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My son is going away to college in January. He will be 4 - 4 1/2 hours from home and about 45 miles from a major city (St. Louis).

Any suggestions for an emergency or bug out bag? Possible emergencies would include tornadoes, earthquake (New Madrid fault, nuclear accident and terrorist activity directed toward St. Louis.

Also, any suggestions on instructions I could include for said emergencies? What to do if terrorists hit St.Louis, etc? Try to come home (we are on the opposite side of the city)? Stay put? How to communicate? Or a website that gives PRACTICAL advice. I've looked on the Ark website and a couple of others. They were good about telling me how to prepare my home, but not so good about what I can tell him. He will be living in a dorm so his options are limited. Even his emergency kit/bag can't be too big.

I feel kind of stupid writing this...I don't really expect him to use it but I wouldn't think of sending him off without hospital insurance, and I don't expect him to use that either. (-:

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Well, if he's out of the city I say he should stay put if at all possible. In a man made situation, most of the worst of any damage/panic will probably occur in the city if it is bad enough to keep you from driving there. I would arrange a location you will meet him in the town where his school is in case of localized natural disaster. You should set up a out of state person you can both call to leave messages with as the local calls might not be getting through.

I would include in his kit-

A bicycle or Razor scooter so he can cover more ground faster than walking, also useful on campus. Of course helmet and pads. Or a moped if he is allowed motorized transportation.

A large duffle bag or better yet a hiking backpack with:

Mini maglight flashlight, 2 sets extra batteries and a spare bulb.

2 space blankets

Multi-tool, preferably leatherman

1/2- 1 Roll of plastic sheeting ( depending on space)

Siphon tubing

Coffe can

These items together make a solar still to get water.

If not enough space, survival straw type water filter

Staple gun and staples- with the plastic sheeting this can create a shelter.

Roll of duct tape.

small Folding shovel- military surplus so it won't bend.

Several lighters and a few books of matches in a ziploc bag

Tuna can and several votive size candles

2 Large sports bottles with flip top full of water - rubbermaid makes a great brand I have that I have never had leak.

6 power bars or similar protein bars. You can put a few chocolate bars in too.

Small First aid kit- Put it in a plastic tupperware style storage box so it's waterproof.

small sewing kit

several safety pins, rubber bands.

Ziploc baggies in various sizes

Hygine kit- hotel sized soap in a ziploc, toothbrush, toothpase, shampoo, comb, deoderant etc. You can use travel sized ones if you need to. Put these inside a gallon Ziploc storage bag so they don't leak on anything else.


2 Large garbage bags ( poncho) or other uses

A sturdy pair of already broken in hiking boots, 2 pair socks- 1 wool

2 pair clean underwear, 2 shirts, long underware, polar fleece pants, and a wool sweater. Roll these up so they take less space.

Wool Hat, mittens, scarf ( make sure he goes to college with a heavy duty winter coat

suitable for extreme temps)

$100 cash so he can buy his way home if he needs to, or buy gas. Put this in the kit in a non obvious location like a film cannister. $10 in quarters for phones, vending machines.

Phone card in case the phones still work.

Any of Tom Brown's Books-

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/042...4460672/sr=2-3/ ref=sr_2_3/002-6688477-2936051

Instructions on what to do.- I would go into more detail, but I'll have to get back to you later Nicholas woke up.

He should have about 1 week worth of food in cans and a can opener, and water, put it in a box under his bed so it's out of the way.

Hope this helps.



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