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Are we ready?


Is this manual complete?


Is this what we wanna present to the public?


If that's a yes, then I think we need a little more information.


Can y'all help or is this the best we can do?


Just curious, please don't take offense..

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Well, I know that I am not done. I feel horrible that I'm so late. My computer is still broken. I've been grumbling to DH about it (since the guy who is fixing it--for free--is his friend). Sure, he just gor engaged, but still! He's had my computer for a month, and all it needs is the harddrive put back in. I am grateful that he's helping us out...but I want my computer!!!


...sorry...I'll stop ranting now. I'm going to see if I still have the file on my work computer, and go from there.



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