area where solor wouldn't be much use. so i guess our biggest concern will be water and meds. but have been working on the meds and going to get those leathers. ... i will have to admitt that our home is one step above a shack but it does keep us shealter... and we are working on it a little here and a little there.. but we both feel it is more important to be prepared. but there are days when i would love to get a set of new curtains or something.. and then reason wins out and i go and get something to add to our ppreps.


alright enought from me....

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Nana has brought up many good points. One other item to consider is property taxes. The world might be in shambles but the government will still want its money. I think the Katrina victims are dealing with this now.

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I think it's possible. Very possible. I have met many people lately who all express the same thing. They "feel" something is lurking and they are quietly and with some sacrifice are preparing.


I had a short but interesting conversation with my brother-in-law. He FIRMLY believes it's not going to be a problem. He was literally incredulous about the whole thing.


The thought that ran through my head was, "fools mock but they shall mourn". All I can do is prepare for my family. I prefer to talk about a possible pandemic with a few select friends. We will be prepared even if they aren't.


If things do happen the way that I suspect I will be "expected" to share with this brother-in-law.


I PROMISE not to say, "I told you so!"







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yes I think it is possible to be prepared if we have all the facts.


That is the problem.. getting facts. With the gov. saying 3 days or 2 weeks of food.. that isn't exactly a truth. Six months worth of food is barely surviving a pandemic!


Not once has anyone talked about preparing for a sick person that can't leave the house. The Internet is the only place that is buzzing about sick rooms. And really who wants to hear about their family getting sick? or even dying? Just because we prepare with food doesn't mean we won't get it! how? carried on the wind! who cares!


We must prepare for all aspects of isolation! This includes being doctor, nurse and patient!


we must make up a book for our survivors, how to cook, turn off the water main or gas line or fuse box. What to do if something happens to the adults in the household and all that is left are kids?



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I totally agree westie, and I've brought it up a couple of times here...


I know that none of us wants to talk about the potential for human losses within our families, but yanno what? Being an ostrich about it sure isn't gonna help anyone if they are faced with that reality.


I sure don't wanna know ANYthing about trying to take care of one of my children that is on the precipice of life, but bottom line is, I sure wanna know all that I can do to help save their life if they or someone else I love gets that sick.


I think it's just gonna be one of those things that we hafta just jump in, learn what is necessary, file it away in the back of our minds and hope we never need that information. If we do, then at least we'll be armed to some extent when/if that time should come.



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Loving and caring for you family means being prepared to face the possibility that they might get sick, very sick. Learning what we can do to save their lives or possibly just make their dying more comfortable.

Not nice things to contemplate, but if we don't, who will?


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I'm with you Lois, it's part of caring. A very hard part but a necessity. Not only for US but the others in our families also. They all need to learn if possible. Our kids are grown with children but I keep wondering if the grandkids will know what to do if all the adults get sick. The idea of a 'hand book' is very appealing.



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Although preparing for illness in the family in light of the future possibilities is very important, I think there was a bit of drift in this thread...


I don't dispute the very real need to teach your family what to do if you're the one who becomes ill, nor do I dismiss the need for an isolated sick room. I'm taking care of all of that.


My reason for writing this originally, and an area of major concern for me, is the financial aspect. What I said was...


Beyond your regular disaster preparations, the thing you need to concern yourself with most, is how you're going to pay your mortgage/rent and utilities.


It will be important to be prepared for all of the above, but if your home goes into foreclosure or you are evicted, all of your preps will just one more problem to solve.


I have absolutely no doubt that I can do what I feel is necessary, given enough time. Every single day I get a little closer to my goal. Every day I am a little more prepared mentally. Every day, I talk to my family about the possible scenarios.


I just want to have the opportunity to pay my mortgage ahead for at least 6 months.


There were some great suggestions about how to pay off a mortgage early, and they may work for some but, adding an extra $100 to my mortgage payment each month will do very little to allay my fears. That would be just a drop in the bucket.


If my mortgage was $341 per month, that would be great! I could have paid it off in less than 10 years...


There are so many areas of concern in our lives and in our daily preparations for a possible disaster, it's hard to stay focused on everything.


All I was doing was writing out something that was weighing heavily on my mind. I'm over it now. One way or another, I'll do what needs to be done.... and if for some reason I can't reach my goals, I certainly won't go down without a fight. It's just not in my nature to give up.

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Rent for us is a non-issue, since we are friends of the owner...he will and has let us slide on occasion...as far as land goes, he owns this lock, stock and barrel. Between all of us, we have enough put back to take care of the property taxes for a couple of years...

Utilities here are only phone and electric...both of which we can do without if need be.



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Thanks for posting that link. I live 100 miles inland and Katrina "happened here." It's scary to think how people are so unprepared. It's not just hurricanes and bird flu we need to prepare for these days. I remember when 9-11 happened I had $20.00 in my purse. Scary!


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I talked to Rita as they were evucating from Ms. to Tx only to have to flee back home again! I know how hard it was for her to come home to nothing.


I have earthquakes and fire to contend with. It helps to talk to others to figure out what I need.

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Finances are my biggest concern, too. Right now we are still paycheck to paycheck. Because DH is still just a temp, some weeks he gets 55+ hours, but this week he'll be lucky to get 40. So we're using the big checks to get ahead enough that we can still do what we need to do with the small checks. Things are getting better, but they are still tight.


