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Watch for Falling Stars

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Keep an eye to the skys during the evening time on the 19th of November. The Earth will be bombarded by the Leonid Meteor shower.

It's supposed to be quite a show.

The following link will give Y'all some more details.


More to come when it's available. I hope to get some pictures from the Hubble Telescope

via NASA.


Always Seek&Follow the Light.....Wheeler

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If you could post that for everyone to check

out. I sure would appreciate it. I've got it

at home. It's a real cool site, since they've upgraded the lenses. The pictures are unbelievable. Hopefully they'll get some shots before it hits, but during it, Nasa

shuts it down. Then turns it away for protection. Thank you so much for your help,

can't do it without ya.



Always Seek&Follow the Light.....Wheeler

[This message has been edited by Wheeler (edited November 07, 2002).]

[This message has been edited by Wheeler (edited November 07, 2002).]

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