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Before Y2K, there were all kinds of web sites with examples of homemade solar ovens, sites showing how you can use solar power to make questionable water potable and at least one site on how to get small amounts of water from condensation using a small hole and a plastic bag. These sites seem to no longer be up ...silly, silly people!

Does anyone have working urls where these things can be found or have them copied on their computers so that you can post/or send them?


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Just did a search on 'google' and here is one site that looks interesting. smile.gif


Another one.


This one has ovens and other items too. smile.gif


There are many more sites.




This last one has a lot of other information in it too. such as getting off the gird, raising chickens and other things. smile.gif

Hope these help you. smile.gif




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Doh...guess I need to change search engines..mine only found dead sites.

Thanks...that helped with the oven..now the water purifying and collecting...anyone have any info?

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