We live in gov't housing. I'm hoping that they would be umm, nice, but I'm not counting on it. While I'd love to shelter in place during the pandemic, the reality of it is, I may have to run. Spending the winter in a tent in the mountains does NOT appeal to me, but we may have no choice...although the flip side of that is...if this all goes THAT badly, will they be able to enforce an eviction or foreclosure? The few police that aren't sick will be busy dealing with looting, vigilantes, etc. I think putting someone out of their home will be last on their list. Of course, that's only putting off the inevitable, because eventually it will happen if you haven't been making payments. But by then it will be warmer, so less to worry about.


That being said, I'd be a mighty happy camper if I had six month's worth of rent under the mattress. It's not going to happen unless the pandemic comes after IRS refund time, although part of that money will also be spent finishing up preps that haven't been done.


Mommy of Six

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Remember, they knew about Katrina days before any info was released. They always know, and they always try to keep us in the dark. For the good of the country. To avert a possible panic. Because they know what's best for us.




While that idiot mayor in New Orleans claimed not to know how bad Katrina was I certainly did! For all of you who live in hurricane country, check out Crown Weather. It's a great hurricane website run by a meterologist in Maine (I believe that's where he is.) He forecast Katrina 9 days before it hit -- showing it out in the mid Atlantic and he also posts ALL the computer models.


I remember watching the news the morning that Katrina was due to hit New Orleans and watching Ray Nagin ask the news anchor why she thought he should call for an evacuation. What an IDIOT!!! And they re-elected him - Barnum had it right when he said there is a sucker born every minute. New Orleans proved that without a doubt.


Luckily I lived in Savannah at the time and they have the model evacuation plan for the US. The plan is an insert in the newspaper once a year. It's printed on grocery bags and 7-11 bags. Most stores also have the evac. plan brochure for free at the check out counter. There is a cable channel dedicated to Emergency Management Topics 24/7. If you don't know the evac plan, you are deaf, dumb and blind. They have city buses (with pets allowed either caged or muzzled) on board for those without transportation. Everyone knows which areas of the city, evac to which inland cities. They have pet shelters near the people shelters inland. All the roads from the coast are reversed so that all lanes are inland. etc. etc. etc.'


You know ahead of time, where you are going and if you're at work, where the kids are going. New Orleans could learn alot from them.


While I'm out west now, you'll chuckle at the storey of finding this house. It was a very fast job relocation and I had two weeks to move.


I flew out the week before relocating to find a house. Had appointments set with realtors and went around with one looking at houses. I had looked at a map ahead of time and selected the zip code I wanted to live in (not near airports / army base and 1/2 way up the mountain from the valley where the Rio Grande flowed.


One realtor kept showing me houses on the banks of the Rio Grande and I kept telling her NO. When she asked why, I told her rivers can flood - I'll stay away. She was rather snotty and told me it had not flooded in her lifetime and would not flood in mine. I stuck to my guns and selected a nice 2 storey, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in my designated neighborhood.


8 months later, we have torrential rain, the dams upstream fail and valley goes under water. I could not risk calling Ms. Snotty Realtor to ask if she noticed the "little ponding" in the area she wanted me to live. That's why I wanted a home up the mountainside. (meow) By the way, the house she pressured me on was completely flooded (water past the roof line.)


Prepping is a good thing in life. Common sense is even better!


As for financial prepping - as soon as I get paid, my emergency prep $$ go to savings immediately. I'm fairly well prepped right now for the basics and like everyone else I'm trying to stash some $$ aside for bills when this hits. I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to do and takes a lot of willpower not to raid the account for the little emergencies that come up.




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hi ya'll,


prepping seems soooo daunting to so many of us and at the risk of sounding nutty ill say that setting big logical goals can make it seem impossible to reach, if the goals are too far out. for me (10 adults to prep for) i almost went nuts trying to figure out where to get the money to be able to take care of all of us. it seemed impossible until i realized my initial goal was too big. i wanted 1 yr. when i changed it to 3 months and focused on that, it started to come together. when i got there, i went to 6 months and im moving on from there. it doesnt seem so impossible now. will i ever get to 1 yr--heck if i know, but im still marching along.


money is another thing, bills, mortgages--we rent right now--but im trying to make sure i have enough set aside for 6 months of bills. and little by little i put some bucks here and there in an envelope just for that. will i get enough for 6 months of bills and rent before the poop hits the fan? heck if i know. but i still march along---plodding is probably more like it.


its so easy to feel overwhelmed--for me at least. but all i can do is all i can do. a few bucks here a few bucks there. little by little it does add up and the truth is, every little thing you do will benefit your family. it might not make things all perfect but you will be light years ahead of others and will have some measure of protection.


i pay my bills first and see whats left and divide it up. some in an envelope and some in preps. i got a little notebook and projected out for a year---if i spent the minimum of what i thought i could spare, what could i do with that and what would i end up with that was on my list.


somehow, its not so scary with my little notebook plan.


do we have a year left before avian flu hits or we get nuked or hit by a comet or whatever it is the has us prepping?


heck if i know.


but little by little and with some prayer to the good Lord, we will be far better off when the time comes we need our preps.


every little thing we can do each month, even if its only a jar of peanut butter, a bag of rice and $5 in an envelope for emergencies is a help to our family.


i think everyone here believes that hard times are coming, no matter what the source-------just do one little thing each week, no matter how small, and you are still making progress.


God bless ya'll



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