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Outline for Survival Gardening


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Ok just got this together. Suggestions always welcome!


Outline for Survival Gardening


A. Understanding your Zone/Climate


B. What seeds to buy

---Why open pollinated verse’s hybrid

---How to store seeds

---Where to find heirloom/open pollinated seeds


C. Getting Started

----Basic Garden tools you’ll need

--- What do plants need to grow well?



D. Making the most of little space

---Square foot gardening

---Container gardening

---Wide row’s


E. Extending Planting/Harvest time

---How to make a cold frame

---How to make a simple green house



F. Natural Pest remedies

-- wild animal deterrents

-- insect deterrents

-- companion planting to detour pests



G. Seed Saving

--- How to save seeds for next years harvest.



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*darlene breezes though real quick...*


Your outline looks awesome and very comprehensive...the only thought I had was about composting...I don't know if that might be something that could be touched on or if that's a whole other ball of wax....


*darlene closes the door quietly behind her as she hushes and leaves...*



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